8 Pros and Cons of Ordering Flowers Online for Your Wedding

If you’re trying to figure out what is the best way to order flowers for your wedding – you are exactly where you need to be! In this article, we will talk about all the pros & cons of ordering flowers online that can come in handy and they can be helpful for everyone. Also, congratulations if you are a bride-to-be, it is a big step in your life! Now, are you ready to understand the convenience of ordering online? Keep on reading!

8 pros and cons of ordering flowers online for your wedding

Where to find some gorgeous flowers?

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1. Your favorite local florist

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If you are someone who wants to order flowers from your local shop, by all means – please do. This way, you are helping a small business ”blossom” and you’re supporting your neighbors. Although you may not be there personally when picking it out yourself, ordering online from someone that’s nearby is always a good idea. This method will also help you if you’re trying to organize a wedding in the shortest time possible, yet you know who to book and who to trust.

2. Quick & easy shipping

Most brides prefer this method since it allows them to receive their flowers in the shortest time possible. Most florists deliver the flowers straight to your doorstep, which makes the experience convenient and practical, especially if you are a busy bride. Also, this will help you focus on some bigger things & major projects, such as your hair & makeup without being way too occupied with your flower pick-up.

3. Great if you want something extraordinary

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A lot of women will prefer online florists that are sometimes even miles away just due to their variety of unique & unusual flowers. If you are on the lookout for something different, colorful, as well as rare – you should browse through loads of different online catalogs and florists to find your ”the one”. Some flowers often blossom and bloom only in some part of the world/country, depending on its soil and weather conditions. If your common & usual shop doesn’t carry your rare breed of roses, it is okay to look elsewhere!

4. Personalized touch

Some places may have a unique approach and a different touch when compared to your local florists. Are you looking for someone who will fully dedicate their attention to you & your needs only? Do you need a personalized bouquet, 1000 red roses for the reception, or funky balloons along with some colorful floral decorations? Sometimes, some online shops may meet your needs & your requirements, while your nearby florist may have a hard time keeping track and satisfying all of your needs.

5. Better communication

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Did you know that online orders & online communications are way better than those that are done in-person and at a shop? This is because you get to write down all of your requirements & wishes in your email. The florist will receive your email and go one requirement at a time till they are sure that they have all they need + until they get your sense of style.

When you are at an actual florist shop, the seller sometimes does not write your order down, and they try to memorize it, which can create even a bigger mess down the line.

6. Better prices & great deal

Lastly, what are the prices like when you compare 3-4 of your local shops with someone that you’ve just stumbled upon online? Oftentimes, the price difference can vary by a lot, and it will make your final call way easier, since who doesn’t want to save a couple of hundred dollars? If you’re trying to find a florist that has the best prices & deals (especially when it comes to bulk orders & shipments of bigger arrangements), you may prefer an online approach a bit more.


1. You are not too sure who to rust

This method of ordering online is not a good solution if you have never been to that flower shop before, or if you haven’t done your 10-15 minute research on it. If you have just stumbled upon them & their site on Instagram and you are running out of time (where you don’t get to check out all the reviews, pictures, impressions, as well as prices of the shop) you should stay away from this method. Only go for it as your go-to flower shop if it has been confirmed and checked out before by you or someone who you trust.

PS: Smaller florists may have a hard time shipping out your flowers on the same-day delivery if they are short on staff. This is also something key to remember when working with any shop, both nearby or someone distant.

2. Your personal touch

How important is it for you to touch the flowers, see them in person, as well as give them a sniff? Some women are quite picky, which is why they will do anything & everything to fully feel, see, smell, and analyze their flower and bouquet. This is probably the biggest con since not knowing what you’re working with can be tricky, as well as scary.

However, what you can do is run to the nearest flower shop and see how their flowers feel & smell in person. Try to memorize them and build your bouquet and make an arrangement online with the help of your previous experience & use of senses.