How Much Should You Require From Your DJ Controller in 2020?

Different DJ controllers provide different features and tools. Separately, these open up different controls. The all-in-one controllers typically pack in the basic digital DJ features and others that you would normally find in standalone equipment like mixers, MIDI, drum pads, and audio interfaces. These will cost significantly more than the usual, deck-only, entry-level controllers. It … Read more

What Is A DJ Controller 2020?

Have you happened to see those MIDI keyboard controllers? Well, a DJ controller serves just the same function as an external DJ software control. They come with knobs, encoders, jog wheels, faders, backlit buttons, touch strips, and many other components that are used for controlling DJ software externally. But if you are able to control … Read more

Portability And Control In A PA System in 2020

One important question to start within your search for a PA system is, “How portable do I need my system to be?” The conventional PA systems are made up of separate pieces of equipment for each separate function: a standalone mixing board, outboard signal processors, dedicated power amp(s), and a number of individual PA and … Read more