5 Things To Have in Mind Before Planning a House Extension in 2022

Adding an entirely new extension to your home is a stressful, how long and inexpensive project, but if you set your mind to it, it will definitely be worth it. This is an addition to your home that you can use it for anything you want. But, if you do plan on starting this kind of project, there are probably some things you will have to keep in mind. It is crucial that you have some kind of idea or a plan that will help you execute this project properly. Otherwise, without a plan, you might end up creating more problems than expected which can cost both time and a lot of money. To avoid those mistakes, to avoid any unexpected expenses, you will need to figure out those things that you will need to consider when preparing and during the project. However, there is no need to search any further because this article is going to focus on exactly that subject. Here, you will figure out the most important things you need to keep in mind before building a house extension. Just make sure to read the entire article.

1. Pick the date

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Most people do not think that the starting date of this kind of project is not important, but that is far from the truth. In my opinion, I believe that building an extension or redecorating your entire home is best done during the summer season. If you are unable to do that during the summer, spring is your next best option. This is something that most experts say when asked about this subject. This is mostly because summer has the optimal weather for any kind of construction and because materials like https://www.lakeside-hire.co.uk/tools/pipe-bender-hire/ during this season usually come at a much better price. So, if you do have this kind of construction in mind, I would suggest that you push it at least for the next spring. Although, it would be best if you waited for the hot summer days.

2. Start planning

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Even if you do decide that you are going to do this next year during the summer, it would still be best if you started planning right now. Use every extra second half to your advantage. The earlier you start planning, the higher the chances that you will execute your plan properly. If you are ready, there will not be any unexpected costs that might hinder the progress of the construction. Right now, it might seem early to you, the entire project is half a year away, but I think it would be best if you start thinking about your budget today. Who knows, if you figure out your budget today, you might increase it in the next few months. Once you figure out how much money you are willing to spend for all of this, you can start searching for the optimal pricing for materials.

3. Pick the materials wisely

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The quality of your new extension depends on two or three things. The first and most important thing is the materials that you are going to use for that construction. If you try to cheap out on certain vital materials, you will probably end up with a subpar result. There are some materials that you simply cannot save money on. Keep in mind, there are some materials such as wood that are simply overpriced. If you look around at different hardware stores or do some research online, I am sure that you will be able to find that same type of wood for a much lower price. Again, it all comes down to your budget. Although, even if you have a small budget, I would not suggest going with cheaper products. But, there is also no reason to go with the most expensive ones. It is best to find something in between. Something that will deliver very good performance for a great value. However, if you feel like your budget is simply not big enough to support this project, maybe there is something else you can do.

4. Use your savings

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I assume that you do have some savings in your bank account and you have probably planned them for something else. For a nice vacation or maybe for your retirement. Whatever it is, it might be best to take a bit of your savings and use them for your extension. Right now, you are probably asking yourself: Why? Well, I think it is a much better move to properly invest in your house instead of chipping out and ending up with a product that will leave you unsatisfied. The cheaper the materials, the worse the durability. In my eyes, that is unacceptable. This is an expensive investment that should last for years, if not decades. You can always return that money to your savings account click here for more, but you can never go back and try to replace and fix those cheap materials or fix the mistakes of a cheap workforce. But, before you make this kind of decision, you should probably think carefully about the subject and maybe try to learn more about taking this kind of step.

5. Make sure you choose the right company

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Previously, I also mentioned that hiring a cheap workforce is never a good idea. Because, if you do that, you will still end up with an unsatisfying result even though you have invested a lot of money for the construction materials. If the workers are inexperienced, lazy, or unprofessional, they will not be able to deliver a pristine product. So, when looking for a company that will take on your project, I suggest asking them more about their employees. Figure out just exactly how much skill and experience they have this kind of construction upgrades. With enough questions and research, you will manage to find a company that offers experienced employees at a good price. By keeping these five very important things in your mind before and during the construction of your house extension, I am sure that everything will go smoothly and that you will see a beautiful result.

6 Important Lessons Gambling Can Teach You About Money in 2022

It’s no secret that more than 80% of people in the world taste their luck in gambling at least once in their lifetime. Of course, there are a large number of those for whom it is a part of everyday life, and the reasons for that are different. While some approach gambling solely for fun, others see it as a good source of income, for some even the only one. In the last year, we have witnessed the presence of a coronavirus pandemic worldwide. It started in China, and in a very short time, it spread to other continents. As a result, we have many closed companies, people who have lost their jobs, or the decline of the economy to the lowest branches. But, as in any other situation, someone loses and someone wins. We can say that online bookmakers belong to this second group, especially because land casinos have been under lock and key for months. Online casinos certainly have a lot of advantages over land casinos, and this is just one of the things that go in their favor. It is also important to point out that payouts in online casinos are always higher than in land-based ones, and there are more reasons for this. Just think that online casinos are free of the cost of paying workers, utilities, casino space, and many other charges that we can’t even remember exist. And before you think that it has absolutely nothing to do with your players and that only a casino benefits from it, say you’re wrong, because by being free of these expenses, online casinos have more space to offer more payouts to their players. Since this is a game where you can lose and win, we conclude that you will learn some things, at least when it comes to the game and just investing money.

1. Limit your budget

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Before you start playing, it is important to think about your budget, or how much you are willing to invest, without affecting your life if you lose. Luck very easily takes a player, especially a beginner’s luck that gives the player wings and the desire to enter more, and more, until he loses the last dollar. Therefore, it is important to make a plan that you will stick to. The best thing is to set a budget and stick to it by only taking a certain amount to the casino so that you don’t get tempted to spend the rest of the money.

2. There is nothing for free

We all like to get something for free, whether it’s a drink while playing a favorite game, or a bonus we’re entitled to when we first access an online casino. You will probably be disappointed to hear that everything is actually well calculated and that you have already paid for it. For example, many online casinos offer a bonus for new players, but there is a catch. In most cases, you can access the bonus only after playing a certain game several times or after making a certain deposit.

3. Each game brings other possibilities

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There are hundreds of different games, but the main division is into card games (table games) and slots. The first group includes games such as Three cards poker, Blackjack, Texas Holde’m, and many others, while the second group includes so-called random games – slot machines. Each player chooses what suits him best – those who like to play strategically and are good at monitoring the game and calculating cards will taste their luck in card games, while those who like to relax and let the game lead them to prefer a slot game. What makes the slot game interesting is the choice of over a hundred different ones, so that even the pickiest player will easily find something to his taste. In these games, the jackpot can be a real win, because part of the money from each player who played before you is set aside for the main prize. On TopSlots South Africa you can see more about this topic.

4. Choose the right location

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Many people think that the location in the casino is not important and that it does not matter whether they sit at this or that table. Still, experienced players say that choosing a table is very important and that usually, those located near the front door are the ones offering smaller payouts.

