6 Ways Online video-slots Have Improved in the Last Ten Years

Slots and gambling in casinos have always been a point of interest for many. Today, the most commonly played slot games are those that include videos and graphics. But truth be told, it wasn’t like this forever. The advent of video slot games came in the 1980s. And before that, slot games were quite weird. Now to forget, as the computer and internet technology took the world by storm, things have been better for the online slot industry and specifically for the video slots. Video slot games are the next big thing. People enjoy these a lot. Thanks to the continually increasing technology and advancements, video slots have improved a lot in the past 20 years. Visit megawaysslots.com if you want to experience some of latest new games in the online slots world. Right now Megaways Slots – a series of innovative slots which incorporate all the characteristics of modern cutting-edge games. Let’s take a look at how the video slots have improved over the years:

1. Software update

As the researchers dug deep into developing better technologies, things for the video slot games moved in a better direction. The video slot games made its way to the gambling enthusiasts in 1980. Since then, many improvements have been made in the whole industry. Where most people visit a casino to gain advantage od video slots, many found it to be available at their homes on their PC. The first and foremost thing to note here is that casinos have been made available on the PC. This had significantly increased the users of online casinos. Furthermore, to improve the experience better, the software developed had introduced the technology of Random Number Generator or RNG. Before this development, the numbers were generator via mechanical pieces. Thanks to the RNG, a big piece of the puzzle was found, and as a result, there were visible improvements in the whole industry.

2. Going mobile

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In the past, people had to visit casinos to enjoy slot games. It required them to be physically present in the casino to be able to enjoy it. As the computers were made available to the public, and the technology advanced, casino games were made available on the computers as well. Now, people could enjoy video slot games at their homes or offices without going to the casinos. Furthermore, the internet worked like a cherry on the top and expanded the horizon of online gaming. However, the technology didn’t stop there. In fact, as mobile phones started making them into the markets and the lives of the people, things began to change. Especially with the advent of smartphones, many things have shifted. Keeping in mind the advancements of technology and the shift to mobile, the developers of online slot games have seized the opportunity to develop games that are readily available on the application stores like IOS, Google play store etc. Today, a majority of casino players enjoy different slot games on their smartphones. The best part is that they can play these games no matter wherever they are.

3. Graphics

Graphics has a significant role in providing an excellent visual experience to the users. Just as the technology has advanced in the graphics from black and white to colours, the graphics have also improved a lot from the day when the online slot games where first introduced in the market. In fact, today, there are teams of graphic developers and designers that work day and night to improve the quality of graphics of the users. The primary purpose is to engage the users by bringing different colours, and characters to the slot games.

4. Animations

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Aminations is also a technological advancement in the category of graphics. However, aminations provide a slightly different outlook of characters and the games. Animation includes visibility of other characters within the game that makes it more attractive, fun and engaging for the users. Apart from using different colours and cartoons, the overall visual effect has significantly improved. Moreover, the graphic designers and software developers use modern languages like HTML, Twine, JavaScript etc., to come up with different designs and programming that enhance users experience and to provide entertainment.

5. 5-reel slots

Previously 3-reel slots have been a standard for the video slot games. However, there were certain drawbacks to them. To make the game more interesting for the users, many companies introduced 5-reel video slots. This up-gradation not only provided better chances at winning but also made the game more engaging and fun for the users. Furthermore, these also look attractive visually.

6. Virtual Reality

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As the researchers have been diving into new forms of technology, developing a 2-D and 3-D experience. Many have moved towards virtual reality. It is a high-end technology that is said to shape the future. Although many gaming industries have started incorporating virtual and augmented reality into their games to provide a unique experience to its users, this technology is finding its way into the online video slot games as well. in fact, it is said to be the future of the online casino industry. The prospects of using this technology are to improve the gaming experience and to make the whole experience more fun and entertaining for the users. Many gamers have well received virtual reality, and that’s why it is said to change the face of the video slot games. The world is continuously changing, and so is technology. The change of technology and the introduction of new features has been quite visible in the online video slot games for quite some time now. Most people might find the change to a minimum, but if you take a look at the video slot games that were available previously, you can see that the difference is quite visible. Furthermore, as the technologies have been evolving, so is the video casino games. And even though they have come a long way, there is so much more stored for them in the future.

8 Emerging Trends and The Future of Cloud Computing

The most recent trends related to digital technologies are related to cloud services that provide much better features for online platforms. Cloud computing represents a revolution in digital services and data-storing options, and the main advantage is that it allows businesses to operate online without any issues. With the raised demands for faster and more reliable services, cloud companies are becoming a standard for most businesses, and according to current trends, over 90% of companies will start using this option in the next few years. The market share of cloud services has doubled in recent years, and it will be around $300 billion in 2022. The main benefits of using cloud computing are better service, speed, and cheaper prices. You can visit sapcloudone.com to read more about all features that a company can use with this option. Another excellent option is that you can store data in the cloud, which is very important because standard hard drives and other options are not so efficient anymore, especially for big corporations. Also, online platforms can provide users with advanced experience, improved security, and many other features. The industry behind cloud computing is improving as well, by working on even better features and capabilities. Here are some of the most important trends related to the future of cloud computing.

1. Function as a Service

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Function as a Service represents one of the most important trends related to cloud technology. It is also known as Serverless cloud computing because it provides online platforms with the ability to operate on the system without being affected by the server. Before this option became available, many websites had issues with speed and interface because of crowded servers. The main advantages are that flexibility, provisioning, and server management are automatically processed, which provides platforms with improved performances. The big corporations like Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft are some of the most popular providers of this service.

2. Big Data and AI Technology

Since there are over 4 billion active internet users, standard services are no longer capable of processing so much information at the appropriate time. On the other hand, big data combined with cloud computing creates an ambient where all data on the internet are processed much faster. Artificial technology plays a big role as well, with the ability to help platforms to operate with improved efficiency. This system is crucial today because most companies are switching to online platforms, especially online stores, and services where they can communicate with clients, create analyses, and store huge amounts of data. Professionals like DOIT Software help to develop such projects.

