9 Gift Ideas To Make Your Depressed Friend Feel Better – 2022 Guide

There is nothing wrong with being depressed or having a friend that feels that way. And while there are dozens of ways to make them feel better, none are as effective as sending a thoughtful gift.

Seeing as we’re well underway into the gift-giving season, we came up with a great way to show your sad friends the sign of good times. So if really have someone in your life that is depressed, make sure to follow through as we will give you our list of 9 gift ideas. On top of this list, you can also explore many gift options on https://www.ohdier.com. You will indeed find unique gift items that will bring back a beautiful smile on your friend’s face.

Without further ado, let’s start.

1.  Online Therapy Session

Source: floridaindependent.com

While therapists do offer their services online, it seems that we need them now more than ever. With the current pandemic comes a time of uncertainty. Maybe this is exactly why your friend feels depressed. Maybe they were fired or maybe they lost someone.

But it’s important to work on that with a professional that knows how to get them out of this situation. Therapy as a concept was once unaccepted in society. But that isn’t the case anymore.

So, a great gift idea is to book them a therapy session online with a pro that knows what they’re doing.

2.  Massage Gift Card

Another great way to escape being moody is to get a nice massage. 30-60 minutes of body rest and relaxation will provide your friend with a lot of positivity. And this isn’t something made up either. Science has found that massages help increase serotonin, which is good for improving a person’s mood.

You can find gift cards for massages literary anywhere, and all you need to do is simply look around.

3.  Essential Oils For Essential Mood Improvement

If you’re not fully on the essential oil bandwagon, then what have you been doing all this time? Essential oils can help you with lots of things. From therapy to sleep, there is an oil for literary every problem.

And do know that there is oil out there that will help your friends escape their moody behavior. Lavender and Ocean Breeze as well as, chamomile, sweet orange, and jasmine are great for beating depression.

You will need to also get a diffuser as this is a gadget where you put the oil to spread it around the room. These aren’t that expensive but your friend will beat depression in no time.

4.  Plushy Toy

Plushy toys are great because they put us in a good mood and make us smile more. While this one might not work with a male friend, your girlfriend will definitely like it.

The soft surface of these toys and the goofy looks are excellent for putting a smile on their face. Not only that, but plushy toys act like friends when the person is alone and needs someone to cuddle.

But the best thing about it is that there are so many toys out there that you can find the best one for your friend.

5.  Always Remember You Are Brave

Source: kauzadecor.com

When it comes to beating depression, a lot of it is down to the individual person. It takes strength, belief, and love to come out of it on top.

That’s why you’re here to give your friend in need an “Always Remember You Are Brave” inspirational quote. The gift itself is a decorative plaque that the person can hang or place it on their shelf and remember that they are always loved.

The gift is perfect for the Holiday season and for your moody friend. Inspirational quotes are proven to work and what better way than to combine them in the form of a gift.

You can find the “Always Remember You Are Brave” inspirational quote plaque over at KauzaDecor.

6.  Wight Blanket

Not many people know that a blanket can really help with depression. But not just any blanket, we’re talking about a weighted blanket.

If the name confuses you, don’t be as we will explain all about it. Namely, a weighted blanket is nothing more than a blanket that weighs 15 pounds or more. They’re made this way so the user will always feel as someone is around them and hugging them. The theory is that the pressure that the blanket puts onto you (completely safe) creates a calming effect.

And that might just be the gift your friend that suffers from depression needs.

7.  A Lovely Book

Source: thebookdesigner.com

If your sad friend is quite the book worm, then why not find the perfect addition to their home library? Books are gateways to our imagination. And book worms love to explore all kinds of work from both known and unknown authors. That’s why we suggest a book to help cope with depression.

Tons of them exist and people love them as they can sympathize with the author.

8.  Journal

If your friend is going through a tough time, then what about a gift that will help them memorize their journey? Going through depression isn’t a journey that we’d want to remember, but a journal will help your friend pour his soul out.

It can be a tool that helps release pressure, anger, sadness, and it can help them express their feelings. If your friend is really struggling and cannot find a way out, maybe writing about it will help lessen the pain.

9.  Plants

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Plants have proven to have calming effects. Not only that, but plants also boost our mental healthy by taking away the negative vibes with every exhale of our breath.

There are tons of benefits when it comes to putting household plants around the home, but none are more important than the ones related to mental health.

The sheer amount of positive energy plants share can be enough to help your gloomy friend. Giving household plants as gifts will not only help your friend but will also create a positive and happier home environment.


You don’t need an occasion to help those around you that are struggling. Gifts are one of the best ways to help your friends that suffer from depression. And we hope that this list helps you choose the best gift for your gloomy friends.