5. Risk management

Of course, there is always a risk, which is why they are called games of chance. But still, before you play, make a small assessment of yourself, and only then the game you plan to play. By this, we mean to consider whether you have a developed strategy and game plan. In the case of random games, you won’t need a plan, but if you play card games, your commitment to the game plays as big a role as luck.

6. Time management

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This factor plays a big role in gambling. Time passes quickly when we have fun. That is why you must manage your time and enter the right way. For example, if you plan to stay in the casino for a short time, you can place slightly larger stakes from your budget, but if you have no obligations and are not staring, there is a high probability that you will stay much longer than you planned. In that case, it is best to bet on smaller amounts to stay in the game as long as possible.


Gambling can bring us both earnings and fun if we follow some of the above rules. In any case, what you need to be aware of is that happiness is fickle and that at one point you have the feeling that you can conquer the world, and at another, you are left with nothing. That is why it is crucial to relax and have fun, but also to know when to stop.

5‌ ‌Alternative‌ ‌Pain‌ ‌Relief‌ ‌Solutions‌ ‌for‌ ‌Athletes‌ ‌- 2022 Guide

Athletes put their bodies on the line to meet the demands of competitive sports. Constant rigorous training often leads to body pain and soreness due to overexertion, development of injury, or natural degeneration. Many professional athletes can’t afford to wait for the natural healing process of the body, so they seek out faster solutions so they’ll be able to continue performing at their best. But first, what are traditional treatments for pain and soreness? The most widely used cures among athletes and trainers are thermotherapy, proper stretching, and rest. Thermotherapy is the application of heat or cold to treat soft tissue injuries. Heat applied through pads, bottles, gels, or creams help dilate blood vessels and ease stiff muscles. Ice, on the other hand, helps manage swelling and provide temporary pain relief. Stretching aids blood flow to tissues so it’ll accelerate the recovery of sore muscles. Adequate stretching before and after training also helps the body become stronger and more flexible. This prevents injuries from occurring in the first place. Proper rest allows the body to take a break and recover from the constant strain. Most athletic trainers and physical therapists still regard it as the simplest yet best method to alleviate pain. These practices are traditionally safe and convenient but could take a long time to take effect. Moreover, their effectiveness may not be satisfactory to athletes who suffer from severe or chronic sports-related pain. For everyone looking for quicker and more effective solutions, here are some alternatives to try:

1. Natural Supplements

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When common painkillers and topical creams no longer do the work, natural supplements are the popular go-to option. Adding them to your regimen may help alleviate or ease your discomfort, especially when you combine them with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and the daily practice of relaxation techniques. A natural approach to pain relief that’s steadily gaining popularity is cannabidiol (CBD) intake. CBD is a compound that comes from marijuana plants. It’s sometimes touted as a pain medication alternative in treating common conditions, like back pain and arthritis. It’s thought that by reducing inflammation, cannabidiol might help ease chronic pain to some extent. CBD is also believed to promote sounder sleep, thus, treating sleep disruption that people with chronic pain commonly experience. CBD is best taken in capsule or pill form for slow extended release or as an oil for faster effect onset. But the question if CBD really works is a concern many people have. Fortunately, some helpful websites, like hempforfuture.com, discuss cannabidiol’s analgesic effect mechanisms, studies/researches around it, and its proper use for pain management.

2. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that originated in China and has been used for around 2,500 years to treat different conditions and pains. It involves the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific points on the body. This process triggers the brain to release endorphins, which are natural chemicals that manage pain and stress. One popular form of acupuncture is cupping, which involves lighting a flammable liquid inside a glass. When the flame goes out, the cup is placed on top of the body and creates a vacuum-like effect. The sucking effect aids blood circulation and lessens inflammation in muscle tissues. Medical studies have proven the effectivity of acupuncture in quelling body pain. In fact, many Western cultures have adapted it for pain management. It’s commonly used to treat chronic pain in the back, neck, and knees. It has also been said to help relieve migraines and cramps. Another good thing about acupuncture is that it’s considered non-invasive and has no known negative effects.

3. Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic care is a form of physical therapy that aims to correct the physical structure of the body to relieve pain and encourage self-healing. It involves applying quick but strong pressure on a joint between the vertebrae in the spinal column. It mostly focuses on spinal manipulation since most pains and nerve problems are caused by misalignment of the spine. This treatment mostly benefits those who suffer from lower back pain and swollen joints. It also helps eliminate headaches caused by misplaced pressure or constriction in the spinal column. Apart from spinal adjustment, chiropractic care also employs posture exercises and ergonomic training. Having good posture and knowing the right way to walk, sit, and stand limits strain on the body. It not only relieves pain but also prevents the body from developing more problems.

4. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is an advanced form of cold thermotherapy. Instead of applying ice packs to sore areas, the entire body is subjected to extremely low temperatures–ranging from -200℉ to -300℉–usually by submerging in a cold chamber for two to four minutes. While it just sounds like a bigger-scale version of cold compression, the actual process of whole-body cryotherapy is actually quite complicated. When body temperature suddenly drops, the brain alerts the body of possible hypothermia and redirects blood to the core to regulate body temperature. Blood vessels quickly eliminate toxins and inflammatory properties in the blood, which results in faster production and distribution of endorphins. The near-freezing temperature also causes the immune system to become overly reactive. It increases antioxidant levels to induce tissue repair and improve the body’s self-healing ability. Once the session is over and the body temperature starts to rise again, highly-oxygenated blood flows back and supplies oxygen and nutrients to tissues.

5. Stem Cell Therapy

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Most pain treatments provide short-term relief and the pain eventually comes back. Stem cell therapy offers longer-lasting pain management by zeroing in on the actual source of pain. There are cases wherein pain is a byproduct of an existing condition, such as tendonitis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and connective tissue damage. Stem cell therapy cures the condition and gets rid of the pain that comes with it. This process involves harvesting stem cells from the bone marrow and redirecting them where healing is needed. Stem cells are potent cells that can transform into whatever cells the body needs to form or regenerate life. It’s most commonly used to reduce inflammation in the knees, back, hips, and elbows. Other examples of regenerative medicine include immunomodulation therapy and tissue engineering.


Alternative pain management solutions come with different pros, cons, conditions, and risks. Although they’ve been studied and tested, effectivity can’t be absolutely guaranteed for everyone. It requires careful consideration to figure out what’ll work best for specific body types, conditions, and severity of pain. Seeking expert opinion from healthcare providers, doctors, and therapists is always the right way to go.

7 Reasons Why Pound Winches Are Necessary For Off-Roading – 2022 Guide

If you are someone who loves to drive around and often go off-road, you probably know how important it is to have the right vehicle and the right equipment with you at all times. This applies to food, water, snacks, and most importantly – your tools. You will encounter loads of snow, rain, as well as mud. Make sure that you always have something that can pull you through loads of different sticky and uncomfortable situations, literally! This is why you might need winches. Keep on reading and learn all there is to know.

What is a winch?

