7 Types of Rare and Unusual Succulents in 2022

If you are not familiar enough with the strange world of succulents, we have something to tell you. This type of plant comes in a variety of shapes, colors and for some types you would not say that they are plants at all. Their uniqueness can’t go unnoticed, so it will delight even those who are not big fans of plants.

You will see them on almost every social network when it comes to interior design. Here you can find succulents as the most popular room decorations. Seemingly simple, they actually have many secrets that make them magical.

Another great thing is that you don’t have to invest much time in succulents. They are able to survive in a dry climate. You can also combine several different succulents in one smaller pot. We must mention that most people mix cacti and succulents, they were not much wrong. What does that actually mean?

This means that cacti belong to that type, but not every type of them is exclusively a cactus – there is a difference in types. If you want to read some more interesting things about this popular plant, you can read in the rest of the text what these unusual and rare types are.

1. Mexican Hens and Chicks ‘Topsy Turvy’

Source: pinterest.it

We present you one that has the appearance of a sea urchin. In the previous part of the text, we told you that several of these ones can be planted in one pot, and that is how you get your unique miracle plant. If you choose some unusual garden utensils in addition to this, you get a fantastic effect. Our advice is to choose pot with as many different patterns as possible so that the Topsy Turvy leaves look even better.

2. Plover Eggs

Source: facebook.com

This one contains very small leaves that have gray spots on them. They act quite soothing and gentle, and unlike others, they are more sensitive to frost. It is also advisable not to expose them to low temperatures, they, like all other ones of this type, love the heat. In addition, their unique freckles are most visible in the strongest sun – you must not miss this scene.

Plover Eggs is very easy to maintain, but also to grown. It is enough to place it where it belongs and you get a formed plant in a few weeks at most.

3. Crinkle Leaf Plant

Source: thespruce.com

The main characteristic of this one is its strange leaves. So, at first glance, they are triangular in shape. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the tops of the leaves are slightly disheveled. Unlike the previous one on the list, this type can tolerate frost. Of course, it is necessary to keep them in a place where the sun is strong in order to achieve the maximum during development. Their size sometimes varies. For example, when it comes to red and white, the size usually varies.

4. Pebbled Tiger Jaws

In the previous part of the text, we told you how much the appearance of these ones can deceive you. Sometimes you will not be able to see that it is really a certain type of plant. Such is the situation with a Pebbled Tiger Jaws. At first glance, it looks like a cactus, but there are no thorns that would deter you from touching it. However, you would always be somewhere in between touching it and not doing so.

These are its serrated leaves that are quite unusual in appearance. So, this one has a wild and tame look at the same time. Its tame side is contributed by the beautiful yellow flowers that are on top. Maybe that’s why it requires more water than other succulents. If they are not given enough moisture, there is a possibility of separating the leaves from the stem.

5. Echeveria Graptoveria Debbie

Source: harddy.com

We present you pink leaves, and they look like they stand on top of each other and there are constantly more of them. It is true that they reproduce or bloom in that way, they spread in a very strange way and that is their beauty. However, in addition to looking beautiful, this is a great thing for those who grow this one. This way you will always be sure that you have enough leaves and that it is in good condition. See more features and what it looks like at succulentmarket.com

However, it must still have the conditions in which it will be able to develop properly. That certainly means a lot of sunlight.

6. Aloe Hawthoroides

Source: africa-seeds.com

This one didn’t get this name by accident. It is very justified because there are several dozen feathery hairs on only one leaf of this plant. They are mild to the touch and there is no danger of stings and that is the real difference to the touch between it and a real cactus.
It is very easy for maintenance, it is medium in size and can withstand almost any condition. Of course, it would not be good to expose it to extremely low temperatures.

7. Echeveria Gibbiflora ‘Barbillion’

Source: thegreenarea.com

This one also that does not look like a plant at all. Of course, that is why they are all on our list of beautiful unusual plants. When it comes to this species, there is one interesting fact about it… If you had the opportunity to notice wattle turkeys you would understand what the similarity is.

So that you don’t have to bother to imagine, we will reveal to you what the secret is – lumpy pink growths on the leaves of the plant. Opinions are divided when it comes to this plant, and you understand why. For some, this is an extremely ugly plant that associates them with something that could cause nausea, while for some it is fabulous because of everything it is.


As you can see, you can find these ones in different shapes and colors. They are very authentic and look like they are not from this planet. Maybe that’s why you will want to add this unusual and rare plant to your space and make it special. We hope you find your favorite type.