6 Ways Online video-slots Have Improved in the Last Ten Years

Slots and gambling in casinos have always been a point of interest for many. Today, the most commonly played slot games are those that include videos and graphics. But truth be told, it wasn’t like this forever. The advent of video slot games came in the 1980s. And before that, slot games were quite weird. Now to forget, as the computer and internet technology took the world by storm, things have been better for the online slot industry and specifically for the video slots.

Video slot games are the next big thing. People enjoy these a lot. Thanks to the continually increasing technology and advancements, video slots have improved a lot in the past 20 years. Visit megawaysslots.com if you want to experience some of latest new games in the online slots world. Right now Megaways Slots – a series of innovative slots which incorporate all the characteristics of modern cutting-edge games. Let’s take a look at how the video slots have improved over the years:

1. Software update

As the researchers dug deep into developing better technologies, things for the video slot games moved in a better direction. The video slot games made its way to the gambling enthusiasts in 1980. Since then, many improvements have been made in the whole industry. Where most people visit a casino to gain advantage od video slots, many found it to be available at their homes on their PC. The first and foremost thing to note here is that casinos have been made available on the PC. This had significantly increased the users of online casinos.

Furthermore, to improve the experience better, the software developed had introduced the technology of Random Number Generator or RNG. Before this development, the numbers were generator via mechanical pieces. Thanks to the RNG, a big piece of the puzzle was found, and as a result, there were visible improvements in the whole industry.

2. Going mobile

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In the past, people had to visit casinos to enjoy slot games. It required them to be physically present in the casino to be able to enjoy it. As the computers were made available to the public, and the technology advanced, casino games were made available on the computers as well. Now, people could enjoy video slot games at their homes or offices without going to the casinos. Furthermore, the internet worked like a cherry on the top and expanded the horizon of online gaming. However, the technology didn’t stop there.

In fact, as mobile phones started making them into the markets and the lives of the people, things began to change. Especially with the advent of smartphones, many things have shifted. Keeping in mind the advancements of technology and the shift to mobile, the developers of online slot games have seized the opportunity to develop games that are readily available on the application stores like IOS, Google play store etc. Today, a majority of casino players enjoy different slot games on their smartphones. The best part is that they can play these games no matter wherever they are.

3. Graphics

Graphics has a significant role in providing an excellent visual experience to the users. Just as the technology has advanced in the graphics from black and white to colours, the graphics have also improved a lot from the day when the online slot games where first introduced in the market. In fact, today, there are teams of graphic developers and designers that work day and night to improve the quality of graphics of the users. The primary purpose is to engage the users by bringing different colours, and characters to the slot games.

4. Animations

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Aminations is also a technological advancement in the category of graphics. However, aminations provide a slightly different outlook of characters and the games. Animation includes visibility of other characters within the game that makes it more attractive, fun and engaging for the users. Apart from using different colours and cartoons, the overall visual effect has significantly improved. Moreover, the graphic designers and software developers use modern languages like HTML, Twine, JavaScript etc., to come up with different designs and programming that enhance users experience and to provide entertainment.

5. 5-reel slots

Previously 3-reel slots have been a standard for the video slot games. However, there were certain drawbacks to them. To make the game more interesting for the users, many companies introduced 5-reel video slots. This up-gradation not only provided better chances at winning but also made the game more engaging and fun for the users. Furthermore, these also look attractive visually.

6. Virtual Reality

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As the researchers have been diving into new forms of technology, developing a 2-D and 3-D experience. Many have moved towards virtual reality. It is a high-end technology that is said to shape the future. Although many gaming industries have started incorporating virtual and augmented reality into their games to provide a unique experience to its users, this technology is finding its way into the online video slot games as well. in fact, it is said to be the future of the online casino industry. The prospects of using this technology are to improve the gaming experience and to make the whole experience more fun and entertaining for the users. Many gamers have well received virtual reality, and that’s why it is said to change the face of the video slot games.

The world is continuously changing, and so is technology. The change of technology and the introduction of new features has been quite visible in the online video slot games for quite some time now. Most people might find the change to a minimum, but if you take a look at the video slot games that were available previously, you can see that the difference is quite visible. Furthermore, as the technologies have been evolving, so is the video casino games. And even though they have come a long way, there is so much more stored for them in the future.