6 University Tips Every First-Year Student Should Know in 2022

If we were to talk about the five greatest events in a man’s life, college would surely be among those five. Since this is such a big milestone in life, it’s important that your admissions process goes smoothly, because according to The Doe, an admissions scandal can ruin your life. As this is the time of year when the first semester of college begins, at least when there is no ongoing pandemic, then it is the right time to talk about what needs to be done to make the freshman year as good as possible. There will be many challenges and obstacles, but all this can be overcome successfully. It is just important to prepare that you will not be close to family and friends, in most cases and that you will have a lot of responsibilities. When you accept that in your head, all that remains is to do what you have and enjoy. It is because this is one of the most beautiful periods of your life. So let’s move on to university tips every first-year student should know.

1.Remember that nothing is more important than college

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Why are we telling you this? Well it often happens that students, especially freshmen, forget that. Although college is the reason why they came here, it happens that various other things distract them from their primary goal. College life is very interesting, full of parties and various events. And especially if you have moved from a small town to a big one, then you will be delighted with all the possibilities that a big city offers. Different theaters, museums, night clubs and everything else can significantly affect your schedule and you will not attend classes regularly. And if you do not attend classes regularly, then it is unlikely that you will be successful in the exams. And it can even lead to failure and dropping off. So make a balance, and let your primary be the university, and then in your free time use all the advantages of this period of your life.

2. Meet as many people as possible

Don’t immediately surround yourself with a small group of people or even friends from high school if you came to the same college. Of course you will hang out with them the most, but try to meet as many people as possible. In addition to broadening your horizons, it will also be very useful to you. Different people know different things and will be able to help you with various university assignments and the like. So you should meet classmates, professors, people who live with you in the dorm, go with you to the same sports activities, etc. Not all of them will become your friends, but it is good to have as many acquaintances as possible.

3. Avoid plagiarism at all costs

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This is something you had to learn back in high school, but if you haven’t now it is the time. You have to learn to write as well as possible because that will probably be your most needed skill until you get a degree. And also if you get caught plagiarizing, you get a penalty in the form of a suspension. Today, plagiarism is especially easy to find because of all the software that does it for you in just a few seconds. So don’t try to fool the professor. If you just don’t have time to write an essay or similar written assignment, there are other ways to solve it without being plagiarized. Custom essay writing services are what can help you in these situations. Learn more at www.homeworkhelpglobal.com.

And it is very important that you learn how to cite sources correctly so that someone does not mistakenly accuse you of plagiarism.

4. Take care of your health

This is a period of life where everyone usually forgets to take care of their health. People are young, they don’t have health problems and then they don’t think about it at all. With all that, they have a lack of time and then completely neglect their diet and sleep. They eat junk food and sleep only a few hours a day, and in addition, consume energy drinks, alcohol, etc. It’s a big mistake that can cause you problems even during college. Everyone thinks that neglecting their health will only affect them later, but it could happen very soon. So try to eat as many healthy foods as possible, drink enough water, spend time outdoors and do some sports regularly. All this will bring you much more energy and a clear mind, which will make it easier for you to master the tasks.

5. Learn to take notes

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Whether you choose laptop, tablet or pen and the paper is up to you. But you have to learn to take notes because that’s the only way you’ll be able to remember later everything the professor said. Try different methods in the beginning and figure out which one suits you best. Not only is speed the most important thing, but also to remember as much as possible. That’s why many people opt for the old school approach, and that is paper and pen. It is because that’s how they learn and take notes in parallel. If you write very slowly, then ask the professor if you are allowed to record lectures. Other than your professor, the tutors can step in. For more details, you can visit TutorChase and get your self familiarized with this.

6. Find a part-time job

During your time at college you will probably always need some extra money. That is why it is ideal to find a part-time job that will not conflict with your classes and other obligations related to the university. When looking for a job, emphasize in advance that you are a student and that you will form a shift schedule accordingly. It will bring you the money you need and it will not take you too much time. This is especially easy today when you can do many things over the internet from your dorm room.


These are some of the most important tips you should follow when you are a freshman, but also later during college. Once you adopt positive habits, you should stick to them throughout your life. That way you will always be successful and have time for everything.