This is a helpful tool that can be used for lifting your car. It is a sturdy item which is made of cable, chain, as well as rope. You have to set it up and mount it to a tree in order to use it. It is an interesting and innovative piece of equipment that is made with: A) Cable wire – made with steel cable or synthetic wire. It is super long and ranges from 50 to 100 feet. B) Drum – circle-shaped and is used to wind the cable. C) Motor – is used to power the process. D) Gear train – makes the power There are loads of different kinds available on the market both online and in stores. You will easily find something that suits you and your budget, as well as your vehicle. Meanwhile, learn why you might need this tool in the first place!

7 Reasons Why Pound Winches Are Necessary For Off-Roading

1. You can get stuck, and at the most uncomfortable moment

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The most obvious reason why you might need and want a winch is this one. Challenging fields and rocky terrain will cause you to yank your car more times than you’d want. Sometimes that max power from a winch will set you free, and it will help you get out of any ”impossible” situations. Luckily for you, you can find the best winch for your Jeep, just click here! You will find a detailed review of several different models, and you will feel a lot more encouraged as well as brave to take on your next challenge, but to also enjoy your journey!

2. Think ahead, slow and steady

Thanks to the winch, you can make a lot of motion but even when found in a tight and uncomfortable, small, surrounding. If you come prepared for your trip, and you’re headed out to the mountains, for instance, know that you will encounter loads of rough trails, dirt, and rocks. If you think ahead and come prepared, you can get out of this situation. A winch is super precise, and it can slowly pull out a stuck vehicle. When packing, remember that it is always best to be safe than sorry, especially in this case! Therefore, always pack accordingly, and never skip or speed up this part.

3. Do you wish to go hardcore?

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People sometimes love to road rage, and once you’re on some hardcore tracks, a winch is a must! This way you can give it a couple of tries to come over an obstacle. Remember to have a smart approach, and rather save your precious parts from falling apart. Do not spend a lot of money on fixing your car, and don’t spend money on restorations. You can have the time of your life on your own or with your buddies, and enjoy the hardcore way, the smart way!

4. Reach out

Did you know that typical straps are usually and only around 30 feet long? On the other hand, winches have 100 feet cables! Thanks to this amazing and additional length, you will be quick on your feet if you end getting yourself in a hazardous situation. Finding yourself in snow, mud, or even sand will require quick thinking. On the other hand, if you were to handle this issue without a winch, you would have to roll your vehicle down the hill and possibly cause even more damage along the way.

5. Are you rolling solo?

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Do you usually head out and hit the tricks alone and on your own? If so, a winch will help you more than you’d imagine. You won’t be able to solve something complicated on your own and in a matter of minutes. When packing make sure to bring a tree saver strap since it is crucial to have something to connect your winch to. If you are traveling with your friends think about their safety as well, since how confident are you that the four of you can move a 3,000+ pound vehicle? Didn’t think so.

6. Some other uses

A winch is also handy in some other situations, such as when trying to move an inoperable vehicle, doesn’t matter if you’re helping someone out, or if they’re trying to help you out. Make sure to pass out the winch. Try to set-up everything properly and accordingly, and mount the winch to your 4×4, if you have one. Some people also love to bring their knifing equipment with them, since you never know what danger lays ahead.

7. You can change the angle

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A lot of people prefer and love its extreme angles, as well as the fact that you can move your winch with ease and at a 90-degree (or even steeper). Although situations like these are rare, they are still possible! You can prevent your car from rolling down and you can stop it from getting crashes, or damaged. Combine the power of a tree strap, a pulley, and a winch. Once done the right way, your car will come out alive even from the sweatiest situations!

Ready to hit the road?

So, are you ready to hit the road? You will enjoy feeling a lot safer, as well as protected with the right tool and with the right winch model. Before you start exploring make sure that you are well-equipped as well as prepared for new adventures!

How To Stay Organized for Online Classes and 5 Best iPad Contact Management Apps – 2022 Guide

Most schools have chosen online teaching where students basically “attend college” at home. But unlike the actual campus where you are able to be surrounded by peers and friends, online learning is relatively tedious and boring. Neither do students have the chance to talk to their classmates face-to-face nor can they experience networking with peers and mentors. Students are complaining that productivity when studying at home is much lower compared to that of in-person learning. Staying organized at home and learning are difficult when your living and working space are one in the same. Another common complaint is that losing the chance of meeting each other actually hinders students from socializing and networking. Here are some tips and helpful suggestions for any at-home learner to get more organized.

1. Wake up early every day.

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Though getting up from bed and directly sending yourself to the computer where you need to be fully focused on a morning lecture can be hard, setting your alarm one hour early will bring you much more energy and motivation. Take a cup of coffee, listen to some news from Alexa, and do some morning exercises. These will all make the next of your day fulfilling and motivated.

2. Put everything on your calendar

Unlike a campus environment where you can go to lectures with your friends, studying at home is all about self-control. Therefore it is necessary for you to have all the classes you plan to take in a calendar and keep track of your classes. You can also include your home study sessions in your calendar. With the help online study tools like Studocu, you can download and access study materials for various subjects across different universities.

3. Set reminders

As sometimes it can be easy to overlook certain plans in the calendar, reminders on your phone would send you notifications about the things that you need to do. The reminders can be an important task you need to complete, an online meeting that you are about to attend or simply a reminder to catch up with your friends. Reminders also boosts your efficiency in completing the to-do-list you have to keep you on track with your work and study.

4. Participate in discussions

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While the classes are carried out online, you still have the chance to introduce yourself to classmates by actively participating in the discussions. Having your face be familiar with your classmates would be helpful if in the future you want to expand your contacts book and make more friends.

5. Clean up your email inbox

Emails can pile up quickly enough for you to not even notice. Having all your emails read and sorted would not only tidy up your workspace but also introduce you to different opportunities from the newsletters. To avoid missing important messages from your school officials, it is necessary for you to add them in your email contacts book which you can simply do on your phone.

6. Keep in touch with your friends and mentors

Despite the social distancing, technologies can still help you be in touch with social networks. By either giving a like on your friends’ Instagram posts or repost your LinkedIn connection’s share, you are still giving them impressions about you even when you are far apart. Smart address book apps like the 5 iPad contact management apps below would help you organize all your contacts information in one app so that you can easily access them.

7. Start making plans about the future

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Though your learning is currently online, you are still progressing your degree. It is necessary for you to start working on your future plans, such as seeking your next summer internship or start your networking with your peers and alumni if you want to join entrepreneurship in the future. Given that it can be hard to meet face-to-face nowadays, joining the skype and zoom meetings from your school events newsletter would be a nice option for you to socialize and expand your networks.

