5 Tips to Prevent Being Locked Out of Your Car – 2022 Guide

Vehicles from today, modern cars are very smart machines/devices. They are equipped with all kinds of different technologies that optimize the driving experience, the comfort, the safety of the driver, and the safety of the vehicle. The car protects itself from any potential dangers from the outside. That is why many brands implement different types of automatic locking mechanisms. For example, in most modern cars, if you turn them off, exit, and close the door, it will lock itself after a few minutes. Unfortunately, that could lead you to be locked out of your car.

Whenever a person finds themselves in that kind of situation, they start to feel stress, anger, frustration, and who knows what else. Getting back into the vehicle can be a hassle, especially if that person does not have the spare key with them. At that moment, the only solution is to go and get the spare key or to call a locksmith. Both of these solutions will take a lot of time and even money. Check swiftlocksmithinc.com for more help.

If you want to prevent that from ever happening, if you do not want to get locked out of your car ever again, there are some things you could change in your lifestyle to ensure that these things never happened to you. Here are some tips that might help you with that.

1. Never leave your keys in your car

There is this one crucial habit that you will have to build if you do not want to get in a problematic situation where you can’t get in your vehicle. It is vital to remember that you always need to carry the keys with you. It should not matter where you are going or for how long. Take the key out of the ignition and put them in your pocket, your backpack, or your purse.

If you do not have that habit and if you leave the key into the ignition or on the passenger seat, that is a mistake. Even if the possibility of being locked out our incredibly low, you should still make sure that your key is always in your pocket.

By doing this all the time, you will build the habit of never leaving your keys in your car even when you want to exit for just a few minutes. The risk is simply not worth it.

Do not leave your keys anywhere

In the previous few paragraphs, I wanted to focus on the fact that you should never leave your key inside of your car. Because if the vehicle gets locked automatically, you will not have access to that key anymore unless you call a locksmith or if you find the spare.

However, the habit of always carrying the key with you, should not only be when you are driving. Because the automatic locking system is not the only way you can get stranded in front of your vehicle. If you forget your keys at a friend’s apartment, in a friend’s car, or if you lost them, you will not be able to get inside of your vehicle and even if you do manage to get inside, you will not be able to start it. That is why I believe it is vital that you have the habit of always carrying the keys with you and checking that they are in your pocket every few hours. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Next time you sit down in a coffee shop or at a friend’s place, just keep them in your pocket, do not put them on the table.

3. Use the fob

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I have noticed that a lot of people are still unlocking their vehicles manually instead of using the remote or more commonly referred to as the fob. With the remote, the locks of the vehicle can be manipulated wirelessly. With most fobs, you can even open the trunk with the press of a button. Unfortunately, it seemed like not many people have the habit of using it and they still prefer using the regular key to open the vehicle manually. There is nothing wrong with that, but it increases the chances of forgetting the key inside.

So, when the battery of the fob is dead, it would be best not to delay the battery replacement. Do not get used to using the regular key. When the battery dies, locksmithandsecurity.co.uk recommends that you call a locksmith as soon as possible to replace it or repair the fob, if needed.

Always have a spare

Believe it or not, but not everyone has a spare key for their vehicles. Personally, I think that is a very bad idea because anything could happen to the key. If it breaks, if it is lost, bringing it back is impossible and you will have to create a new key by calling a locksmith which could cost hundreds of dollars. When you compare that to the price of making a copy, it is nothing. A few thousand dollars compared to a few hundred dollars.

Copying your key isn’t expensive and it will take minutes to finish. Our advice is to keep the spare key, somewhere in your living room, for instance below your TV, tucked away in a box. This is a focal point in your home and you will always know where it is. So if you have an installation company such as tv-aerials-uk.co.uk setting up your TV set, make sure to notify them that you want to leave some room nearby for a box of some sorts where you will place your spare key and perhaps some other spare keys.

Find the number of your local locksmith

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There might come a day when there will not be any solution to your problem and the only option is to call a locksmith to open the car for you or to make your new key. When that day comes, you have to make sure that you have the number of that local locksmith to come and help you.

By following these tips, I believe that you will not be locked out of your car ever again. But, if that happens, you will at least have that spare key or the number of your locksmith.