Motorized Bicycles – Helpful Hints And Solutions in 2022

When you start adding the engine kit to the bicycle that you choose, it is usually important that you get a few added supplies from your local auto parts store. Some of these supplies should include Loc-Tite, 3M weatherstrip adhesive, a Paint Pen, Silicone sealant, and Teflon tape. These are vital accessories to have on hand because there are always things that would need to be secured in place, marked for cutting, and to ensure that there are no leaks.

Make sure that you use Loc-Tite for all your bolts that you do not want to have vibrated loose. The Teflon tape is very efficient for fuel valve fittings and exhaust bolts, while the paint pen is great for marking where you can easily locate your chain tensioner and the link or the links that you may need to cut out, and either weatherstrip adhesive or silicone sealant can be used to hold gaskets securely in place and prevents leaks from happening.

Centrifugal Clutch Not Engaging


There have been a few people who have experienced the 9 or 10 tooth gear, the one that attaches the chain to the transmission, slipping and making it seem like the centrifugal clutch does not seem to engage.

If you are someone who has ever experienced this problem, especially when it comes to revving up and the bike does not start, then you should do well to check to see if the rear transmission gear has come loose. It is possible that the set screws that are found in the jacket of the gear are not tightened well.

The constant back and forth movement of the gear may loosen the outer gear bolt and then the key slides out giving way for the gear to spin around the jack-shaft.

Before you put the transmission on the engine, it is advised that you remove about 2.5 mm outer gear bolt and the 2 mm set screws and apply thread locker like the Loc-Tite and then you re-install. If you take the time to make this short preventative maintenance, then you will save yourself both the time and the stress in the long run.

Reed Valve Diagnosis


Have you been noticing problems with oil and fuel that travel back through your carburetor on the HuaSheng 49cc engine? The cause of this may be that the reed valve inside the engine is no longer seating well and closing off the combustion chamber as needed.

The main function of the reed valve is to close off the combustion chamber for the intake side as the piston comes up on either the exhaust or the compression stroke. The good news is, this is quite an easy diagnosis by checking compression and performing a leak down test.

If you want to check the compression, you should start by removing the spark plug and then install a compression gauge. Pull the rope starter 5 – 7 times and then put down the outcome of your observation. The minimum compression should be around 90 psi and we are looking for a valve in the range of 135 – 145 psi. You should know that these values differ depending on your area and the tool you use.