The 5 Biggest Airports in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state in the Midwest and Northeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by several states such as New York to the north, Maryland to the northeast, the Canadian province of Ontario to the northwest, etc. The Keystone State is the fifth-most populous state in the nation with over 13 million residents as of 2020. The state boasts notable cities known for their rich history. Cities such as Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, and its capital, Harrisburg, which is the 15th largest city in the commonwealth state. Pennsylvania played a historic role in the American Revolution. Its largest city, Philadelphia, was the gathering place for the nation’s founding fathers and is the cultural hub for American Revolutionary sites such as the Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, etc., and the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art. There is a lot to do in Pennsylvania. This region is rich in its culture. You can go there with family, friends and even for a business trip.

If you want to visit this prestigious state, the exit and entrance into the state are varied. You can opt for the option of transport by road or by air. Pennsylvania has 121 public-use airports, 230 private-use airports, and 283 private-use heliports. Due to its quantity and quality, opting for air is the best, safer, and most economical option. Those who prefer to travel by road can rent a vehicle of their choice from any car rental in Pittsburgh. There is a wide variety of car hiring agencies that will save you time and make your trip more attractive and comfortable. Pennsylvania also has good public transport, the trains are well connected and almost always arriving just in time. It might be quite comprehensive to get from the airport to some locations without a car, so think about what to do in this situation. Below, we will talk about the biggest airports in Pennsylvania, in no particular order.



PHL is the primary airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the largest serving the state. It is the state’s largest domestic and international airport. It is the 21st busiest airport in the United States, as it is reported to have served 19.6 million passengers annually in 2021, and the ninth busiest airport in the world. The airport offers access to several destinations, both domestically and internationally, as it boasts nearly 500 daily departures, and 25 airlines serving this airport. Some of these include Air France, Singapore Airlines, Kenya Air, etc. As a result, it is the fifth-largest hub for American airlines. The Philadelphia Marketplace at the airport has a mind-blowing number of eateries, shops, and retail stores that sell all, any, and everything one can think of to buy. The airport has friendly customer service and is accommodative to the disabled. There are also cheap rental cars available at the airport for anyone who wants to rent.



PIT, formerly the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport, is a civil-military International Airport located about 10 miles west of downtown Pittsburgh, in Findlay and Moon Township, Pennsylvania. It is the second-largest airport in Pennsylvania. The military portion of the airport is the Pittsburgh IAP Air Reserve Station, located at the Pittsburgh International Airport, 12.1 miles west northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The facility is a United States Air Force base reserved for and allocated to the United States Airforce. The PIT receives more than a dozen million passengers annually and was previously ranked amongst the top 10 airports in the world in terms of its excellent customer service. It has several retail stores selling a wide range of varieties of goods. The airport has a railway facility to make traveling from one lobby to another within the wide space of the airport easy. If you seek other means of transport to navigate around, you can rent a car from car rental Pittsburgh International Airport with



MDT is one of the public-use airports in Pennsylvania, located in Middletown, nine miles southeast of Harrisburg. It belongs to Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority. The airport code name, MDT, refers to Middletown, a suburb of Harrisburg. Planes landing at MDT from the south are often rooted near Three Mile Island a few miles from the airport, so a passenger on such aircraft can get a glimpse overhead view of the historic nuclear power plant. This airport is the third largest and busiest in the state, but significantly fewer flights than Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.



Previously known as Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton International Airport, it is a public domestic airport located in Hanover, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. It is located in the center of Lehigh Valley, which is approximately 11km northeast of Allentown, 6.4km northwest of Bethlehem, and 18km southwest of Easton. This geographical distribution is made up of its previous name and its current International Air Transport Association (IATA) code- ABE. The airport is the fourth busiest in the state behind the three-above mentioned international airports, and the only public airport located in the Lehigh Valley, which is Pennsylvania’s third most populous metropolitan region (right after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh).


AVB for most of its part is located in Pittston Township, although it spreads across the border between Luzerne County and Lackawanna County. The two countries jointly own and operate the airport. It derives its name from its geographical location, which is roughly seven miles away from Scranton and eight miles away from Wilkes-Barres. By passenger count, it is the fifth-largest airport in the State. It is known as “the gateway to Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Pocono Mountains”. This information can be useful for you if you are searching for a suitable airport during your traveling or business trip as a transfer spot. Of course, a huge amount of factors also depend on the flight routine etc, but still now you know more about different types of airports and some of their features.