5 Best iPad Contact Management Apps

Want to connect to your virtual network as a student more efficiently? You can now organize your business or personal contacts with iPad contact management apps so your class notes and networking efforts are all in one place. As an excellent smart device, many people use the Apple iPad for entertainment. You can watch movies, browse photos, or play games on it. Now, more and more business professionals use iPad devices for work and students use them for class – making it the light and convenient device for both parties to connect. Business cards are still a widely used networking tool because they help you keep the connections with your potential clients. However, people find it challenging to enter contact information on multiple devices manually. Due to the growing demands for apps that can sync on multiple devices, you can run almost all the business tools you already have on your iPad. Here are some favorites iPad contact management apps that are available for you:

1. CamCard

Rating on App Store: 4.7/5
Source: resco.net
CamCard is often used on iPhone, but now it is an excellent iPad contact management app. They are super helpful when you attend conference meetings and tradeshows. iPad is lighter than a laptop and can function as a laptop. You can use an iPad to keep records of the business cards you receive when you don’t want to carry a big laptop around. You can then use the iPad to make edits and notes in CamCard. It is a great way to organize new customer data.

2. Adobe Scan

Rating on App Store: 4.9/5
Source: engadget.com
Most of you probably know Adobe by its PDF reader, but Adobe has a scan tool that recognizes, scans, and organizes your documents. It can function as an iPads contact management app. When you need to digitize paper business cards for work, Adobe Scan is a great option. It’s free to download. The app will adjust the document size based on the kind of document being scanned. It integrates closely with Acrobat Reader as well. You can combine the digitized business cards into one contact list and share it with your other devices.

3. ScanBizCards

Rating on App Store: 4.6/5
Source: circleback.com
ScanBizCards is a scanner that’s specifically made for digitizing business cards. It not only transforms your business cards, but it can also be an iPad contact management app. You can add notes to each contact and share contacts as text, image, or digital cards after your scan. It offers cloud services that backups your business cards. The premium subscriptions can automatically identify contacts from the email signatures in your inbox and add them to your contact list. ScanBizCards can recognize business cards in 21 languages as well. It is very helpful when you travel internationally.

4. Evernote Scannable

Rating on App Store: 4.9/5
Source: engadget.com
Evernote is a powerful note-taking tool. Not only is it available on iPhone, but it’s also available on iPad and Mac. You can access it on almost all of your smart devices. The Evernote Scannable by Evernote can scan any shape or size of documents, business cards, and text on any paper directly into your iPhone or iPad. You can save it to Evernote with one click after scanning. Evernote Scannable lets you create notebooks or contact lists for effortless organization. They can sync across all of your devices. Scannable is free to download and use. You get many free spaces to save your documents every month.

5. Covve

Rating on App Store: 4.5/5
Source: imcgrupo.com
Covve is an intelligent address book. It has free business scanning services. It is designed to help you better manage personal or business relationships. Covve serves as an iPad contact management app as well. It allows you to build business opportunities. You can grow and leverage your network by using its AI-powered contacts manager function. With the Pro account, you can back up your contacts every day. Don’t need to worry about losing any connections any more. With Covve’s free account, you also get various business contact management functions. Although iPads will not replace your work laptop, it can still be a powerful business tool. With the right apps and accessories, iPads can improve your work efficiency. Apple and app developers have undergone many changes in the past few years to make it a competitive business machine. Applications like Covve, CamCard, ScanBizCards can make it easier for professionals to increase efficiency, build authentic connections, and work on more tasks.

Best Basketball Betting Strategies – 2022 Guide

Basketball is a sport that attracts millions of viewers each week and the betting market for it is growing pretty rapidly too but whilst sports like football and soccer are well documented for how you can make money from them the same cannot be said for baseball. Well, we’re aiming to change that with an overview of different betting strategies that will help you make money from basketball betting. So, how do you make money by betting on basketball?

Matched betting

Source: sbnation.com
That’s right, the art of matched betting is something that is fairly well known amongst punters nowadays. That said, very few of those who are aware of it actually use the strategy to make money. You can and you should. Matched betting is a method of betting that guarantees a profitable outcome by utilising the countless free bets offered by bookmakers. In order to capitalise on these offers you generally have to follow two steps. First, you place a bet on one outcome with a traditional bookie and then you follow that up by ‘laying’ off the same bet at a betting exchange. Your ‘back’ bet is essentially saying ‘I bet that team A will beat team B’. Your ‘lay’ bet says the opposite – ‘I bet that team A will not beat team B’.

An example of a traditional matched bet

Source: fotomac.com.tr
The world of NBA betting is perhaps the obvious one that springs to mind but, for now, we’ll look to the Euro League. Fenerbahçe and Valencia lock horns on Friday with Valencia available to ‘back’ at odds of 2.05. A $10 free bet on Valencia at 2.05 returns $10.50 profit (you’d likely lose your free bet stake under terms and conditions). Now, you can also ‘lay’ against Valencia at 2.04. You could lay with $5.41 liability (this is the amount you’d “lose” if Valencia win). If, however, Valencia fail to win then you’d win $5.10 – your ‘lay’ stake minus a small commission. So, when game day rolls around, if Valencia win, you lose on the betting exchange but walk away with your bookmaker winnings and if Valencia fail to win you’d lose zero at the bookies (it’s a free bet) and win at the betting exchange. Either way, you’d walk away with around $5.10 profit. There are countless opportunities like this from week to week. You can also find NBA daily free picks if you click here: https://extra.betamerica.com/nba/nba-free-picks-expert-predictions/

The Kelly Criterion method

This strategy is markedly different from the guaranteed winning machine that is matched betting. This is because one utilises free bets and the other is a mathematical calculation that determines value between the bookmaker odds and the actual probability. It’s a method that has long been used by stockbrokers and has more recently transitioned into the world of sports.

An example of the Kelly method

Source: nba.com
Job number one is finding an event that peaks your interest. Let’s say you spot Chicago Bulls at 2.20 to beat the Memphis Grizzlies. You then apply your own research and expert knowledge to ascertain that the Bulls have a 55% chance of winning. Now you’re at this point in the process you have to calculate the ‘overlay’, which is best explained as the available value. To do this, you follow the below calculation: (0.55 * 2.20) – 1 = 0.21 This can be simplified as (probability * odds) – 1 = true value In the scenario above, you would see the Bulls as offering 21% value. This is good. Anything that drops below zero I.e. into a negative would be considered as a bet to avoid. You’re not done yet though, you still need to establish a stake to wager. The Kelly Criterion strategy starts off with a defined bankroll – call is $100 for the purposes of our walkthrough. You can then use the calculated value of your bet to determine an appropriate stake; the better the value, the bigger the stake. The maths works as follows: 0.21 / (2.20 – 1) = 0.175 or 17.5% The explanation of the above is: Calculated value / (odds – 1) = a percentage of your bankroll to stake So, with the above all considered and a bankroll of $100 the method suggest you should be wagering $17.50 on a Chicago Bulls win. The principles behind the Kelly Criterion method are that whilst you won’t win every bet, a consistent approach to finding value will make you profitable in the long run.