3. Personalization

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The great advantage of cloud systems for companies is that they can develop various software solutions directly on the cloud, which is especially beneficial for developers and companies that are creating software and apps. For example, communication with the client will become much easier, and he will be able to monitor the whole process. Also, marketing companies can improve their efficiency with the ability to create better strategies by using information gathered from big data sources that are only available with cloud computing. For example, you can research a niche and check the features of an average customer.

4. Multi Cloud System

It is also known as a Hybrid cloud, and the main feature of this system is the ability to combine data from both private and public cloud services. A Hybrid cloud combines serverless, pay-per-use, and on-demand functions to create advanced resources and allows personalization as well. the Multi-cloud is an even better solution where you can gather data from various resources by using the same software. Therefore, communication, collecting data, and providing services to clients will be much more effective.

5. Backup and Recovery

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The great benefit of implementing cloud in your business operations is that there are fewer chances for issues like system malfunctions or losing data. The developers are improving the backup options and recovery methods, and we expect that this system will become even more effective in the future. Also, you don’t need to worry about your data when they are stored on the cloud, and even if there is a malfunction of the hardware, all of the information will stay available for back up. On the other side, if you choose to save your data on a hard drive, you are risking losing it in case your hardware breaks down. Learn more about cloud storage options and Dropbox alternatives here.

6. Internet of Things

With the improved internet services and faster connection, manufacturers started making all sorts of devices that you can communicate with over your smartphone or some other device. The Internet of Things is only available with a reliable cloud structure, and the main advantages of it are better monitoring, increased revenue of businesses, bugger opportunities, advanced control of processes, and more. All of the most recent innovations like auto piloting vehicles, smart homes, and surveillance systems are using this software solution.

7. Better Security

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Security is always an issue when it comes to the internet and software. Hackers are keeping track of the most recent solutions, and it is not rare that some of them manage to pass around the advanced security systems. However, cloud computing can bring these measures to a whole new level and make it near impossible to be at risk of cyberattacks. Besides cybersecurity, it also has a positive effect on copyright issues and collecting data about users. The best example is the General Data Protection Regulations in the EU, where users can choose whether they agree with the website’s policy to collect their data or not.

8. Mobile Cloud Computing

The industry of smartphones is also developing very fast. Therefore, we expect that cloud computing on mobile devices will also become available. With this option, companies will become more effective in providing their clients with goods and services. That is especially beneficial for developers, who will become able to access and edit data stored on the cloud by using a phone or a tablet.

Last Words

With the increased need for faster and more effective solutions related to saving and gathering data, cloud computing represents one of the most important innovations. When we look at the current trends, we can expect that almost all companies will start using this system in the next five years.

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Construction Company For Your Needs

Finding a reliable construction company can sometimes be surprisingly complicated. Although at first, this may seem simple, you should be prepared that you may get disappointed with the level of frivolity – and unprofessionalism of certain construction companies. That is why you have to make a wise choice.

How To Make A Selection In The Offer Of Construction Companies

Nowadays, there are a large number of companies that provide services in the field of construction. Some of them have been in business for years, while some are more recent and are just breaking into the market. As with any other type of service – price and quality determine the priorities in our choice. However, the question arises: How to find a company that meets our needs and criteria? If you want to return the money you invested in the renovation or construction of a house – it is necessary to connect with a company that understands your needs and has the necessary knowledge to realize your wishes.

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Construction Company

1. Make A Decision – Stage Construction Or Turnkey System?

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When you opt for a turnkey construction system, you will give money to one company – and the company takes care of finding workers and coordinating them. The advantage of this method is that you are not involved in the construction at all – and in the end, you just move into the house. The disadvantage is that the price is significantly higher than the construction in stages. Yet in the end, you pay more – but on the other hand, you will save your time. When building in stages, you take on the responsibility of finding more than one construction company – and coordinate with them. This results in a lower cost but takes more time. You will need to find at least 3-4 companies to complete everything. Moreover, their work will be intertwined and that can get complicated.

2. Find A Company That Has Years Of Experience Behind It

Construction experts must possess the necessary experience and knowledge. This means that a good contractor will pay attention to all parts of the construction process. Professionals will pay attention to the project, the location of the house, the materials that they are supposed to use, etc. According to KPD Construction, experienced professionals will know to tell you whether your project is feasible or not. They can tell you if the terrain on your property is suitable for the project you want to achieve. Professionals will be there to warn you if necessary. For example, in case there is a possibility of harmful fumes entering your house from your garage, etc. Each part of the project carries with it certain risks, positive and negative sides, and a professional construction company has experts who know and need to tell you that.

3. Professional Company Must Have A License

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Any reliable company should have a legitimate company licensed to operate. In this way, the company will let you know that it has the skills and experience needed to perform construction work. If the company cannot show the license – then we do not advise you to hire it, because that can mean a bunch of other problems that you could face.

4. Determine The Price In Advance

When the contractor comes to your house for a job – you have to determine the price of the work from the start. Therefore, you should always look for the exact specification of the things they should do. You must know how much the material will cost, how much you should pay for the work – but also what can be the unforeseen cost, the duration of the works, etc. Avoid paying in advance, because it will give you a more serious guarantee that the work will be completed in the way you wanted.

5. Serious Contractor Will Provide Answers To Your Questions

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When looking at the list of potential contractors – you should also make a list of questions you want to be answered. Consider whether your questions are clearly answered. This is especially true for all terms that are not clear to you – or you are not familiar with. It is equally important that the contractor asks you questions – as you state your wishes. If they don’t understand what you are talking about – everything may end up with the solution that is the easiest to implement. Good construction companies are those who know how to solve the problem – and that means fulfilling your wishes in a way that you didn’t know existed.

