3 Common Applications for Printed Circuit Boards – 2022 Guide

Printed circuit boards are the most important components in every electronic device. They are part of most of the industries nowadays, and many of us use devices made with PCBs daily, without even knowing it. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most common applications for these boards, and we will give you more information about the way they are improving the industries and our lives.

1. Electronics

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The first application of PCBs is everyday electronics. You are probably using a lot of these items, and you didn’t know the way they are made. The first thing that we use every single day that has a printed circuit board is the TV remote. Every remote has a PCB in it, and if you’ve ever opened it, or if it ever fell down and the protective cover came off, you’ve definitely seen it. The board is actually really simple, and it seems like it’s not doing much. The reality is, the whole unit is really complex and it allows you to change channels, change the volume, and turn the TV on and off just by pressing a single button.

All the communication devices that you use have a PCB in them, starting from your smartphone, up to the tablet, the smartwatch that’s on your wrist, and everything else that you may use for communications including the radio. Even the video game consoles and your TV have this type of board, and they can also be found in your home appliances.

Every fridge, coffee maker, and microwave contain one, and if you have one at home that is no longer usable, you can easily open it up, and inspect the boards. Note that in some cases you can reuse the PCB from one device into another, but that is possible only if the unit itself is not damaged or broken. If you are interested in experimenting, you can try to do this on your own. It is not guaranteed that it will work, but if you do it, you will at least gain some new skills and new knowledge.

2. Medical equipment

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There are so many things in today’s medicine that would not have existed without the PCBs. Nowadays, most of the devices we see in the doctors’ offices, or in the hospitals are made with these boards. They allow the units to function properly, and they help them work without issues for years, and maybe even decades.

As you already know, if the devices that are used in medical facilities don’t function properly, that can put the patient’s health at risk. They need to be able to produce the right information, and the diagnostics have to be exact. Even one small mistake can make a huge difference in the whole process, so scientists and engineers have been using these boards to create machines that will be as accurate as possible.

Nowadays the PCBs are used in many machines, including the scanners like CT, CAT, PET, and other devices that show analysis as well as images of the patients’ bodies. Every monitor that you see in the hospital has a printed circuit board, as well as other electronic components like a remote or similar smaller device.

According to uetpcb.com, when it comes to electronic contract manufacturing, the devices made with printed circuit boards are more durable, less likely to get damaged in time, and they are safer for overall use. All of these things are crucial when it comes to the medical industry, and they allow doctors to get better information and a better diagnosis for all the patients.

One interesting piece of information is that the pacemakers and other small units that are put inside a patient’s body also use a PCB that is much smaller in size. As you already know, these devices are crucial for diagnosis, as well as to keep the patient safe and alive. Pumps, like the insulin ones, are made with this type of technology, and the reason why they are so accurate and reliable are these boards.

3. LEDs

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Now let’s talk about something that is of great concern for all of us – the utility bills. It is said that every family spends hundreds of dollars every month on utility bills, and one of the largest bills is the electricity one. We use light every day, and we need it to function. Most people forget to turn the lights off when they leave a room, and in some cases, we even fall asleep with the lights on. Even though we don’t notice this, but the electricity bill will continue rising if you don’t pay attention to the lights and the devices you are using. If you want to know more and for best components and services you can visit Try10.com.

For decades now engineers have looked for a way to decrease the power consumption of the lights, and it is said that the LEDs are the future. This type of technology is getting updated and upgraded by the day, and we are constantly introduced to new types of lights that are promoting a better environment, decreased utility bills, and better vision. They are efficient, with low costs, and they have a long life.

The way printed circuit boards are used in these types of lights is that they take away the heat from the bulb and with it, they are increasing the lifetime of the bulb, and they make the environment safer. With these types of lights, you are less likely to experience a broken bulb, and you are less likely to get burned if you touch it.

Nowadays, the PCBs are used in many different types of LEDs including the residential ones, like the small bulbs we use in every room, the automobile industry, including headlights and dashboard lights, as well as devices, including monitors and computers. The PCB LEDs are also used in medicine, and most of the devices there are made with these types of lights. With the fact that they generate far less heat, they are much safer to use, and the machines are less likely to get damaged or break in the long run.

Now that you know more about printed circuit boards, you can easily notice the devices where they are used. Note that there are different types of boards, and they can be single or double-sided, and they can contain flexible or rigid parts.