The over or under points market

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Okay, so this is a method that is very specific to basketball, the over or under points market. The great thing with these bets is that it’s a market that is always finely poised in terms of odds, which means you can pull in some handsome winnings if you know how to bet on the market effectively. So, how is it done? Well, it all boils down to research. Every game of basketball sees two teams take each other on. Job number one is to establish their point scoring patterns and, thankfully, this is easily done. Head over to any decent standings table – we like to use the standings on ESPN – and you should find columns that indicate their points per game and an opponent’s points per game. These two numbers added together and divided by the total games played gives you an idea of their average. Next up is to tailor that points average into a more meaningful period; to do that we would suggest looking at their more recent fixtures – perhaps their last six matches. How has the points per game looked? If both sets of statistics are helping to guide you to an ‘over’ or ‘under’ decision then it’s time to scratch a little deeper. The final checks cover two things. Look at recent history where the two sides have played each other and answer the question whether or not they share high scoring games or not and, finally, there is the last minute detail – are there any glaring roster omissions that may hamper the scoring of a particular team, for example, if finals MVP LeBron James is missing from the Lakers team for a game then they’re going to carry less of a threat; it isn’t something you should ignore. There you have it, three strategies that will help you to make money when betting on basketball.

All You Need to Know about CD Ripping, DVDs and Audio Tape Transfers – 2022 Guide

We are living in a fast-paced era where technology is increasingly dynamic. CD’s, DVD and audio tapes have been in use for quite a while now. The onset of the 21st-century technology that advanced into computers with internal forms of storage saw the start of the elimination of external storage units. The advancements brought a shift, and people are adapting by moving content to more sophisticated storage options.

CD ripping

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Ripping of CDS is duplicating information stored in the CD to other forms of digital devices such as hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards or iCloud. Some years back, keeping a stack of CDs commanded respect as it signified having collectables. It gave a sense of pride. When computers started flooding the market, the owners knew they had to join the bandwagon by transferring data to the computers. Ripping CDs is a delicate process that needs the utmost expertise and care. Besides skills and knowledge of how to do it, one needs the right equipment to achieve the desired results. One wrong move and you risk losing all the valuable content.

Basics of CD Ripping

It is essential to counter check whether the computer to be used contains a CD drive. Some machines do not have the drive, and others are tampered with rendering the whole process useless. Exact Audio Copy (EAC) windows program is. This software is free, but in cases where it is not available then considers using one of the programs used in CD ripping. There are other sophisticated options that companies like Classic Memories use to deliver unmatched quality output. DIY enthusiasts give instructions like the one below:
  • “The first procedure is to insert the CD in the drive tray.
  • A pop-up notification will appear of windows media player asking for what kind of action you want to take.
  • Select the rip music option highlighted on the screen. A download process will commence with directories of your internal hard disk.
  • The media player has extensive use for albums and covers.”
  • Internet tutorials make CD ripping services appear like those easy steps things that anyone can do without much thought.
However, avoid falling into such temptations as you may lose special memories contained in the CDs that you may never recover, as you try to save money.

What next

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Ripped CDs may not be useful, and you may not want to keep things that collect dust and clutter your space. So what do you do? You can opt to donate them or recycle the entire collection. If you have an eye for art, check online for various things you can make from used CDs. There are also recycling centers in the US, like the CD Recycling Center of America, which can accept your donation.

Effects of ripping CD’s

It is true that making these copies comes at a cost and whether you are ready to pay for such that is up to you. The audio file format’s bitrate you choose, it affects the sound quality on various levels. This is influenced by factors such as the number of times the CD has been ripped. The care and maintenance done on them translate to the quality of information to be transferred. CD’s that harbor scratches on the surface may not be able to be rip.


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Digital versatile discs are storage media that are capable of storing digital information with graphical content or massive data. These optical media are equipped with even larger space compared to its predecessor CDs and are capable of storing software, files and programs. This technology was invented by Panasonic Corporation in the late ’90s.

Types of DVD

The types available to the public consisted of three. A DVD recordable abbreviated as (DVD-R) allowed for recording but only once. The second form was a DVD rewritable (DVD-RW) offered a solution to the first giving creators to not only record once but multiple times. The last batch was the DVD read-only memory (DVD-ROM) which gave media companies to be able to protect their data against any manipulation once distributed.

How does it work

DVD’s mechanism of operation is through the exploitation of the pits and bump on its tracks that allow for the conversion of data. Depending on the type of information, the format has to be different. Some are meant for playbacks.

Audiotape transfers

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Tapes are plastics that contain magnetic coating which has been rolled around movable wheels, and can hold data. Cassette tapes are relatively cheap and can be easily afforded. These tapes were meant to store bulky data that no other form of storage media at the time could handle. It presented many challenges, among them, videos sequentially present data forcing viewers to wait until whatever they want to see shows. Audiotapes, on the other hand, specifically record sounds that can be used for playbacks. You may find a tape with your grandparents recorded interview, which should be preserved and passed down to many generations. Experts ensure that you do not lose such precious memories in the transfer process. It is now possible to transfer audio tapes and video content to computer files and CDs or DVDs. The process requires the use of reel players to play the recordings at improved speeds that can be used for transfer purposes. In situations whereby the rates are different, the settings can be set with consistent monitoring. Engage a professional for all your audio and videotape transfers.


Media of storage vary immensely across the board. The CD, DVD, and tape tell a story of how far humanity has come and yet to go. They illustrate an era where culture was celebrated especially music. If you still have valuable content that you want to produce copies or transferred CDs and DVDs, consider hiring an expert to help you move the data into digitized modern devices. This will not only improve your data security but also give you more playback options.

6 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle – 2022 Guide

Not everyone understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And although the vast majority of the US population certainly doesn’t, we’re here to convince you otherwise. A healthy lifestyle is very beneficial for numerous reasons. Not only are you taking care of your physical health, but also your mental. On top of that, you are significantly reducing the risks of developing harmful diseases and ailments. If you want to learn how skipping can help to lose weight in 2 weeks visit http://prorganiq.com/ So, following a healthy lifestyle is certainly a no brainer. But if you have nowhere to start or have difficulties maintaining it, make sure to read below as we will give you our 6 tips. With all that said, let’s start.

1. Follow Healthy Habits

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Consistency is key when going down the healthy lifestyle route. But consistency is very hard to maintain due to various reasons. Time limitations are the single biggest factor that has a negative impact on our health. Namely, not having the time to follow healthy habits is something that slows everyone down. Fortunately, healthy habits aren’t all that big. A simple change in your daily diet is enough to bring a whole host of benefits. And if you have the time to go for a walk or perhaps a run in the part, then you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, one thing to note is that you can’t afford a deviation from it. You might be tempted to take a break during the weekend, but sadly that’s something that you can’t afford.

