Love Cycling? Make Sure to Check Out These Apps

There’s no better exercise out there than cycling. It gives your whole body a workout and lets you connect with nature helping you boost your immune system and ensuring you remain healthy. However, finding good trails to use and measuring your stats is hard. It can get seriously demotivating as well especially if you don’t … Read more

Motorizing Your Bicycle – Parts You Should Know About in 2020

As a smart Biker, there are certain parts you should know to motorize your bike. Below is a highlight of major parts you should know; The Fuel Line This is really not useful, as it will only last you maybe a few weeks before it gets hard, turning into the color yellow, and slipping off … Read more

Motorized Bicycles – Performance Upgrade 2020

You probably have a thing for speed, to have a better performance, or you are just curious about all the fancy gadgets that are out there. We will be digging a bit deeper and investigate some of the other performance upgrades that are available for motorized bikes. When you are dealing with these simple, Chinese … Read more

Motorized Bicycles – Helpful Hints And Solutions in 2020

When you start adding the engine kit to the bicycle that you choose, it is usually important that you get a few added supplies from your local auto parts store. Some of these supplies should include Loc-Tite, 3M weatherstrip adhesive, a Paint Pen, Silicone sealant, and Teflon tape. These are vital accessories to have on … Read more