How to Build Legs in 2020

If you have plans to build your legs, your plans undoubtedly include your legs. Building your leg is very important especially if you are a little ‘short’ on height. This is because building the muscles around ones legs have multiple benefits. One of those benefits is that you have increased strength. Another benefit is that … Read more

Can Exercise Make You Grow Taller? 2020

One very frequent question asked is whether or not exercise can improve your height. Height depends on bones. Your skeleton is the framework of your body. Your bones take their form based on genetics and early nutritional habits. To increases your height, your bones would need to increase in length. They would need to be … Read more

4 Training Tips for Folks in 2020

If you are below the average height, you tend to encounter various issues. If you have recently decided to start exercising, you will quickly realize it is harder for short guys. Most machines are created for men that are of average height or taller leaving short guys stuck. However, we have compiled some helpful tips … Read more

Tips For Losing Weight for Short Girls in 2020

It has been proven that short women have a slower metabolism. The average basal metabolism rate of a woman of average height is 1,400 calories per day. This means that without any activity of any sort, a woman will still lose up to 1.400 calories. However, this rate is much higher for tall women and … Read more