Beauty Tips From Cosmetologists

In pursuit of youth and beauty, women often seek practical advice on self-care. How to care for areas with fillers? How to get rid of wrinkles? How to look younger? All these questions worry us because we want to preserve our beauty as long as possible. And if you can find out about fillers by clicking here, then the rest of the tips are described in this article.

Facial care at home


Each person’s skin is unique. It protects us from the negative effects of the environment and needs constant and careful care. Both makeup and skincare help us stay beautiful. But if you can’t do makeup every day, then we recommend doing skincare every day – seven days a week! The first thing to start with is cleansing your skin.

Your morning should begin with the removal of the products of the “night” vital activity of skin cells, and the evening should end with the removal of the dirt and cosmetics accumulated during the day. Cleansing is done with a product for your skin type to remove dirt without stripping your skin of vital moisture. Please note: proper hygienic skincare does not involve the use of soap.

If you live in a city, then you breathe carbon monoxide, tar, skin pollution inevitably occurs. During the night, slags, toxins, heavy metals are removed to the surface of the skin. In the morning you need to wash your face to remove these harmful substances. If you do not wash thoroughly and apply day cream, then all the dirt along with the cream will be absorbed back into the skin.

So, we gently and along the massage lines with our fingertips apply the cleanser to the face and décolleté. Leave it for 1 minute, then rinse it off along the massage lines with clean water, use a sponge to cleanse the skin with special water – micellar, cleanse very dry skin with milk, then tone it using a tonic that suits your skin type. For normal skin up to 25 years of age, cleansing is the only procedure that is sufficient in daily care.

Starting from the age of 25 after cleansing, use the right cream for your skin, and do not forget about your eyes – they are the mirror of your soul. For a good skincare product to try, check out

The face does not end with the chin


When it comes to skincare, the face is also the neck, décolleté, and ears. Yes, wrinkles also form behind the ears with age. It is necessary to apply to the neck and décolleté either a special product or a day or night face cream. And in summer, don’t forget about sunscreen!

Wash your face with a terry towel

Many people like to use a towel to cleanse. After a light massage of your face with a special oil, you can take a clean microfiber towel slightly dampened in warm water and gently remove the residue from your face. Actresses with whom cosmetologists advise such a life hack regularly use this method, and it’s worth it.

Beauty rules for radiant skin:

  1. Use sunscreen daily to help prevent pigmentation.
  2. Quit bad habits: quitting smoking and alcohol will make your skin firm and smooth, and your complexion healthy.
  3. Go in for sports: exercise and walking in the fresh air will help to normalize metabolism, maintain slimness and a natural glow (read “10 ways to force yourself to exercise in the morning”).
  4. Drink: two liters of clean drinking water a day is a guarantee of beauty and youthfulness of the skin (and well-being).
  5. If you are in your 30s, use a special night cream after 35 ─ this will help prevent early wrinkles and make your face look fresher and younger.
  6. Always remove make-up, wash your face and never rub your skin: gently blotting your face after washing will prevent skin irritation and dryness (check yourself – “6 myths about skin cleansing”).

Listen to yourself

When the skin is under stress (and this happens very often), do not torment it. The skin dries, peels off, rashes appear on it, makeup does not fit well on it, and, of course, this drives you into depression even more. It is important to minimize annoying procedures, try to give yourself and your skin maximum pleasure. Do not use peels and dermabrasion, use cryo or thermal methods. It is better to put aside cosmetics with a strong scent. Reactive skin loves gentle cleansing, but gentle does not mean ineffective. On the contrary, in the morning and in the evening, the skin should be thoroughly cleansed. You should pay attention to the ingredients of the product. Under stress, the “tastes” of the skin can change. Do not be surprised at her whims and listen to them.

When the skin looks dull and tired, you can switch to a basic set of care products – soft foams, oils, and moisturizers with a minimum set of ingredients.

Use a lip scrub


Usually, a lip scrub is not difficult to make on your own at home: mix a little coconut oil with cane sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Use this mix every night before bed. Coconut oil moisturizes and heals, cane sugar helps to relieve flakiness, and cinnamon stimulates blood flow, resulting in a beautiful pinkish tint to the lips.

Professional face care

If you want professional care, then consult a beautician. Skincare is a science: to have beautiful, healthy, and youthful skin, you need a competent specialist approach.

Professional facial skin care is different from home skincare. Treatments performed with salon skincare machines are more intense and give a longer and more pronounced result. If you have an important date and you need to look your best, make an appointment with a beautician. The skincare system is selected by a specialist depending on the type and condition of the skin.

You can purchase a skincare machine that is designed for use at home. But nevertheless, it is better to surrender to the hands of professionals: an experienced cosmetologist controls both the depth of the effect and the result of the procedure. To get a really good effect with skincare devices, you need to perfectly understand the processes taking place in the skin – the same device at home and in the hands of a beautician will give different results.