6. References

For construction projects in your house, the basic rule that applies – is patience. This means you should think well before making a final decision. If you are already listening to the recommendations of friends and acquaintances – then take a good look at the references for a construction company. See what the recommended company has done so far, whether you like it as well – as well as whether you would like something similar to be in your home as well.

7. Deadlines

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Deadlines for the completion of construction works are a very important item, so don’t let them be like the weather forecast and the saying – “Rain will fall, and maybe it won’t.” Therefore, if you want to save your nerves, it is better to hire a registered construction company with a team of workers. It may cost you a little more than hiring workers individually – but at least you will have a guarantee for the correctness and efficiency of the work performed.


Before hiring a construction company – thorough research is important to find what is most appropriate for your investment. This doesn’t always mean the lowest price – it means the best for your needs, as well as the effect that will be achieved. Keep in mind the bigger picture when determining the value of a construction project or its parts. And only when you are completely sure – get to work.

6 Useful Business and Productivity Tools to Use in 2022

The way you run your business will determine whether you’ll profit or just waste your time. It sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. Being a business-owner is the dream of many, but it’s something that takes a lot of experience, and experience is gained through making mistakes, except in this particular field you cannot really experiment much or your career can easily go downhill. Thankfully, business and productivity go together, and technology makes both of these better as every year goes by. In case you want to learn what the best business and productivity tools are for 2022, this is the right place to be at. Let’s take a look.

1. Zoom – Ease of communication

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Zoom managed to become one of the most downloaded apps ever since the covid-19 pandemic began. It’s not like we didn’t have any other communication tools before, but this app made it very easy for teachers, business owners and managers to organize their team members with ease. Nowadays most of the conference calls are hosted on Zoom. We all know that communication is the most important thing in all types of businesses, so don’t disregard the opportunities this software provides you with. If you don’t like this one for some reason, Skype, Microsoft Teams and many other choices are available for free download as well.

2. The Zen Flowchart – Better Project Organization

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The Zen Flowchart is marketed as the easiest online software to create flowcharts and a lot more, and it’s a totally accurate description. It’s so much easier to organize your team members when you can visually present the tasks to all of them at the same time, updating changes in real-time and a lot more. The best thing about zenflowchart.com is that you can use it right off the bat without any previous experience with it. The user interface is so friendly and easy to understand, so you don’t have to be some kind of a computer expert in order to manage your way around it.

3. Designhill – Logo Creation and Graphics Design

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You can’t advertise your business, product or service without a proper logo. It’s the frontpage that represents what you do, how you do it and a lot more. It’s what attracts. But, not every business has a professional graphics designer on their team. Thankfully, the internet is here to help us once more. Designhill, or any other logo maker you can find on the internet can help you put together a logo or something else from the graphics design field in just a few minutes. You can do all this by using pre-built presets and keep combining things until you get something that accurately matches your business. We chose Designhill as our main example because it happens to be one of the more popular choices for this type of a job, and people are quite satisfied with their experience. But, you can always use something else if you don’t find this one appealing.

4. WordPress – Easily Present Your Business to the World

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Just when you think you can do everything your business needs, you start to realize the importance of websites and reaching out to the global market. WordPress is one of the easiest ways to build a website, one that’s fully functional and has everything you need, including an online store and a lot more. The reason why WordPress powers more than 70% of all websites is because it allows people who aren’t even remotely familiar with coding build a site by themselves. It’s definitely a tool that you should consider using in 2022 if you still don’t have a website to represent your business. It’s so popular that you can find tons of tutorials on YouTube and other parts on the internet so you’ll never really be on your own in your website-making journey.

5. Google Drive – Store and Share Your Files with Co-Workers

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Ever since Google Drive was introduced to the public, people fell in love with it, and nowadays it’s difficult to find any alternative for this simple yet sophisticated storage management solution. Google Drive is free for every Google user, allowing fifteen gigabytes of free space to anyone who has a Google account. Larger businesses of course, pay for a subscription that allows them to use more storage space. All the files can be synced between employees and everything can be easily stored and organized in folders, allowing ease of access and increased productivity. Google Drive is great from the price aspect as well. You’re using the best Google servers in the world for your data storage purposes, and you’re not paying much at all. Their plans are affordable and it’s worth getting this no matter what type of a business you are.

6. Slack – A solid Way of Communicating with your Teammates

Source: industryweek.com
When you aren’t connected to a conference call on Zoom or Skype, you are probably communicating with the rest of your co-workers through text messages. But, texting all of them separately on their smartphone is definitely not the best idea. Well, you can use apps such as Slack to communicate with all members at the same time. The app allows multiple chat rooms to be created so you can easily separate people in groups based on their role on the project or in the company. Slack is easy to install, easy to use and you’ll most-likely stay with it as your main communication software once you try it.


Even if you are the owner of a small business, you are still quite limited with time. People think that only those who operate with large corporations are busy but that’s not the case. When you have a smaller business, you’re investing all of your time into making it grow, and without the right tools for productivity it’s quite impossible. Today’s corporate world has tons of competition and you’ll have to face all that with the most help you can get. The main point of this article was indeed to improve your productivity levels.

Why Are There So Many Cryptocurrencies

With almost 3000 different cryptocurrencies available it’s hard to differentiate which ones are legitimate, and whether or not each one is worth investing in. But first things first: why do we even have that many cryptos floating around in the cyber world? It all started back in 2009 with the introduction of Bitcoin that was supposed to change the financial system making transactions fast, free, and completely anonymous. Furthermore, an open and free exchange market attracted people from all walks of life trying out their luck and skills in trading and investing. Over the years many other savvy techs saw their chance of getting a piece of the crypto pie and started creating new currencies. Today we have more cryptos than the actual currencies in the world. What drove the need for so many cryptocurrencies? Several things, so let’s begin.

