Motorizing Your Bicycle – Parts You Should Know About in 2022

As a smart Biker, there are certain parts you should know to motorize your bike. Below is a highlight of major parts you should know;

The Fuel Line

This is really not useful, as it will only last you maybe a few weeks before it gets hard, turning into the color yellow, and slipping off the petcock or the carb. So, instead of wasting any time with this part, throw it out and go get some quality fuel line at an auto parts store. Bring your existing fuel line to an auto store and show them the fuel line so that you will get the right size fuel line. The quality fuel line will last for years to come.

Fuel Petcock

This is another wasteful part. Some people claim to not have any issues with it, but many have also claimed, after using it, to be one of the worst parts to come with the kits. Not only does it have the tendency to leak, and not only does it have no hard on/off positions, it also impedes the flow of the fuel. If you want to know this for yourself, all you need to do is open one up. The mechanism inside is ridiculous.

You have the option of either buying a quality aftermarket petcock that is available online or you buy the ones in a hardware store; find a barbed brass nipple that will screw into your tank and will also fit the fuel line.

You do not have to worry too much because it does not come with metric threads since you can easily find one that fits into the tank anyway. Buy a fuel petcock from the store in the lawnmower section and place it inline in the fuel line. You should not have to worry if it is plastic since they are meant to withstand gasoline.

Fuel Fitter

It is usually just a simple paper filter that does its job quite well, although there are better filters that are sold at hardware stores that have better fuel flow.

The filter is usually installed in the wrong position, while the position it is installed in usually does not affect the actual performance, the best position is to have the paper cone on the inside facing upwards towards the fuel tank. When it is positioned this way, you will be able to see how much dirt it has collected so you can know when to replace the filter.


The wires that come out of the engine and the CDI have some cheap brass connecters so that they can be connected by hand. What you should do is, you solder the right wires together and cover the exposed parts of the wire with a shrink tube. This will produce connections that are strong, long-lasting, and pleasing to the eye. You should not bother with electrical tape because it will decay, and it will become a mess when it is exposed to the elements. When you are done, enclose the wires in some flex tubing so as to protect the wire more from swinging around, and you should make the wiring look clean in general. The final thing to do is to use zip-ties to keep the wiring/flex-tube on the frame of the bike.