6 Simple Ways To Get More From Your Phone – 2022 Guide

A smartphone is something that has become an integral part of our lives to the extent that we no longer leave home without it. Long time ago it surpassed its basic purpose, which is making calls, sending and receiving SMS and the like. Not it is a camera, a multipurpose gadget on which we watch movies, do various jobs and everything else as if we had a computer in our pocket. Precisely because of their complexity, they are not as reliable as the first mobile phones were.

They break down more often, it often happens that they do not work perfectly, but that there are delays in response to the task you have given them and much more. This is certainly because sophisticated technology is more susceptible to problems, but also because many do not know how to use it properly. So we will help you and give you simple ways to get more out of your phone, which will be especially useful if you do not have the latest flagship model, although they also sometimes start to cause problems after just a couple of months.

1.Keep your phone charged as often as possible

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So many people neglect the importance of a full battery and constantly keep the battery below 50% instead of letting it recharge as often as possible. This is the easiest way to get the most out of your phone. As soon as the battery drops below 50 percent, and especially below 20 percent, you will notice that the phone has slowed down significantly. The reason is that it has built-in commands to slow down when battery level is low so to extend the time it can run before it have to turn off. So you lose a lot of phone performance just because of laziness and irresponsibility to charge your phone up to 100 percent at least once a day.

2. Turn off background apps

Another thing that is very easy to do, and will have a positive impact on the performance of your phone, as well as on battery life. We all often keep many background applications open that slow down the processor and consume RAM. So turn off everything you are not using at the moment, and also keep off Bluetooth, NFC and all the other features we don’t need all the time. You are using NFC to pay for example, so turn it on only when you need to pay and the like. Push notifications are also something you should turn off, and also the brightness of the screen does not need to be constantly set to maximum. Adjust it to the current lighting. Also turn off auto-brightness adjustment as this consumes a lot of battery power. All this will help the device to work much faster. One more thing you need to pay attention is to clear the cache. If you don’t know how to do it, iphone-geeks can give you answer if you are Apple user.

3. Update device regularly

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Surely it has happened to you at least once that for weeks or even months you have been notified that you need to update your system, be it iOS or Android or update apps, and you are constantly avoid doing that. Updates are not something that company developers make for fun, but to improve your device and to better respond to new requirements. It is because due to constant progress, the requirements are not the same when you buy it and a year later. Update regularly because that way you will get the most out of your smartphone, both in terms of performance and security. Turn on the auto updates option in the settings and set it to always be done at night, when you don’t need the phone, because sometimes updates can take up to an hour. Also turn on the option to update the device only if it is connected to WiFi, so not to consume mobile data.

4. Delete unnecessary apps

Most of the available apps are free, so it happens that you download them just to see what they are like and after that, you never use them again. But we also don’t delete them, so therein they will continue to occupy a lot of memory, which will eventually lead to poorer performance. So make it a habit that as soon as you see that the app you are downloaded is useless to delete it immediately. And now take your device and uninstall everything you haven’t used in the last couple of weeks. Your device will be thankful, and it will only take you a few seconds to uninstall the app. It is important to declutter the smartphone.

5. Protect it

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When we talk about the resistance of these devices, they have been significantly improved in this field from the first models until today. The screens no longer crack every time they fall and overall they are quite durable for such sophisticated technology. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect them properly. You must have a quality case as well as protective glass. The protective glass will in most cases save your touch screen, which is very expensive to replace. Also once you crash the phone, it permanently loses water resistance, so you lose one very important feature. Cases are important so that phone does not crack on the side, as well as the backside, which in recent generations has a power sharing function. Well, it is no longer just a metal or plastic part, but an important part of a phone whose repair is also expensive.

6. Avoid overheating

Overheating is very bad for any electronic device, including smartphones. This usually happens if you play games and similar demanding things too much. If you feel that the phone is hot in your hands, it is time to let it cool down. Cases can also have an additional bad effect on overheating, so be careful. And it is especially dangerous to leave it in the sun for a long time.


As you can see, there are very simple ways that will significantly improve your device and you will get even more from it than you expected.