More opportunities

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The more the merrier, right? Well, yes and no. The market is flooded with various cryptos that can paint the picture that there are many opportunities available for grabs. Savvy investors are wary of the markets that are constantly offering new products and services, turning to the safer stocks that are more predictable due to their longevity at the stock markets. New coins tend to be a risky investment since they are easily influenced by investors who hold large amounts of the single currency, thus controlling the price and the amount available for purchase. Experienced investors steer away from these disasters that are often disguised like opportunities. Then there is an old scheme of “pump and dump”. When one person or entity buys the majority of one stock the prices rise due to the reduction in the amount. Then, once the price is blown to its limits, that one person suddenly sells all stocks at once, taking the profit and leaving others to pick up the scraps. Investors are usually able to predict and recognize the potential scam which keeps them away from buying new and unproven digital currencies. This has been a major downside of cryptocurrencies and the number one reason why many investors have a reluctant approach to the crypto markets. On the other hand, some claim that the possibilities overweight the risk. This is mostly true for the top 10 cryptos on the market. Bitcoin has been going strong for more than a decade now regardless of its harsh volatility and unpredictability. Ethereum is trying to set itself apart from other cryptos by introducing dApps and smart contracts instead of attacking Bitcoin or any other strong currency. There are some, like Tether, that are backed by the US dollar which opened the door for whole new opportunities with minimal risk. So, there are many success stories in the open market even though many big-time investors are still very cautious when it comes to putting their own money into this uncharted territory.

Why are there so many cryptocurrencies on the market?

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Since the creation of Bitcoin more than a decade ago, many other cryptocurrencies have followed. Next came Litecoin, Ethereum, NEO, etc. and the cryptos market drew the attention of ordinary people without any experience in trading as well as seasoned investors. In the beginning, it was difficult and expensive to get ahold of any new coins due to the limited numbers available. Mining was one way of creating digital currencies but it required great resources and many people involved. Over time, it got more affordable, however, creators made new blockchains along with the currency often resorting to creating a completely new currency. This move opened the door for many to try and create their own coins, which they did, so we ended up with thousands of different currencies today. Many of the coins were considered to be just a fad, hype, that will fade away in a matter of weeks or months. Still, the vast majority continue to be present on the market without any signs of slowing down. Further, the flood of digital currencies created an environment that was vulnerable to fraud. Fraudulent activities, at one point, took off diminishing the popularity of cryptocurrencies and earning them a bad rap of being susceptible to cybercriminals and frequent attacks. To every rumor, there is a bit of the truth. A few cryptocurrencies proved to be a complete fraud with their creators disappearing with millions of stolen monies from the investors. For the time being, the crypto market stopped being so appealing and many traders gave up on investing. In recent years, a lot of new measures were put in place to prevent deceitful activities although the market itself along with coins are still not regulated by any official body or government.

Will so many cryptocurrencies survive?

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Probably not. Over 1000 cryptos already disappeared from the market failing to interest the public in investing or were just pure fake coins meant to pump the prices and then dump all the stocks. Predictions say that it’s highly likely that over 80% will fail to leave only a couple of dozens of coins floating above the water. The main cause will probably be the slowing down of the world economy triggered by production and trading of goods coming to a halt. These forecasts say that only cryptos that have some practical use, like being accepted as a form payment by the retailers, will be able to survive major shaking up.

Is it wise to invest in cryptocurrencies?

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It’s possible to make big money from buying and selling cryptocurrencies. However, careful planning and waiting are advisable. Check out siol.net to see how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Newly emerged coins should be avoided until they prove to be a legit investment. Time is the best judge of the value, so waiting out to see the fluctuations of the price and the longevity of the coins would be the best course of action. Savvy investors always take time to monitor the performance and the prices before calculating the risks, potential profits, and eventually, making a trade. In the end, cryptocurrencies are a good investment if you approach them with caution. You can check more information on the crypto trade visiting Swyftx.

How to Ace Your Next Case Interview

Working for one of the top consulting companies is a dream come true. McKinsey, Bain, BCG (MBB) — they’re the industry leaders, and getting a consulting job there is the best thing you can do for your career. But before you get to join the ranks of such prestigious companies, you’ll have to ace your case interview. There’s no avoiding it. The great US giants, MBB, are not the only companies that put the candidates to the test during a case interview. The Big Four (PwC, Deloitte, EY, and KPMG) also challenge their candidates’ ability to reason and solve problems. No matter where you are or how much experience you’ve got, consulting companies are going to present you with a case interview. So let’s dive into the subject of what those interviews are and how to best prepare for one.

Definition of a Case Interview

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Case interviews are hypothetical business situations that test your reasoning and analytical capabilities to see if you’re a management consultant material. They do that by presenting you with a real-life business problem that you need to solve. However, the problems presented to you are usually quite ambiguous and difficult to answer correctly. But that’s not all that matters. You see, case interviews aren’t exactly about getting the answers right. If you’re at least in the ballpark of what the most optimal solution is, you’ll pass the test. And if you get it right, you’re bound to impress your interviewer. However, the interviewer will also be paying attention to how you think about the problem, how inquisitive you are, and how well you work under pressure. So, yes, the aim is to come to the right conclusion, but your path to it also matters greatly. Your analytical skills, quick thinking, attitude, and passion can land you a job even if you don’t quite wrap up the case as you should have. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the case interviews. In the end, if you feel like you still need extra help, you can get more advice here.

How Does the Case Interview Process Look Like?

