5 Tips To Maintain Your Hairline Tattoo

It’s said that most people will face balding challenges at some point in their lives. For some, it’s a temporary challenge that can be fixed by minor alterations to their lifestyle. Meanwhile, for others, it can be a chronic problem requiring more long-term interventions.
With technological advantages, the possible routes one might take is broadening. If you’ve been suffering from a receding hairline, then you may be thinking of going the scalp micro pigmentation route in the form of a hairline tattoo. Due to the accessible and budget-friendly options available, getting a hairline tattoo is one of the most enticing solutions to hair loss.

Indeed, scalp micropigmentation is an excellent choice for many individuals with varying degrees of baldness. If you’re looking for an online hairline tattoo service such as scalpmicrousa.com and others like it, you can also look up many different facilities that offer the same service.

Choose a company that can give you a hairline tattoo that needs minimal maintenance and looks as natural-looking as possible. The best services can provide you with a finished output that’ll look clean and sleek. Also, check out whether the establishment of your choice offers services that come with little to no risks or side effects.

Nevertheless, getting a hairline tattoo is one thing; maintaining it is a different aspect altogether that you should be knowledgeable about.

What Is A Hairline Tattoo

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Many people call them hairline tattoos because, in many ways, the process resembles tattooing. However, scalp micropigmentation is the more accurate term to use when referring to hairline tattoos. It makes use of microneedles, a pigment, and the pointillism technique to create what can be passed off as hair or micro follicles of hair in a given area of the body.

Think camouflage. Yes, a professional will try as much as possible to match your hair’s natural pigment color and reconstruct your hairline to cover up balding. With the finished tattoo resembling real human hair, undergoing scalp micropigmentation is said to be a more durable and long-lasting solution to baldness and other hair problems than relying on wigs and other hairpieces.

For the final product to look as seamless as possible, usually you’ll need more than a single session to get the procedure fully done. Expect to go under the needle at least thrice to achieve a desirable effect.

The first session will be to lay the foundation for the rest of the sessions by trying to create what looks like hair follicles. Soon after, you may begin to have an idea of how your head will look once the procedure has been fully done with the groundwork already laid down.

The remainder will be to add density and minor touch-ups so your ‘hair’ looks real. If you need any alterations done, then you might suggest them to the tattooing specialist during the remaining sessions.

How To Maintain Hairline Tattoo

To maintain that ‘shaved hair’ look for a long period of up to around six years, there are maintenance requirements you’ll need to religiously follow.

Continue reading below so that you can find out the basic steps in making your hairline tattoo procedure last much longer and still look as good as it did the very day you’ve had it done.

1. Avoid Touching Your Head After Every Procedure

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Do remember that needles were in your scalp’s skin after each procedure. At this point, your scalp has a lot of tiny wounds that need time to heal. It’s important to keep the healing time as short and quick as possible to avoid possible tattoo wound infections, inflammation, and others.

As tempting as it might be, try to leave your head alone after every session. After your new ‘hairdo,’ it’s a good idea to avoid unnecessarily touching, combing, scratching, or exposing your scalp to water or sunlight for about five days after the procedure. Further, touching or scratching might cause the ink to pull from the skin and affect the look of the hairline tattoo.

2. Don’t Ditch Using Conditioner And Shampoo

There is a risk present that if you stop shampooing and conditioning your hair, your scalp may become flaky and develop white dry spots.

It’s recommended to not stop performing your usual hair care routine after getting a hairline tattoo to avoid dirt and other debris build-ups on your head. Your sweat and exposure to many elements may lead to grime and oil build-up and mess up with the aesthetic of your tattoo. To gently cleanse your newly added hair and your head, use moderate amounts of gentle shampoo and conditioner regularly.

3. Minimize Direct Exposure To The Sun

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Sun exposure might sound like a great idea, but it can negatively impact a person who has a hairline tattoo. It’s highly advised to be extra careful for there are purported negative impacts that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can do to your scalp and scalp micro pigmentation procedure.

As a precautionary measure, consider carrying a sunhat when you expect a lot of exposure while going outdoors. Buy a sunscreen lotion from a good brand that boasts quality and comes with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 15.

4. Keep Your Scalp Well Moisturized

To make sure your scalp’s skin doesn’t get dull, dry, and itchy, it’s important to keep it moisturized. There’s almost no better moisturizer than the water you drink; hence, drinking eight or more glassfuls of water can be helpful in maintaining the crispness of your hairline tattoo. Beyond that, get a moisturizer that your dermatologist recommends and use it often.

5. Shave When Necessary

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Since your scalp micro pigmentation procedure is focused on your hairline and is most likely made to mimic a shaved head, you’ll have to be more faithful with your visits to the barber. To keep your hair looking uniform, regular upkeep and maintenance visits are highly advised.

If you decide to shave your head yourself, make sure that you use a branded razor blade, high-quality shaving cream, and moisturizer. Read the instructions of each product before use for safety concerns.


Hairline tattoos are believed to be a viable option for those dealing with a receding hairline. Due to the favorable results that they offer to patients, undergoing scalp micropigmentation is becoming more and more popular. Experts suggest looking for a company that has consistently practiced providing outstanding hairline tattooing services to its past clients to be on the safe side.

After having it done, there’s still legwork needed to maintain the final output’s look. The abovementioned tips are just some of the means one can consider for proper hairline tattoo upkeep.