Motorizing Your Bicycle – Parts You Should Know About in 2020

As a smart Biker, there are certain parts you should know to motorize your bike. Below is a highlight of major parts you should know; The Fuel Line This is really not useful, as it will only last you maybe a few weeks before it gets hard, turning into the color yellow, and slipping off … Read more

Motorized Bicycles – Performance Upgrade 2020

You probably have a thing for speed, to have a better performance, or you are just curious about all the fancy gadgets that are out there. We will be digging a bit deeper and investigate some of the other performance upgrades that are available for motorized bikes. When you are dealing with these simple, Chinese … Read more

Motorized Bicycles – Helpful Hints And Solutions in 2020

When you start adding the engine kit to the bicycle that you choose, it is usually important that you get a few added supplies from your local auto parts store. Some of these supplies should include Loc-Tite, 3M weatherstrip adhesive, a Paint Pen, Silicone sealant, and Teflon tape. These are vital accessories to have on … Read more