2. Maintain a Steady Loss of Calories

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A healthy lifestyle isn’t only about a change of diet or going for a run; it’s about losing calories. We are fat because we take in more calories than we burn. One thing leads to another and we end up with a belly that no one wants. Thus, maintaining a steady loss of calories is the perfect way to stay healthy. And luckily for you, there is a rather simple solution for it. Whenever you go for a run, you burn a lot of calories. Runnings give you the best chance to slimmer down and get the body of your dream. You should always have a target as to how much calories you wish to burn with every run. Not only that but thanks to the previous tip, you can modify your diet to control the number of calories you take every single day. If you burn more calories than you take, then you will start losing weight and make it easier to achieve your goals. In addition to lowering the intake of calories, we recommend trying different types of nutritious foods and incorporating that into your diet. This is the easiest way to slimmer down and starts the journey of achieving the body you’ve always wanted. There are great ways to start even if running isn’t your thing. Everyone has a different goal set in mind. Your goal might be to slimmer down through home exercises. But regardless of what your goals are and the means of achieving them, you can always find a cool blog that focuses on a healthy lifestyle. Luckily for you, we have just the one. So, make sure to give a-lifestyle a visit.

3. Stop Taking Sugar

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Sugar might be sweet and delicious, but it’s actually very bad for you and the reason why you can’t seem to lose weight. A simple trick is to stop taking sugar altogether as it makes your weight loss plan that much simpler. Sugar is the easiest way to develop a negative healthy habit. And since we’re focused on developing healthy habits, simply lowering the intake of sugar can make a significant difference. While some sugar won’t do you harm from time to time, it’s important to choose a healthy lifestyle and one without sugar.

4. Drink More Water

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One in four Americans doesn’t drink enough water throughout the day. And while this might sound insignificant to most of you, it is actually pretty alarming. If your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then water has to be a part of that. We cannot survive without water, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t drink water even if we don’t need it. It is estimated that a normal person needs to drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water throughout the day to satisfy needs. And this 8X8 rule can also help you with your weight loss plan. One more thing you can do is drink a glass of water before each meal. By doing this, you are giving your body less room to consume food thus lowering the amount of food you take. The less food you take, the easier to slimmer down and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5. Lower Stress

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Stress is the bigger killer in America. Stress has the power of completely changing your life for the worse. There might be dozens of reasons why you’re constantly feeling stressed. But do know that you cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle if you frequently experience stress. Not only that, but we tend to eat more whenever we feel stressed. Thus, we recommend you solve this issue. You might feel stress at work. If so, then why not look for another job away from your stressful one? It can be quite brutal how negative stress impacts our life. Don’t be a victim to other people’s games and eliminate everyone that negatively impacts your behavior.

6. Take A Good Night’s Sleep

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There is no better cure than a good night’s sleep. However, a significant portion of the US population experiences sleep disorders. More about sleeping disorders, you can read on MidNite. If your primary goal is to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then it all has to start by taking a good night’s sleep. You will suffer without it and your daily activities will suffer as well. You will also have less energy to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, do the important thing and start practicing good sleep hygiene. Maybe you need to buy a new mattress or maybe you’re constantly restless. Regardless of the problem, there is always a solution out there.

How to Clean And Restore a Composite Deck – 2022 Guide

A few years ago, you may have made the choice of building a new deck for your house, one that is constructed from composite wood. Of course, you probably paid a bit extra for the materials, mostly because you probably assumed that it won’t need a lot of maintenance and that it’ll remain beautiful for several years. However, this is not entirely true, especially if you started noticing mildew recently, as well as discoloration. You may even start to notice stains from kids spilling things or random marks from your animals scuffing up the surface. If so, you are probably wondering – what do I need to do to properly clean and restore it? Luckily, this article might provide you with an answer. Let’s take a closer look at the steps you’ll have to take for washing and renovating it properly (which includes a good dose of sanding, as shown at SanderScore):

Step 01: Firstly, Wash it Properly

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Before you actually do anything else from this list, the primary task is to get rid of any filth, smudges, debris, and mold from the material. Now, for the washing part, you can always use a gardening hose and a large brush, however, it’ll be simpler if you utilize a pressure washer. Why should you do this? Well, a pressure machine will assist you with easily eradicating mold, grime, and other things from the exterior, but more importantly, you’ll be capable of completing the process faster. Remember – if you leave something on the timber, you won’t be capable of removing it once you’re done with the entire task. Hence, assure that you properly and entirely clean it. Additionally, you should not utilize bleach to wash the wood. Not only will it destroy any flowers, but it’s also quite difficult to work with. Yes, it’ll help you with reducing the mold, but, it won’t liquidate it from the material. Instead, you may want to opt for utilizing a detergent that is manufactured for composite materials only.

Step 02: Next Comes The Sealant

Although you don’t have to necessarily do this, a lot of experts still recommend it. If you correctly stain it, you’ll be able to utilize it for several years, without needing to go through the entire process again. On the other hand, if you do not choose to do so, you should be planning on washing it annually.

Step 03: Opt For The Best Sealant On The Market

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It’s quite essential to pick the best composite decking sealant, mostly because it’ll influence the entire outcome of your project. When searching for the right one, there are several points that you should consider. For starters, you’ll have to choose a water-based product, instead of a solvent. Why? Well, it’ll be simpler to use it and it won’t modify the color of the timber. Also, other options might prompt mildew growth since it could act as a food origin to them, but by opting for one that is water-based, you’ll eliminate this problem. However, are you not sure what product you should pick? If you’re unsure about what sealant you should choose, you could always opt for a professional company that’ll help you with washing and restoring your deck in no time. If you are interested in seeing what services you can opt for, you can click here in order to see additional information.

Step 04: Always Read The Instruction Manual!

If you’re like me, you probably skip the entire ‘reading the instruction manual’ part, but please, read it. All the things that you’ll want to know about a particular cleaning product will be on the label, which is why you must ensure that you understand it. The instructions could help you with the outcome of your projects and you might avoid some major problems by learning how to utilize it. For instance, the manual will tell you how long it might need to dry for, how many layers you should apply to your timber, and how much you’ll have to wait before applying another layer. All of these are extremely crucial, particularly if you wish to be satisfied at the end of the day.

Step 05: You’ll Have to Brush it!

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No matter how you prefer to apply the sealer, you must, I repeat, you MUST not forget to brush it! If you opt for rolling it on, you should simply brush it in after it is applied, however, ensure that it didn’t dry before doing so. This also refers to other application techniques as well. A lot of people do not know this, but, if you choose to do this, you’ll produce friction on the outside, which means that you’ll be capable of applying the product to the surface properly. The more the material absorbs, the better the outcome will be. Hence, when you roll the sealant, ensure that you brush it in.

Step 06: Remove Any Excess Sealant

If you place too much of the product on the material – more than it can actually absorb – you’ll want to clean the excess product. First of all, the construction won’t be aesthetically pleasing if you don’t do this, mostly because you’ll see specks on the exterior. And second, those specks will probably peel, which can harm the wood later on. Hence, only apply the amount the timber can absorb and clean the rest.

Step 07: It Needs Time to Dry

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If you reached this point, your deck is finished and if you went through all of the aforementioned steps, your project is probably one that you’re satisfied with. But, you could still mess it up if you do not allow it to dry properly and entirely. This means that you need to wait until it is completely dry and then start putting your stuff back onto it.

