Best Auto Wheel Locks for Better Security

More security can never really do more harm than good, especially if you live in an area that may have become or is unsafe. Automobiles are perhaps an entirely significant investment for the majority, and livelihoods are quite dependable on them too. There are many options to keep a car secure throughout the day. There are many options on the market, most commonly, people opt for installing just one of these mechanisms, and the steering wheel lock is the best out of all of them.

A siren is a go-to security system used, and if someone other than you tries to enter your car without keys, a loud and alarming noise starts emitting. Immobilizing keys are also extremely effective, and the mechanism is extremely simple as well. A perpetrator cannot turn the car on without the keys, so effectively, the car is for all intents and purposes immobilized. For post-theft-security, tracking systems are a must for extra protection as well as vehicle recovery.

All of these mechanisms work very well but may fail when the thief is prepared for them. The old-school method of locking the wheels, however, never ceases to please. Read more at

Benefits of Using Wheel Locks for Better Security

  1. A typical steering wheel lock is made up of a metal rod coated with plastic, with one end securing the steering wheel while the other holds the keyhole and the lock.
  2. The first thing the steering lock does is annoy the thief, and it’s a lot of work for a huge risk of being potentially caught. So, most of the thieves won’t bother to waste time there; the way the steering lock works is that the metal rod stops the movement of the steering entirely.
  3. Even if the thief is able to make a copy of the car key within seconds or has a master key in their pocket, if the steering won’t move, the car can’t be driven.
  4. By their own accord, steering locks are extremely effective in preventing theft.
  5. They are a symbol of utter time wastage for people looking to steal cars. In the case of the thief getting in and cutting the entire steering wheel off and them also having a portable steering wheel on them, well then, the steering wheel lock won’t be able to do much here now, would it? But the chances of that happening are zero to none.
  6. If you already have an alarming system installed in the car, but do not have any other mechanism installed as well then, a steering lock will prevent the theft of your car completely.
  7. Steering locks help in further securing cars and give support to existing protection barriers.

Things to Look For When Buying Auto Wheel Locks

  1. The main factor when looking to buy a wheel lock is its build quality. The material of the steering wheel lock should be prime metal with no fillers.
  2. The curve of the lock for the steering to fit in should not be made of plastic as the easiest way thieves remove the steering locks is by cutting off the steering wheel and sliding the lock from it.
  3. The second factor is also pretty important, and that is the architecture of the lock. The best locks on the market have a double lock system. This lock system comes with a set of two keys. The hinge for the steering wheel is thick and curved, making it impervious to being removed by steering wheel cuts.
  4. The spring-loaded mechanism needs to be strong and immovable once it is in the locked position.
  5. These types of locks also prevent the thieves from using their own steering wheels, even if they cut yours.
  6. Solid steel hooks are a must for cars of any size; one thing to keep in mind is to buy the steering wheel lock that is the right size for your vehicle. Trucks have larger steering wheels and require a better fit with airbag protection plates as options. The same factors are to be taken into consideration even when the vehicle is a truck.

So be sure to select the size appropriate for your vehicle as well as the size of the steering wheel. There are many choices on the market; try to get the steering lock with secure hinges, a secure laser key lock, and an extremely durable material for its build.

How Does a Steering Wheel Lock Prevent Theft?


The fundamental function of the steering wheel lock is to prevent the movement of the steering and block the ignition in the process. The steering wheel allows control for the car, and in a locked car, it does not move. Any attempt to try and nudge the steering wheel off may result in the system not starting. The steering lock has a tensile spring built in a loaded mechanism that fills the slot of the steering wheel. Steering wheel locks have a long shaft with two hooks on each of their sides. These two hooks engage the steering wheel of the car while the extended pipe has the lock for the entire mechanism. A traditional steering wheel lock will be placed when the steering is in an angular position, preferably when the ignition is off.

Once the steering wheel lock is set in position, the car cannot be started. The steering lock would cause the ignition not to work, leading to a failure even if the thieves tried to break the window or jimmy opened the door. Skilled thieves do not like to waste time when it comes to auto thefts. One of the main reasons for that is the time, and a thief will go for a sure shot victim rather than a car that will take a good chunk of time coupled with an incredibly high amount of useless risk. These thieves like to act fast and want to go unnoticed. So, they usually don’t bother breaking into cars that have steering locks. A steering lock in its finality is the ideal form of protection, where people won’t bother to get your car because it’s a hassle to even get started.