Tips For Taking Amazing Photos When Traveling To Pigeon Forge

Pigeon forge is a spectacular city in the heart of Tennessee. Breathtaking mountains surround the place, giving tourists and locals eye-catching views. Moreover, it is known as one of the best vacation spots in Tennessee as it offers a variety of activities and attractions that people of all ages can enjoy.

The city’s attractions are not just fun-filled but are also camera worthy. It is a city where you should not forget your camera at home because you will witness sights that are incredibly marvelous and deserves a click. In addition, the place gives off old southern vibes that make you feel as if you’re back in time.

Undoubtedly, a few handy picture-clicking tips can help you get the best pictures out of the city. Hence, if you are someone who loves to click photographs, pigeon forge is the place for you.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park


The great smoky mountains national park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. It generates many visitors, and each year 200,000 people visit it. The mountains are called smoky due to the blue mist lingering over the top of the forest hills, giving them that unique smoky view.

The park is home to natural beauty and greenery and has picture-worthy lakes like Fontana lake. Moreover, it also has incredible waterfalls like Mingo and Abrams. In addition, the park is also known for its deep and wide pigeon river.

Surrounding the park, several Pigeon Forge cabin rentals offer accommodation that best suits your needs and budget. These accommodations are popular among tourists and visitors, as they are affordable, convenient, spacious, and have an amazing view of the surroundings. So, if you’re not a fan of hiking in the morning, you can click some great photographs right from the window.

You can take spectacular photos at the great smoky mountains national park, which has striking natural views with majestic waterfalls and creeks. A few handy photography tips can help you get the best clicks. When clicking pictures of landscapes, you want to get the sharpest and clearest picture. Thus select a mid-range aperture in your camera, preferably f/8 can get sharp images.

Furthermore, you can use a tripod as landscape photos require you to take the right click at the right time. Therefore, a tripod will get perfect shots of waterfalls, as a hand-held camera has the chance of capturing blurry pictures.

Hollywood Wax Museum


Hollywood wax museum is one the most visited places in pigeon forge. The museum is home to many wax replicas of Hollywood’s top celebrities ranging from film, music, and television. You can find your favorite celebrities’ wax statues there, such as the king of pop “Michael Jackson,” the queen of country music “Dolly Parton,” Hollywood’s most handsome hunk “George Clooney” and America’s favorite blonde “Marilyn Monroe.”

In this museum, you can get fun Instagram-worthy pictures with all the A-list celebrities you like. A selfie stick is an excellent tool for getting wide-angle shots of your favorite celebs. The museum also offers various props you can wear or use for more appealing photos.

Parrot Mountain and Gardens


If you’re an avid bird lover, you must visit Parrot Mountain and Gardens. The place is home to exotic birds, flowers, and trees, an attraction for people of all ages. A 200-foot stone fence will grab your attention as you enter the paved pathway, following a row of beautifully designed parrot cottages.

They also have a secret garden with many tropical birds, hornbills, and toucans. Moreover, the bird garden is where you can find 50 species of birds that you can feed and take exciting pictures of. When taking photos with a DSLR, make sure to keep your shutter speed fast so you can take photos of birds while they are in action. It will help you get natural and in-the-moment pictures. In addition, keep your shutter speed to 1/2500 or 1/3200; you can take it higher if you have sufficient light.

Moreover, if you want to take pictures with the birds, keep the rule of thirds in your mind. It is a photography principle that will help you get aesthetic photos. The technique will help you get the best out of your subject while getting a beautiful background.

After getting your photos done with birds, you can head to their gift shop with a bunch of shirts, toys, and souvenirs. The place also has food spots that sell delicious pizza, subs, and ice cream. Finally, you can grab a meal and dine in the picnic area.



Wonderworks is one of the Pigeons forges best in indoor amusement parks. The park offers fun activities for children and adults and is a great place for families. With a 42,000-square-foot area, the park has up to 100 exhibitions that will ignite your imagination. You will find a combination of science and entertainment that will make for an unforgettable experience.

You can also take amazing for taking pictures while standing outside an upside-down house. Make sure that you get lighting and focus your shots. And once you step inside the upside-down house, you will walk into wonder zones, which are unique educational exhibits for children and adults. The zones have different themes, such as natural disasters, where you will feel an earthquake up to 5.3 on the Riker scale. In addition, you also experience what a hurricane feels like in the hurricane shack, where the wind flows 71 miles per hour. These activities can get you unique and spectacular photos. Make sure to zoom in on your camera to take hysterical close-ups of your reaction.

Likewise, the park also has laser tag, where families or groups can have a fun, competitive match. You will get to wear gear for the game and hide behind obstacles to hit your opponent. The team that has the most hits will win.

Lastly, you can end the day at the park by attending their in-house arcade. The arcade offers a variety of games, such as skeeball, air hockey, and exciting claw machines. You can get some eye-catching and exquisite portrait clicks there, as the colorful neon lights give a nice effect.


Pigeon forge is undoubtedly the best traveling destination. The city is unarguably a package as it offers fantastic food, spectacular views, catchy sightseeing, and the best places you can explore with your friends and family. In addition, while enjoying yourself and making priceless memories, you can capture the best photos there.

Many attractive locations in pigeon forge can get you great photos, such as the Hollywood wax museum, where you can click a picture with replicas of celebrities. Furthermore, wonder works, parrot mountains, and gardens will get your exotic clicks. Finally, the best nature pictures you can get are from The great smoky mountains national park. So, in the end, for the best photos, you don’t need the fanciest camera, all you need is creativity, and the above tips can help you capture some creative shots.