All-In-One Convenience of a DJ Controller 2022

Using a vinyl turntable to perform if you are a mobile DJ is simply a punishing business.

True, the flight cases are cool, and they make it easy for you to lug your gear around. But all that stuff is heavy, and they are hardly ever portable. You will end up having to nurse a sore back every night.

DJ controllers bring everything together in a compact, portable unit.

Since you can now dispense of all those crates of vinyl records and cases of CDs, a controller DJ setup can be a fraction of the size of a turntable DJ’s gear. For more details about DJ’s gear check

Besides its portability, a controller DJ will not have to contend with warped platters and other issues that come with analog equipment.

Performing on turntables takes real skill. You basically would need to depend on your ear to be able to match your beats, and this is not to mention that you would have to manually control the pitch at the same time. Controllers help to make this very easy. They will pretty much beatmix for you.

Unlike the DJ controllers that you can get for under $500 for a decent set, turntable setups are also quite expensive to put together. With controllers, we all can try our hand at scratch DJing.

If you do not have the time to invest in learning to scratch on turntable or CDJ, which will improve your scratch skills, there is certainly nothing wrong in taking a short cut and getting a DJ controller.

If you look in all the right places, you will find more than just enough robust DJ software. The important question to ask is, can you find the hardware of exacting quality that will do well to manipulate the software well enough to deliver scratches rivaling the best vinyl cuts?

And the answer to this is, you should be to, if you know just exactly what you are to look for in a DJ controller.