6 Equipment Hacks Every Photographer Should Know

Being a photographer in today’s world is a profitable profession. More and more people want to show their beauty or simply highlight some memorable moments on social media. Indeed, most of the smartphones we buy come with a good camera. But, that doesn’t mean every individual will know how to make good photographs.

On the other hand, the number of professional photographers in almost every part of the world isn’t small. Logically, the best ones invest a lot in their portfolio and social media ads to reach a big number of people. But, becoming better than others isn’t just about promotion. It also depends on your uniqueness.

The first thing you must not forget is the equipment that you use. It is always necessary to buy better equipment than your competitors. On the other hand, you also need to know the best ways to use that equipment.

There are many pieces of advice we would like to share with you. That is the reason why we suggest you continue reading. With the basic steps you have to make, you will easily improve your work and ensure yourself a more comfortable working experience.

Get a Better Battery

Source: unsplash.com

We will start this list with a piece of advice that won’t directly improve your portfolio. However, it will certainly make your work more comfortable. If you are the type of photographer that is using disposable batteries, then we have one tip for you. We do respect your desire to work with that tool, but we believe it is much better to get rechargeable batteries.

Some of you will probably say – but what if my battery gets dead in the middle of a photo shooting. Well, that’s a great question. Because of that, you need to spend a bit more time finding rechargeable batteries that are worth buying. One of the options that we suggest is ebl battery as it can meet the requirements and expectations of every photographer. When you recharge the battery only once, it can last for a very long time.

This is good for 2 different reasons. First and foremost, you won’t have to check out every single minute whether the battery is full or empty. You won’t get surprised in the middle of the work. Also, you will save money. Recharging the battery not so often ensures that electricity bills are lower. That is the reason why we suggest you consider this long-term investment.

Use Keyrings

Source: manufactum.com

Another thing we suggest to all the photographers is to use key rings. With key rings, you can ensure a carrying strap for the tripod you are using. All you need to do is to find a pair of key ring coils. After you find the appropriate ones, put them on the tripod legs. But, it is essential that you use a zip tie when doing that.

But, your task does not end there. If you want to hook the two rings in the best possible way, it is essential to use the spare camera strap. Whenever you need to go to some location and work, it will be much easier for you to carry a tripod this way. Cool, isn’t it?

Use Tight Socks

We guess you have read the subtitle once again. Yes, we do advise that you use tight socks to create a socks filter. You only need to put them over the lens to get fantastic results. It is crucial that you stretch them as much as you can over the lens.

But, why would someone do such as thing? Well, it is actually very simple to understand. This way, you are actually reducing the amount of light that comes to the camera’s sensor. Of course, you won’t reduce it completely, but the photos will be much better.

Generally speaking, how soft the photos will be when using the tight socks depends on their structure. Whichever material you decide on, we suggest you pick the thinnest socks. That way, you will get the best results!

String Pod for Stability

Source: dpmag.com

In many cases, the quality of the photos depends on the stability of the camera. On some surfaces, it is hard to keep it maximally stable. Because of that, it is essential that you use a piece of string to make it stand steel. This is an especially crucial piece of advice for people that want to take pictures in woods and mountains. Also, it is ideal for people that plan to take cinematic shots. Stability is the main thing they need to achieve.

Use Thermocol Stabilizer

Source: marcgcphotography.com

This piece of advice is pretty creative and really can help you make better images. All you need to do is to get a ziplock bag and purchase thermocol beads. As a replacement, you can also get popcorn. Fill the bag with one of these two things and make a bag where you can rest the camera. You will get a high level of stabilization and ensure a more comfortable working experience. As you see, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on the equipment!

Get a Toilet Paper Roll

Source: diyphotography.net

Wait, what? Photographers need a toilet paper roll to improve their work? Believe it or not, this is one of our favorite hacks of all! If you are planning to reverse lens macro shots, then they can be truly good! But, there is one more thing. You need to get a central hollow tube as well. With the tube, your camera will easily get inside the toilet paper roll. Of course, this is not a long-term solution, but it can be pretty useful if you need something like that urgently.


All these solutions are pretty creative. We know a lot of photographers are desperate to find money and buy better equipment. The only way to get money is to work, and the only way to guarantee yourself a job is to make an amazing portfolio. These tools will replace the equipment you need to make your photos wonderful. After you earn enough money, purchase the professional equipment and ensure yourself peace of mind.