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First of all, it’s important to say that while management consulting companies are the ones primarily conducting case interviews, other industries are slowly adopting them into their application processes as well. Investment banking and tech interviews are also increasingly using similar strategies to test prospective employees. As you’d expect, the interview begins with some light conversation and a couple of questions about yourself. That usually takes 15-30 minutes After getting to know you, the interviewer will pose the case question. For this part of the interview, you have about 20-40 minutes on average depending on the difficulty of the question and your previous experience. Be prepared to take notes. Most companies allow you to get a piece of paper out and write down all the important details. In fact, it’s crucial you do so since there’s going to be quite a lot of information coming your way. Don’t shy away from asking any questions that you need. Get all the details and clarifications you need from the interviewer. They will want to know more about your thought process and logical thinking anyway. You’re certainly going to need more context and understand the business model before you can answer. After the case interview, you’ll have a couple of minutes to ask the interviewer any questions you may have about the job. In the end, the whole process lasts for about an hour. Expect to repeat the process a couple of times before becoming a consultant in one of the top consulting companies. There are usually two rounds of interviews, each consisting of a couple of one-hour interviews. In the second round, the pressure on you is going to be significantly higher. Your interviewers will be senior consultants who will put quite a bit of psychological pressure on you.

Preparing for a Case Interview

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We’ll explain to you the steps you need to take in order to prepare for your case interview. Some of them depend on how experienced you are and whether you’ve had an interview like this before.

Frameworks and Theory

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If you’ve never had a case interview before, you’ll need to spend far more time studying basics. In practice, that means memorizing pre-established frameworks. Frameworks are ready-made solutions to specific kinds of problems. Some of the more common ones include Porter’s 5 Forces, the BCG Matrix, revenue and cost modeling, and the profitability framework. Such frameworks can help you at first, but the goal of a case interview is not to test your memory. Don’t rely on premade frameworks to do the work for you. Interviewers will like to see how you think and how analytical your mind is. They won’t be impressed by you jamming all unique and unusual business situations into one of the frameworks. They are a good place to start, but the goal is to get you to start thinking like a consultant. That way, you’ll be able to come up with your frameworks in no time.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

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You need to start cracking case interviews even before you apply for a position at a consulting company. At first, practicing various cases on your own will suffice, but sooner or later, you’ll need a partner. The reason for that is you want as much feedback as you can get. And if you’re able to do so with multiple people, all the better. Different people will be able to provide you with different levels of feedback. Suffice it to say that finding an expert partner is the best thing you can do for your interview prep. There are services online that offer to match their clients with experts with a background in MBB-level companies. Their feedback will be the most valuable. Of course, you should play the role of the interviewer yourself during one of those training sessions. It will give you a unique perspective of what the real interviewers come to expect of the candidates.

Brush up on Math

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Besides testing your logic and analytical thinking, a case interview will also put your math skills to the test. For that reason, you’ll need to revise maths, learn calculation shortcuts, and just try and keep your mind agile with constant practice. You’ll need to work with some big numbers under a lot of pressure, so you better be ready.

To Sum Up

A case interview will put your reasoning and critical thinking to the test. It will also put you under a lot of pressure, given a short time window to reach a conclusion. The best you can do to prepare is practice constantly with a partner, possibly an experienced one. Train your mind to structure problems and break them down into smaller fragments, and no case will be impossible to crack.

What Is It Like Dating in Brazil?

Brazil is a fantastic country that everyone wants to visit. Certainly one of the first thoughts of that country is the carnival in Rio, full of beautiful women and men. Then beaches and again hot girls in bikinis again. That is why there are various prejudices and stereotypes about dating in that country. Strangers imagine that it is enough to go there and that you will meet many hot girls who will immediately want to go to bed with them or at least have some fun in the night club. Of course, this is not true, primarily because it is a huge country where the standards of everything, including dating, vary greatly. If you want to make the most of your visit to Brazil, to be polite, and also to spend a night with hot girl or maybe find a soul mate there, read our guide about what it is like dating in Brazil.

1. You do not have to know Portuguese

Source: thefearlessman.com
Portuguese is the official language in Brazil, but it is not too different from Spanish, so if you know Spanish, you will be able to communicate. However, if you only know English, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to meet a girl. Although English is not as widespread as in some other parts of the world, many people still speak it there. First of all because of the large number of tourists, so everyone who does something related to tourism must know English. Yet, as everywhere in the world, foreigners are popular because they are different. So talking to English or some other language, it can be interesting and sexy for them. So whether you know Portuguese or not, you can have success with a person you like.

2. Women are not easy

There are stereotypes, similar to many Asian and Russian women, that women in Brazil are very easy and will have sex with anyone. That stereotype probably stems from carnivals, then their beautiful bodies in bikinis and the like. But that is not true at all. Of course there are a lot of easy women as well as prostitutes, but no more than anywhere else in the world. Many of them are also very traditional and do not change sexual partners often. Those living in the south of the country are generally considered to be more traditional than those in the north. What we want to tell you is that you do not expect a one night stand with everyone, but it will happen in the same number of cases as in the USA and Europe. So approach women with respect and politeness if you don’t want to be rejected. Even though women are not easy, you might be surprised how some of them is fond of sexting, read more here

3. Dating apps are very popular

Source: insidehook.com
According to Tinder, which is the world’s largest online dating application, after the USA, Tinder has the most users in Brazil. That’s why it is a great place where you can meet a lot of people, either for night stand or for something more serious. So many dating apps are so popular and not just Tinder, that more people meet online than live. There are a lot of different dating apps with Tinder, most of which have their own purpose. Depending on what you are looking for you will sing upon a particular dating app. Check out this list to find the most popular ones alongside Tinder. On one of them, you will surely meet a Brazilian woman. But what is important to know is that it is necessary to upload your picture and write an honest bio. Precisely because everyone uses dating sites, they expect honest information, not fake. Don’t be embarrassed, but put up your picture and write honestly about yourself. Otherwise, no one will want to meet with you.

4. Don’t be shy or aggressive

Brazilian men are known for being very aggressive in approaching women they like, but they are used to it and don’t mind. However, if you, a foreigner, have the same approach, they will not like it at all. They think that you are so aggressive just because of the stereotype and that you want a one night stand, so they will not want any communication with you. But don’t be shy either. Yet they are a people of hot temperament and if you are too shy, they will find you boring. So you try to strike the right balance between being open and communicative, but again not too intrusive. This may be a problem for you at first, but you will quickly realize what kind of communication they like and that is mostly direct. They like when you show your intentions politely.

