4 Training Tips for Folks in 2022

If you are below the average height, you tend to encounter various issues. If you have recently decided to start exercising, you will quickly realize it is harder for short guys. Most machines are created for men that are of average height or taller leaving short guys stuck. However, we have compiled some helpful tips that will aid you in your journey of wellness and health. These tips will help you achieve more in the gym and have a lot more to show for it. If you frequent the gym, check out:

4 Training Tips for Short Guys

Go for customized weapons: Your various equipment are your weapons. Rather than managing machines that are not comfortable due to your height, go for machines designed for your body stature. Example of such is an exercise bike. Normal bikes can be very uncomfortable if you are short, however, there are customized best exercise bikes for short persons. They are comfortable and allow you to work out in peace. You can count on these types of customized equipment to help you.

Know your body: As a short body-builder, there are some advantages you have over tall guys. When it comes to compound lifts, a short man` will have his center of gravity closer to the weight due to his height. This means he will find it easier to lift.

Pull often: You are likely to find pulling exercise a bit hard due to your hand size. However, this can be overcome very easily. Ensure that you pull often. Within little time, you are bound to get used to it.

Push Limits: Push yourself to do more repetitions in less time. Gradually increase your reps from 15x to 17x, and then to 20x. If you are consistent, you are sure to see improvement. This will add to your time under tension and will also keep your muscle fibers under tension.