Step 08: Maintain it Often

Last on our list, but not least important is ensuring that you maintain your composite deck frequently. By doing so, you won’t have to go through this entire process again, which means that you won’t have to treat it for several years – which can save you a lot of time, as well as money.


As you can see, there are various things that you’ll have to do in order to properly and efficiently clean and restore the composite deck on your property. However, by doing so, you’ll have a deck that looks amazing, and more importantly, you could ensure that you don’t need to wash it often. So, now that you’re aware of all the steps you have to and definitely should take, you should not waste any more time. Instead, go back to the start of this guide and begin with the initial tip we mentioned – which is ensuring that you properly clean the surface before doing anything else.

6 University Tips Every First-Year Student Should Know in 2022

If we were to talk about the five greatest events in a man’s life, college would surely be among those five. Since this is such a big milestone in life, it’s important that your admissions process goes smoothly, because according to The Doe, an admissions scandal can ruin your life. As this is the time of year when the first semester of college begins, at least when there is no ongoing pandemic, then it is the right time to talk about what needs to be done to make the freshman year as good as possible. There will be many challenges and obstacles, but all this can be overcome successfully. It is just important to prepare that you will not be close to family and friends, in most cases and that you will have a lot of responsibilities. When you accept that in your head, all that remains is to do what you have and enjoy. It is because this is one of the most beautiful periods of your life. So let’s move on to university tips every first-year student should know.

1.Remember that nothing is more important than college

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Why are we telling you this? Well it often happens that students, especially freshmen, forget that. Although college is the reason why they came here, it happens that various other things distract them from their primary goal. College life is very interesting, full of parties and various events. And especially if you have moved from a small town to a big one, then you will be delighted with all the possibilities that a big city offers. Different theaters, museums, night clubs and everything else can significantly affect your schedule and you will not attend classes regularly. And if you do not attend classes regularly, then it is unlikely that you will be successful in the exams. And it can even lead to failure and dropping off. So make a balance, and let your primary be the university, and then in your free time use all the advantages of this period of your life.

2. Meet as many people as possible

Don’t immediately surround yourself with a small group of people or even friends from high school if you came to the same college. Of course you will hang out with them the most, but try to meet as many people as possible. In addition to broadening your horizons, it will also be very useful to you. Different people know different things and will be able to help you with various university assignments and the like. So you should meet classmates, professors, people who live with you in the dorm, go with you to the same sports activities, etc. Not all of them will become your friends, but it is good to have as many acquaintances as possible.

3. Avoid plagiarism at all costs

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This is something you had to learn back in high school, but if you haven’t now it is the time. You have to learn to write as well as possible because that will probably be your most needed skill until you get a degree. And also if you get caught plagiarizing, you get a penalty in the form of a suspension. Today, plagiarism is especially easy to find because of all the software that does it for you in just a few seconds. So don’t try to fool the professor. If you just don’t have time to write an essay or similar written assignment, there are other ways to solve it without being plagiarized. Custom essay writing services are what can help you in these situations. Learn more at www.homeworkhelpglobal.com. And it is very important that you learn how to cite sources correctly so that someone does not mistakenly accuse you of plagiarism.

4. Take care of your health

This is a period of life where everyone usually forgets to take care of their health. People are young, they don’t have health problems and then they don’t think about it at all. With all that, they have a lack of time and then completely neglect their diet and sleep. They eat junk food and sleep only a few hours a day, and in addition, consume energy drinks, alcohol, etc. It’s a big mistake that can cause you problems even during college. Everyone thinks that neglecting their health will only affect them later, but it could happen very soon. So try to eat as many healthy foods as possible, drink enough water, spend time outdoors and do some sports regularly. All this will bring you much more energy and a clear mind, which will make it easier for you to master the tasks.

5. Learn to take notes

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Whether you choose laptop, tablet or pen and the paper is up to you. But you have to learn to take notes because that’s the only way you’ll be able to remember later everything the professor said. Try different methods in the beginning and figure out which one suits you best. Not only is speed the most important thing, but also to remember as much as possible. That’s why many people opt for the old school approach, and that is paper and pen. It is because that’s how they learn and take notes in parallel. If you write very slowly, then ask the professor if you are allowed to record lectures. Other than your professor, the tutors can step in. For more details, you can visit TutorChase and get your self familiarized with this.

6. Find a part-time job

During your time at college you will probably always need some extra money. That is why it is ideal to find a part-time job that will not conflict with your classes and other obligations related to the university. When looking for a job, emphasize in advance that you are a student and that you will form a shift schedule accordingly. It will bring you the money you need and it will not take you too much time. This is especially easy today when you can do many things over the internet from your dorm room.


These are some of the most important tips you should follow when you are a freshman, but also later during college. Once you adopt positive habits, you should stick to them throughout your life. That way you will always be successful and have time for everything.

9 Gift Ideas To Make Your Depressed Friend Feel Better – 2022 Guide

There is nothing wrong with being depressed or having a friend that feels that way. And while there are dozens of ways to make them feel better, none are as effective as sending a thoughtful gift. Seeing as we’re well underway into the gift-giving season, we came up with a great way to show your sad friends the sign of good times. So if really have someone in your life that is depressed, make sure to follow through as we will give you our list of 9 gift ideas. On top of this list, you can also explore many gift options on https://www.ohdier.com. You will indeed find unique gift items that will bring back a beautiful smile on your friend’s face. Without further ado, let’s start.

1.  Online Therapy Session

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While therapists do offer their services online, it seems that we need them now more than ever. With the current pandemic comes a time of uncertainty. Maybe this is exactly why your friend feels depressed. Maybe they were fired or maybe they lost someone. But it’s important to work on that with a professional that knows how to get them out of this situation. Therapy as a concept was once unaccepted in society. But that isn’t the case anymore. So, a great gift idea is to book them a therapy session online with a pro that knows what they’re doing.

2.  Massage Gift Card

Another great way to escape being moody is to get a nice massage. 30-60 minutes of body rest and relaxation will provide your friend with a lot of positivity. And this isn’t something made up either. Science has found that massages help increase serotonin, which is good for improving a person’s mood. You can find gift cards for massages literary anywhere, and all you need to do is simply look around.

3.  Essential Oils For Essential Mood Improvement

If you’re not fully on the essential oil bandwagon, then what have you been doing all this time? Essential oils can help you with lots of things. From therapy to sleep, there is an oil for literary every problem. And do know that there is oil out there that will help your friends escape their moody behavior. Lavender and Ocean Breeze as well as, chamomile, sweet orange, and jasmine are great for beating depression. You will need to also get a diffuser as this is a gadget where you put the oil to spread it around the room. These aren’t that expensive but your friend will beat depression in no time.

4.  Plushy Toy

Plushy toys are great because they put us in a good mood and make us smile more. While this one might not work with a male friend, your girlfriend will definitely like it. The soft surface of these toys and the goofy looks are excellent for putting a smile on their face. Not only that, but plushy toys act like friends when the person is alone and needs someone to cuddle. But the best thing about it is that there are so many toys out there that you can find the best one for your friend.