5. Get ready for a lot of dancing

Source: unsplash.com
Like all people from Latin countries, there is a lot of rhythm in Brazil and they love to play. So if you are planning to date someone, be prepared to dance a lot because it is an indispensable thing in every night out. Also if you have trouble approaching someone, dance schools are the ideal place for you. There are them at every step and there you will have the opportunity to meet many of them and start a conversation. It’s much less stressful for shy people than approaching bars. You will also gain in confidence when you learn a few steps.

6. You have to be nicely dressed and smell nice

This is important everywhere, but nowhere is it more important than Brazil and maybe Italy. Girls will expect you to always be nicely dressed and tidy, no matter what style you like. It can be a sports style, but also a suit, it is only important that you are very nicely dressed, because everyone pays attention to it. Also, a good perfume is a must have. Many say that a good perfume opened the door to many girls, so it was much easier for them to start their first conversation.


Be open, fun, but also polite. Don’t expect easy women at every turn and you are sure to succeed. Dating a Brazilian is an unforgettable experience and many decided to get married, they liked the whole experience that much.

6 Celebrities Who Love Wearing Ugg Boots

There was a time, not a long ago, that everyone from God himself to 2-weeks old toddlers wore uggs. With the first signs of falling leaves, you could see the recognizable design and that one shade of muddy brown on a lot of feet. It’s was like everyone agreed that as soon as September hit it was time to swap out running shoes or open-toed sandals for brand new ugg boots. To be fair, it was for a good reason. If you are one of the fourteen people that haven’t seen Game of Thrones or don’t own a pair of ugg boots, please get into a comfy pair of sweatpants, brew a pot of tea and watch the show, but before that, buy yourself a pair of uggs because by the time you’re done with the show it might be snowing. All jokes aside, you need to own a pair of these iconic boots. If Rihanna can wear one, you can, too. Aside from them having a legendary status by now, why should you own them? It’s not like everyone must own certain shoe. You might want to stand out for all we know and you’re not going to do that by owning a pair everyone else owns. But, are shoes really the only way you can stand out? Dye your hair black – that should be different enough in today’s neon colour craze. Enough of the jokes, let’s take a look at why you should own a pair of these iconic boots and which celebrities rock them as well. First of all, they’re warm. Have you seen the inside of a good ugg boot? It looks like heaven. Pro-tip, wearing 3 sweaters isn’t going to do the trick if your feet get cold. Keeping your feet warm is the only way to keep the body warm. If you don’t believe me try it out, wear sandals in cold weather and see what happens. Made from softest and warmest materials like sheepskin and wool, it’s guaranteed to keep you feeling like you’re sitting next to the fireplace. Next up, they’re as versatile as they come. Not a lot of shoes can match almost any outfit. There’s original, black Chuck Taylor’s, the All-White Air Force One’s, a classic, black Chelsea boot and an Ugg boot. That’s probably about it. Whatever your personal style may be, uggs can complement it. Think about it, sweatpants, sweatshirt and uggs while you’re going to the store? Check. Jeans and leather jacket with uggs? Check. Basketball shorts, polo t-shirt and uggs? Check. If you don’t believe the last one, just google Adam Sandler wearing uggs. Finally, they’re quality footwear. Uggs aren’t something you’d wear for a month and then throw away. A pair of quality ugg boots can last you a lifetime, if lifetime meant a couple of years, but still, that’s a solid lifespan for a shoe. How wouldn’t they? A great sole, reinforced heel and a quality double-faced sheepskin make boots from www.uggs.com.au an amazing addition to your closet. On top of all of that, uggs have been around for so long, they’re never going out of style. If you have them or if you’re just about to buy them, they’ll be trendy this time next year and the year after that as well and so on. They’ve solidified its place in footwear history as one of the greatest boots ever and they’re never going back. If all of this is somehow not enough to convince you to cop a pair, maybe knowing some of the world’s most famous people wear them too will.

1. Rihanna

Source: office.co.uk
Like we’ve said, if RiRi can rock a pair of uggs, you can as well. Rihanna is one of the most popular people in the history of the world and is well respected both as an artist and as a fashion icon. She has a line of her own clothing and make-up, so she probably knows what she’s doing shoe-wise. On the other hand, it seems like we’re not getting another Rihanna album any time soon, so maybe we can try and walk a mile in her shoes to see why’s that.

2. Beyonce

Source: vogue.com
There is only one queen and that is Queen B. Sure, there’s the Queen somewhere in London as well, if I’m not mistaken, but c’mon, she’s not Beyonce. Arguably one of the greatest singers of all time, Beyonce’s often seen wearing all kinds of different uggs. Back in the day, she even wore them to an award show. If there’s one thing Mrs Knowles-Carter knows other than music – that’s fashion. And if she wears these boots often, maybe we all should.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

If there was ever a woman that was more associated with shoes and fashion that would be Sarah Jessica Parker. To be fair, that would be her character Carrie, but you get the point. Sarah even wore a pair of uggs to the shoot of the Sex and the City movie back in the ’04. Time flies doesn’t it, it’s been 16 years since our favourite New Yorker went from TV to a movie theatre.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Source: pinterest.com
Probably the undisputed queen of uggs is J-Lo. We may have been throwing the word ‘queen’ around too loosely up to this point. J-Lo is a New York girl and there is nothing that says Jenny from the Block better than a pair of ugg boots. If you’ve ever seen a picture of Jennifer when she’s not working – she’s probably wearing uggs. Maybe they are the reason J-Lo looks 20 years younger than she actually is. Who knows?

5. Adam Sandler

Source: tmz.com
It might sound like a joke, but it’s not, Adam has been seen on numerous occasions wearing a pair of these comfy boots. Rarely was that the case in wintertime, but hey, you do you, Adam.

