6 Ways To Fix Common Digital TV Reception Problems

Reception problems aren’t anything new. With all the technology we have at our disposal, TV problems can still make our day’s a living hell.

But it takes to know what these problems are to solve them quickly and efficiently. And trust us when we say this, tons of common problems exist when it comes to your TV reception.

So we thought to come up with an article that not only explains these issues but provides a solution. For that, you will have to continue reading.

With all that said, let’s dive straight in.

1.  Desynchronized Audio and Video

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One of the most common TV reception issues that you’ll come by is desynchronized audio and video. And bear with us, this one can be pretty annoying.

Not only is it weird to see the mouths moving but hearing something completely different, it is also quite difficult to deal with if you don’t know where to look.

Fortunately, we have the answer to this one. To fix a desynchronized audio and video, you will need to go into the audio settings on your TV or cable box and find a section where it says “audio delay”. By simply playing around with it you can perfectly adjust the audio levels with the visuals and solve this issue.

2.  Echo

Hearing echo is also quite common when it comes to reception issues. This one mostly occurs when you have a separate system responsible for the audio. In most cases, we’re talking about a soundbar or a surround system.

The issue with this one is when your sound system goes through your TV speakers. Since your TV also has speakers, it interferes with the sound system and creates an echo.

The easiest way to avoid this issue is to simply do the following. If you have a separate sound system, then make sure to disable the sound coming from your TV speakers. Not only is it better to use a sound system, but you’ll also hear no more echo.

3.  Picture Breaking Up

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When it comes to experiencing common TV reception problems, none is more common than a pixelating picture. What this means is essentially the pixels on the screen start looking like a bunch of motionless squares.

It can be quite annoying to watch TV when your screen pixelates but fortunately, there is a solution even for this. Most issues surrounding pixels breaking up have to do with the signal.

If you notice it happening, then make sure to check the connection from your cable box to your TV. Make sure that the cable is well connected and nothing gets in its way.

As always, this issue might not always have to do with the connection itself, but the cable. If you notice parts of the cable being torn or ripped, then you might need to get a new one.

But if that doesn’t solve it, then you might want to contact a professional to have a look at it.

Signal issues can be quite common but also quite difficult to take care of. If you need help solving this issue or any other, make sure to visit aerialandsatelliteexpress.co.uk.

4.  A Frozen Picture

Like a pixelating screen, your TV can also completely freeze and remain motionless for hours with you having no idea what to do. While this is also a common problem, the solution is much more straightforward than the previous one.

When your TV freezes, then do know this issue is one of three. The first, and probably the most common one, has to do with you losing internet connectivity. If you notice the TV freezing at the same time each day, then do know this has to do with something called an IP reset.

IP resets are automatic resets that your internet provider makes to preserve the security of your IP address. They usually last for 15 seconds so you’ll get your image back in that time.

The next scenario involves cables. We talked briefly about cables in the previous point, so we won’t talk about that here. And the last scenario is all about broadband speed. Namely, if your broadband speed is too slow, then your TV screen will freeze. To solve this one easily, you will need to restart your TV receiver or any other device you’re using for TV.

Other fixes include contacting your ISP and restarting your internet router.

5.  TV Channels Gone

One very annoying issue has to do with your local TV transmitter tower. Namely, if you’re on digital Freeview and notice that your channels have suddenly gone, then do know the issue isn’t on your end.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do here but pray for a quick reset from the TV box company. However, you can always try and manually retuning your digital TV box.

If that doesn’t work, then try to manually reset the device as the problem could be fixed with a quick reset.

Ultimately when dealing with this issue, do know that the most common scenario when this happens has to do with maintenance work. So you should expect a quick return to normal anyway.

6.  Quick Fixes for Antenna Problems

As we mentioned at the beginning, TV reception issues are very common despite us having some of the best technology. If you’re frequently experiencing issues, then it may be time to buy another antenna or place your existing one in a different position.

If you are indeed using an antenna, then you have to face it towards the nearest transmitter tower and place it as higher as you possibly can. This is why the roof is the place position to mount a TV antenna.

When on the subject of antennas, you should always get the latest one as these are more than capable of delivering quality TV time.


Even if you frequently experience TV reception problems, do know that there is an answer to every issue. Some problems might take more of your time than others, and some might even require the help of a professional.

The bottom line is that every issue with your TV reception can be fixed one way or another.