6 Tips and Techniques For a Perfect Nuru Massage in 2022

The Japanese are well known for their different massage practices that go back centuries, and they have been passed on for generations for their supposed health benefits. Among these, is the erotic technique known as Nuru massage. It is an old tantric massage practice that comes from Kawasaki, Japan. It has been used to release stress and improve mood by bringing sexual stimulation and pleasure simultaneously, and boost the overall health. It is a very sensual massage that most commonly uses a special medium – a Nuru gel, and both the giver and the recipient are naked and covered in it as they engage in this experience. The word comes from the Japanese word for “slippery”. In this massage, the masseuse slides her naked body, or parts of it, onto the naked body of the recipient inducing sexual arousing and stress relief. So basically, it is a body-to body erotic massage that brings sexual pleasure by the skin on skin contact and the stimulating movements of the masseuse. During this time, the body releases hormones and neurotransmitters that are beneficial and will make you feel great. This process can go on for hours, bringing the recipient in a state of utter enjoyment. Thus, it is common that at the end it can culminate with an orgasm, at least, for the recipient.

There is a great studio for Nuru massage in London. Click here to find out how to schedule your appointment. However, if you don’t wish to go to a massage studio or there isn’t a proper one around, go ahead and read our tips about how you can recreate the perfect Nuru tantric experience in the comfort of your home, with your own partner. Take your time to prepare and enjoy the massage without any rush to get to the end. Be patient as it is special and both relaxing and exciting, so it might take a while to get the hang of it.

1. Create a relaxing atmosphere

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By dimming the lights and lighting some scented candles, you will set the perfect mood for this kind of session. The smell of the candles will help you make pleasurable associations with it, so make sure to pick your favorites. Make a playlist and play some calming instrumental music. Try to get comfortable and share your emotions and expectations with the partner, explain your likes and dislikes when it comes to physical touch. You two can enjoy a bath or take a shower as that would make you feel clean and relaxed. Set the room temperature to one that will be pleasant for the both of you. If you have an air humidifier, use it to “soften the air”. The more the room resembles a spa – the better.

2. Nuru gel

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One of the things that make this massage so special is the transparent, ultra-slippery gel that is made out of a brown seaweed called Nori, and often contains other plant extracts such as the ones from tea tree, aloe vera, or chamomile that give it additional soothing properties and a nice smell. As you won’t be making the gel yourself, you can find it in many online stores. We recommend that you use some moisturizing oil instead – like coconut or almond oil. It won’t be as messy as the gel, and will nurture your skin while providing a great glide for this technique.

3. Protect the mattress

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It would be quite practical if you had an inflatable air mattress that you can put on the floor which would provide more control over the movements and will give you stability. Use a mattress protector. If you don’t have such mattress, cover your regular bed with a plastic covering. Also, and a separate sheet as both the gel or any oil will stain it, and might be difficult to wash off.

4. Get in position

Have your partner lie face down on the bed. They should be naked and comfortable. You can warm up the oil by putting the bottle in a pot of hot water, as a cold one would not feel right. Make sure it is not hot, and start pouring all it over your partner’s skin. You can also put some on your body, so that you will minimize any friction. It is important to have plenty of oil, as running out of it mid-session will definitely ruin the mood.

5. Slide and glide

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If you will be the masseuse or masseur, you should lay on the back of the recipient of the massage and slowly slide your body back and forth, rubbing theirs with the front of your own body. Give the neck and shoulders a gentle squeeze as to release any tension, and then run your palms down the arms of the partner. Then, you can carefully sit on the back of the partner, and slide along the curvatures of the spine, all the way to the thighs. Then, run your breasts sideways onto their buttocks. Also, while sitting, use your pelvis and thighs to exert gentle pressure on the body, while gliding the root or the palms in different directions on the skin. Then, you can face the other way and grab the partner’s thighs while sliding the breasts over the back and the buttocks. Squeeze the calves while moving up and down their length, and give them a food rub with the tip of your fingers. You can also run your forearms over the partner’s body, especially pushing down on the sore or strained muscles until their tension dissipates.

6. Go for the intimate parts

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Once you have touched almost every muscle in your partner’s body and released the tension from it, only then you can move to the erotic part of the experience. You can start by teasing them while making eye contact. They can lie on their back and watch your apply the oil all over your body, or even give you a helping hand – or two. Your genitals can start touching and rubbing against one another, with the oil lubricating every move. After they are aroused, you can move onto digital penetration or a hand job to finish the massage with a happy end by making them orgasm.