6. Tiffany Haddish

Source: popsugar.com
Everything about Tiffany screams bold, strong and courageous woman. What do those women do? They wear uggs to the Oscars. Yes, to the most prestigious award show in the show business. Well done Tiffany, well done. We could keep naming the celebrities, but this article would be called a novel in that case. Everyone wears them, from Anne Hathaway to Lil Wayne. Young or old, male or female – it doesn’t matter. They’re cool and warm at the same time and you should probably own a pair. If you want to find out who some other stars are wearing uggs, check out MissFilmy.com.

Top 9 Wildest Parties in History

A lot of us love to party, right? However, due to COVID-19, our lives had to drastically change, and a lot of our activities were put on hold. Do you miss those crazy party hours? Are you a fan of extravagant gatherings, long night-outs, as well as a cocktail hour? If so, you will enjoy this article! Here, we will take you back in time, and we will remind you of some of the best and most extravagant parties that have happened throughout history. Keep on reading and see which one screams your name!

Top 9 wildest parties in history

1. Black and white ball

Source: history.com
Truman Capote ended up hosting the 1966 soiree, which attracted loads of celebrities. There were Mia Farrow, Frank Sinatra, as well as Henry Fonda at the party. This event was so popular and glamorous, that Andy Warhol made a statement saying “We’re the only nobodies here.” The point of the party was to hold in honor of newspaper publisher Katharine Graham. Everyone had to wear fancy black or white evening wear, as well as masks

2. LES Noces premiere party

Source: walkerart.org
Ballet parties are usually quite stiff, but not this one! The first performance of Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Les Noces was a huge deal in 1923. George and Sara Murphy decided to throw a party in the composer’s honor, which all happened on the Seine River. There were loads of different and creative centerpieces, such as toy cars and clowns on each table. Guests were reminded to take whimsical decorations with them. In fact, Pablo Picasso rearranged them into gorgeous scenery that was breathtaking during the event.

3. The Surrealist ball

Source: overdose.am
Unusual and swanky parties were a go-to for Marie-Hélène de Rothschild. This Barone was famous in French society, and everyone admired his ball in 1971, as well as in 1972. Every place had its own charger plate, and their centerpieces were bizarre, yet extravagant. For desserts, the crowd could snack on a life-size naked woman resting on a bed of roses. Talk about fancy, right? Guests were quite posh and fancy as well, such as Audrey Hepburn and Salvador Dali. This was the most epic party which everyone still talks about, even to this day!

4. Bradley Martin ball

Source: wikipedia.org
This millionaire and his wife Cornelia knew how to party back in their day. They threw an 1897 ball which was all about gay rights and the discussion of if their rights have assembled. Everyone wore interesting and unique costumes, and some guests wore a Pocahontas outfit, others turned up as Catherine the Great, and the hostess herself wore a $60,000 gown. The dance floor was occupied until 5 am, so it is pretty clear that everyone had the time of their life, right?

5. Malcolm Forbe’s 70th birthday party

Source: insidehook.com
A multi-millionaire threw an epic birthday party for his 70th birthday. He even ended up flying over a hundred of his friends to his palace in Tangier. Back in 1989, this icon invited over 1000 friends to join him in Morocco, all expenses paid. There was an amazing firework show, barbecued lamb, as well as belly dancers that entertained the guests for three days straight!

6. Thousand and second night

Source: aimeecrocker.com
In 1911, fashion designer Paul Poiret had the Ali Baba obsession, where he had to create a party that was inspired by this well-known book. He ended up putting his “Thousand and Second Night” costume gala—and he took his theme very seriously. If anyone came to the party without wearing a costume, they were instructed to leave or to get dressed up accordingly. Everyone enjoyed the One thousand and one-night song, alongside with some several dances, famous ballerinas, and a light show that was thrilling and mesmerizing!

7. Googlympus

Source: entireproductions.com
As you probably know it by now, Google has been killing the game for quite some time and everyone uses their browser, which only allows Google to take it an extra notch, and throws some phenomenal parties. The company made its dramatic party with its Greek-inspired theme in 2006. It took around 5 days for the team to set-up everything. Each of them was hosted by a different Greek god, hence the name of the party. Guests enjoyed their Polaroids in some funny and outrageous wigs, shoot wine corks, and they also enjoyed watching jazz singers.

8. Bloomberg Christmas party

Source: businessinsider.com
In 2000, Bloomberg threw an amazing bash in London. In fact, the London office ended up spending £1 million on the festivities, which were inspired by the seven deadly sins. The bar represented “gluttony” where there were loads of different troughs of truffles and candy. The lust room was inspired and presented with a large 25-foot-wide bed covered in purple satin. There were also some drag queens, cabaret dancers, and a sushi bar.

9. Krakow Stag do

Source: euractiv.com
If you ever wanted to party in Krakow, there is one company called the PartyKrakow which organizes tailor made epic parties. Or literally can organize the EPIC Stag Do Package for you. The package includes loads of entertainment such as min.: oil wrestling, strip Partybus rental, stag dinner with a naked dancer, Brewery Feast dinner, VIP lap club entry, VIP nightclub entry, guided pub crawl and so on…. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford it ! If you dare to give it a go here is your chance to book an epic Krakow stag do weekend

Ready to party?

Are you ready to party, you party animal? Which one of these top 9 epic events screams the loudest, and which one looks like something right up your alley? You can have fun in your own way, or how they did it back in the day. However, we highly recommend that you think about the stag activities Krakow has to offer, it is a new way of partying, and you should welcome this era!

Love Cycling? Make Sure to Check Out These Apps

There’s no better exercise out there than cycling. It gives your whole body a workout and lets you connect with nature helping you boost your immune system and ensuring you remain healthy. However, finding good trails to use and measuring your stats is hard. It can get seriously demotivating as well especially if you don’t have a friend that shares your hobby. However, you don’t need to feel bad. Here are some apps that take care of it all so be sure to give them a shot.

