Best Activities for Travelers to Houston

Houston is a city for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s perfect for sports, hiking, biking, shopping, and for those who associate a fulfilling vacation with activity and nightlife, and vibrant discos. It is a perfect location for people who enjoy the active night lifestyle and are planning vacation in upcoming period.

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What to visit in Houston?

Hermann Park

This is one of the favorite places for tourists and locals. The extensive park is perfect for leisurely walks and picnics, sports activities and evening jogs. The park has a beautiful zoo and several attractive cafes, which makes the vacation even more enjoyable. It is a suitable location for visiting with your family. You can have a picnic there and enjoy nature and the silence.

Houston Funplex Amusement Park

There is a wide variety of attractions that people of all ages can find there and for the whole family. Boomer’s park is also perfect for entertaining the whole family and visiting with friends. If you have children this park should be on a list of “Must visit places in Houston”. Kids will enjoy all the attractions which Houston Funplex Amusement Park is offering for you.

The Houston Zoo

Its residents include elephants, flamingos, meerkats, giraffes, tigers, and penguins, and its diversity is astounding. The magnificent decoration of the park with stunning sculptures, green landscapes, and picturesque ponds is the main feature. This is the most popular zoo in Houston and it’s a proven title for it.


The Downtown Aquarium

It is also worth a visit for its rich marine animals and plants and beautifully stylized design. There is a bar inside the aquarium where you can hang out after seeing marine life.

World Birding Center Wildlife Refuge

There are various birds who will be pleased to visit the ornithological World Birding Center Wildlife, where visitors will be surprised by such a variety of beautiful winged creatures.


It is a great option for leisure activities. You can find many go-kart tracks in the city, each can be considered the best. Speedy’s Fast Track, K1 Speed, Go Kart Raceway, and Track 21 are among the most popular kart tracks. The latter club also features miniature golf and laser tag in addition to karting.


The iFLY Indoor Skydiving Entertainment Center

It is for outdoor enthusiasts who will appreciate indoor skydiving. If you want to make your trip full of attractions you can put this spot to your list.

Topgolf Houston and Glowzone

These are for mini-golf enthusiasts who enjoy such clubs.

Escape Quest

The team game is also well-represented in Houston. Some of the best clubs of this kind are Escape Hunt and Escape Now, and the Houston Panic Room.

Houston Just Rolling Skating Rink

This place invites visitors to skate in all seasons, and Houston Arboretum & Nature Center Park invites visitors to enjoy the outdoors.

The Houston beauty and its surroundings are enchanting. Car rentals will help you to visit the surroundings of Houston.

Visit areas nearby


Many parkland areas are located along the shores of Lady Bird Lake, and the lake is a popular recreation center. You can go boating and bird watching in the summer, and the lake is often the site of boat races and other sporting events.


San Antonio

It is a city for shopping lovers with its La Cantera Shopping Mall. It resembles a vast park, on whose territory among the lush vegetation are a variety of shopping pavilions and cafes. The Pearl Farmers Market is a must-see street market.


It is a place for nature lovers. The local Botanical Gardens of 66 hectares are worth a visit. It has picturesque gardens and groves, beautiful flower arrangements, and theme parks. There is an arboretum and Lake Rock nearby.


It is an ideal place for outdoor activities, and the scenic state will not disappoint those who like to relax away from civilization. Fans of ecotourism are attracted to Big Bend National Park with the Rio Grande River. The park is striking in its variety of landscapes, it will be the best place to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna.

New Orleans

After strolling through the historic sites, it invites visitors to visit numerous entertainment venues. For example, the Audubon Zoo. The animals are in spacious aviaries that match their natural habitat. The zoo will be a pleasure to relax in even on the hottest day.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has entertainment for all tastes. Visit the Oklahoma City Zoo. There are elephants and rhinos, over a dozen species of monkeys and meerkats, formidable tigers, and colorful parrots. The zoo has a large play area for children with various fun rides and playgrounds.



Houston is a rich place to visit. Ideal for young and active people who are ready to learn new things and actively participate. But Houston is engaging not only as an entertainment city but also for its unique surroundings and nature, even with the lack of civilization. And to have time to see and visit everything, choosing the way of US road trip, renting a van for a group of travelers will be the ideal option, financially profitable. Houston is offering many attractions for different tastes, budgets and companies. From zoo, parks to golf clubs. You will definitely find out the most suitable locations for you to make your trip unforgettable.