5.  Always Remember You Are Brave

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When it comes to beating depression, a lot of it is down to the individual person. It takes strength, belief, and love to come out of it on top. That’s why you’re here to give your friend in need an “Always Remember You Are Brave” inspirational quote. The gift itself is a decorative plaque that the person can hang or place it on their shelf and remember that they are always loved. The gift is perfect for the Holiday season and for your moody friend. Inspirational quotes are proven to work and what better way than to combine them in the form of a gift. You can find the “Always Remember You Are Brave” inspirational quote plaque over at KauzaDecor.

6.  Wight Blanket

Not many people know that a blanket can really help with depression. But not just any blanket, we’re talking about a weighted blanket. If the name confuses you, don’t be as we will explain all about it. Namely, a weighted blanket is nothing more than a blanket that weighs 15 pounds or more. They’re made this way so the user will always feel as someone is around them and hugging them. The theory is that the pressure that the blanket puts onto you (completely safe) creates a calming effect. And that might just be the gift your friend that suffers from depression needs.

7.  A Lovely Book

Source: thebookdesigner.com
If your sad friend is quite the book worm, then why not find the perfect addition to their home library? Books are gateways to our imagination. And book worms love to explore all kinds of work from both known and unknown authors. That’s why we suggest a book to help cope with depression. Tons of them exist and people love them as they can sympathize with the author.

8.  Journal

If your friend is going through a tough time, then what about a gift that will help them memorize their journey? Going through depression isn’t a journey that we’d want to remember, but a journal will help your friend pour his soul out. It can be a tool that helps release pressure, anger, sadness, and it can help them express their feelings. If your friend is really struggling and cannot find a way out, maybe writing about it will help lessen the pain.

9.  Plants

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Plants have proven to have calming effects. Not only that, but plants also boost our mental healthy by taking away the negative vibes with every exhale of our breath. There are tons of benefits when it comes to putting household plants around the home, but none are more important than the ones related to mental health. The sheer amount of positive energy plants share can be enough to help your gloomy friend. Giving household plants as gifts will not only help your friend but will also create a positive and happier home environment.


You don’t need an occasion to help those around you that are struggling. Gifts are one of the best ways to help your friends that suffer from depression. And we hope that this list helps you choose the best gift for your gloomy friends.

How to Start Dropshipping on Amazon With No Money – 2022 Guide

More and more people nowadays are looking for different ways to make money online and one of the most desirable ways is the one you clicked on – dropshipping. Before we dig into more details about the topic, let’s answer the question of what dropshipping really is. Dropshipping is a supply chain process where products ordered by a seller are delivered directly to the customer or to an Amazon warehouse from the wholesaler or manufacturer without first going to the Amazon seller who bought them. In other words, the seller from Amazon will order the product via the Internet from the supplier, and then he will transfer it to the chosen shipping company, which will then deal with the processing and delivery. For Amazon suppliers, dropshipping is an important aspect, especially for those who sell large quantities of products. The advantages of dropshipping include lower costs, to begin with. While there is a free postage that makes life easier for the seller, it does not come without its pitfalls and it may take a little practice to prevent costly and long-lasting mistakes. Wholesalers can run a business anywhere and anytime provided they have an internet connection. With the Internet, customers can communicate directly with manufacturers or store owners. Shopify wrote about dropshipping: “Running an e-commerce business is much easier when you don’t have to deal with physical products. You don’t have to manage warehouse, pack and ship orders, track inventory, handle returns, and manage product inventory.“ Great said. But let’s now focus on what you need to start such a business yourself. As you can see, you don’t need a lot of money to start this type of business, but you still need to invest something, and that is your time. If we could just sit in our comfortable armchairs not doing much and expect to make significant amounts of money, everyone would do it, right? That brings us to another thing you will need for your business to stand out, and that is a niche. You want your offer to be unique, something that will set you apart from everyone else. You will need to explain to people in a wise way that they need to work with you. Anyone with a clear goal and clearly defined niche can count on becoming successful soon after launching a business. Why? Because a niche allows you to have a specific target group, and that is something that, in our opinion, you should focus on as an entrepreneur. In order to make the start of your new business a bit easier, we want to provide you with a couple of steps to start your fruitful and prosperous Amazon trading journey.

1. Online store

Source: businessworld.in
First things first, you will need an online store. In order for people to be able to find you and buy things from you, you have to provide them with a useful platform for making business? Sounds pretty logical, we know. Of course, there are many platforms you can use to start this type of business, without any or with really small financial investments. Some of the major companies and shopping platforms include eBay, Amazon and Shopify, which we mentioned above. However, none of these options are completely free, at least not in the long run. However, in the beginning you can start a business for free on any of them, although, they will work a bit differently. We advise you to try Amazon because it has the biggest number of customers and it works very efficiently. If you are not sure how to start dropshipping on Amazon, visit GoTen.com and you will find a vast of really useful information there.

2. Supplier

Source; avudunoter.blogspot.com
Next thing you will need to find a supplier. You simply can’t do it without them. The biggest task, however, is not just to find any supplier but to find the right one. No matter what kind of industry you are in, be it fashion, or household utilities and decor, it is only crucial to cooperate with the right people. Pay special attention to contracts, you don’t want to be be charged any additional fees or hidden costs.

3. Invest your time

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For some, this is the hard part of the story. Especially if you have a family and a lot of responsibilities. But if you want to start your own dropshipping business, we assume that it is your priority to do your best. Some people approach this kind of work as a hobby, while others have the will and determination to do dropshipping as a side job, in addition to their day job. Either way, launching the business is where you need to invest your time and dedicate yourself to a new, yet lucrative business as much as possible. You will later be grateful to yourself for putting in a little effort to create a new source of income that can become your main business in the long run, hopefully.

4. Consider the market

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You need to market your products well. As modern times dictate today, advertising is necessary, and without any marketing, you will be able to count only on people who accidentally come across your online store. And competition is fierce, trust us. There are several ways you can advertise your business, but since this is a guide on “how to start dropshipping on Amazon without money”, we will ignore any of the paid advertising options. Social media is a powerful tool, so feel free to be creative and connect with influential people who will eventually help you promote your products. If you decide to work with some super-star influencers, you will likely have to spend significant money to hire them. As a result, start with people who are maybe less famous but still have a huge following. They can definitely help get the ball rolling. If you offer great products at competitive prices, the word of mouth will do you a huge favor. Naturally, ask your friends and relatives to share your posts, it shouldn’t cost much! Establishing a dropshipping business is not as easy as it used to be in the not so distant past. Many platforms compete for new customers and the competition is probably at its peak at the moment. However, if you play wise and make some clever decisions, you will have a strong starting point. We hope this article has clarified some of the misconceptions and has offered useful advices for the future entrepreneurs. Good luck!