1. Komoot

Source: bikerumor.com
If you’re looking for some new trails to try out and spice up your daily cycling routine, you must try Komoot. It’s like Google Maps but for cyclists. Using the OpenStreetsMap database as guide, it helps you plan the most efficient and safe route to wherever you’re planning to go. It also takes into consideration your fitness level and recommends you routes accordingly. It then predicts how long it’ll take you to get there as well. What’s more, it gives you a detailed analysis of the path you’re taking, from how bumpy it is, to how elevated it might get. You can also geotag you location along with a picture of where you’re at. The interface is quite friendly, allowing you to drag the route to the location you want to get to. The Navigation screen gives you the real-time speed, average speed, the distance you have traveled and what remains among other things. And, it’s super interactive! What more could you want?

2. Strava

Source: capovelo.com
Strava was first launched in 2009 and since then it has gained 32 million users. Of these, 200,000 are paying for the premium version so you know the app offers great services. The factor leading to its success, however, can be attributed to its role in taking cycling competitions to a whole new level. The app offer ride sections that serve as mini-race courses for you to explore. There you get to battle it out with strangers and friends alike for the title of King/Queen of the Mountain. This healthy dose of competition keeps you motivated and is sure to help you improve your game. What’s more, you get to interact with people that love sports just as much as you do. And, it’s not like you won’t find other similar apps out there, you will. But, you won’t find as big a community as this one. Many who joined the app, satisfied with the services, never needed to look elsewhere. These loyal users now make for an experienced bunch that you’ll find extremely helpful. So, what do you get in the free version? Well, you’d be happy to learn that the free version has a lot to offer its new users. You can track and log your rides with details like the speed and elevation quite accurately depending on your phone. You can then compare these core stats with those of other cyclists to see how well you’re doing. The paid version on the other hand, allows you to record heart rate and power data as well. If you think you need these stats as well, then get yourself the premium version.

3. Wahoo Fitness

Source: dcrainmaker.com
For more serious athletes, Wahoo Fitness is the go to app. This product is not the only one that its makers have on offer. There are a ton of other apps as well as bike computers, sensors and indoor trainers that you can use which pair well together. So, you can easily connect what you have and monitor your heart rate, power, cadence and more. The great thing about this app though is that it’s completely free, there’s no premium version to upgrade to. Power zones and heart rate are all included which means you’ll get all that you need in one place with ease. What’s more, you get audio alerts that go off after set triggers. For each mile you travel, you’ll get a ping to tell you. Same when your heart rate zone changes. This keeps you motivated and gives you something to celebrate. For those struggling to reach their goals, they might find these features exciting. On the downside though, there is no community to connect to. Nor can you challenge your friends or strangers to cycling competitions. You will only really find this app beneficial if you have other Wahoo products like TICKR heart rate monitor, and the KICKR Power Trainer.

4. TrainingPeaks

Source: capovelo.com
The first to be recommended by cycling coaches, this app has earned itself a name in the fitness world. It gives you the same power of analysis like the bike computer but in a phone, at the tip of your fingers. It allows you to communicate with your coach with ease and your coach to send files with ease. The best feature is its Performance Management Chart that measure key metrics like Training Stress Score. Taking training load and acute training into consideration, the app creates a graph showing your fitness and fatigue helping you fine-tune your training routine.

5. TrainerRoad

Source: dcrainmaker.com
For those people that live in snowy areas, cycling all year round outdoors is not an option. So, what can you do? You can’t simply let it go! Your body will only get unhealthy and after all the hours and hard work you’ve put into it that’s the last thing you’d want. Worry not however, you can simply practice a fitness routine indoors. TrainerRoad helps you find the perfect workout for your body. It hooks you up with smart trainers and various sensors that help you find science-back workouts targeted to your problem areas.

Final Words

There you go, with these apps your cycling is only going to get better. Whether you have a coach or not and whether you can go cycle outdoors or are stuck inside you’ll be able to get those muscles moving and working out daily. All you need is a good internet connection to help your phone collect all the relevant data. If you don’t have one already, click here. Hughesnet offers reliable service you’re sure to get wherever you cycle to. Now you can become fit with ease. With all your important milestones recorded and targeted workouts you can use free of charge, it’s time you level up.

Are There Protein Powders Vegetarian Expectant-Moms Can Take?

What Are Protein Powders?

Protein Powders are bodybuilding supplements for the protein nutrient in the body. Often, people find that they need more proteins in their diets. This is perhaps because their diets do not contain enough proteins.  Protein powders are extremely common among pregnant women. This is because when a baby is still in the mother’s womb, that formative period is extremely important. As a vegetarian momma-to-be, it could be a task to find good food that is rich enough and yet cruelty-free.

Protein Powders For Vegetarians?

Source: pexels.com
However, most protein powders are plant-based and contain no animal products. Protein shakes are usually made from casein, egg/egg whites, hemp, mixed plant, whey, soy, brown rice, and peas and so, yes, there are several protein powders suitable for vegetarian mommas. They also contain no artificial and unhealthy coloring, no MSG, no additives, no GMO, no gluten, no preservatives, no caffeine, no sweeteners or no added sugars. As a vegetarian, before you make a choice on protein powders, ensure that your choice is clearly stated to be made solely from plants. Some protein powders even contain collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives our bodies healthy skin, tendons, cartilage, hair, and even joints and bones. Collagen is a necessary nutrient for the body of a pregnant woman as well as that of a forming child. Unfortunately, most of our modern diets lack enough amounts of this healthy nutrient. This is dangerous in many ways. For one thing, without collagen, our bodies find it hard to replace what is lost. In essence, our hair, skin, nails and other parts of our bodies will not be replenished as we age. There are various options to select from our list of healthy and cruelty-free protein powders for pregnancy. It is important to note that although healthy protein powders have been proven to be safe for pregnant women, it is very important to run your concerns and questions by your Obstetrician/Gynecologist before taking it.