5 Reasons Why IMEI Numbers Are Important for Phone Security in 2022

Almost every day, there is some new technology breakthrough, a new discovery that can and will make our life much easier and more enjoyable. Just imagine that 40 years ago, mobile phones were something almost still unknown to the broader population, but today, we cannot imagine our life without our smartphones. We all use it on a daily basis for various purposes, and it is something that is always in our pocket.

What is the IMEI number?

Just as each state has some unique number that it gives to its citizens, the phone companies did a similar thing and manufactured devices with this way of protection. It is also quite similar to cars having their VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

It is something that most of us at least heard about many times before. If you ever went to get insurance for a smartphone, then you will notice that among some personal details like your name or surname, the other info they demand and need is this number. Remember that number that we can see on the box when we purchase a new phone? Well, that is it, and another place where you can find it is within the phone settings.

Even though we think that we know everything there is about these life-changing devices, yet many people still do not know that there are some possibilities that every device has and presents them only when someone enters real secret codes. There are plenty of these codes, and while some of them work on all of them, others only work for specific models, but what they all have in common is that they provide everyone with the opportunity to access various useful functions. Security and private info are everything in this age of modern technology, and IMEI has a huge role in all that. That is why we gathered the top five reasons why they are crucial for phone security, and for more info on that or if you want to find out how much warranty there is on your iPhone, or some other details, check https://imei24.com/imei_check/Apple/.

1. Preventing theft

Source: certosoftware.com

Many would wonder how 15 digits can prevent theft. Well, due to it, there is no way that some thief could just replace the SIM card, act as nothing happened, and keep the device. These numbers are printed into the device’s hardware, which makes it almost impossible to change without breaking the device itself. If someone steals it, the provider will put that code on a blacklist, which means that they will block it from the network.

2. Swift stoppage of services

In most western countries, by using IMEI, the operator can pretty swiftly react to the problem at hand and transmit the message to the main register. That is substantial because it allows other network providers to respond in the same way, which leads to the stolen phone being unuseful. This action requires a max period of 48 hours to complete. All this, combined with the device tracking, allows authorities to find the lost cell more efficiently.

3. Pinpoint location

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The main purpose of this number is to provide unique identification for each mobile device currently on the market. It works in the way that you connect to some network the operator uses this number, along with your phone number, to provide you with their services. And while the SIM number purpose is to identify someone as a subscriber account, the IMEI represents the device itself. It gives everyone info on their current whereabouts if needed, which not only makes life more comfortable, but it is also a great way to locate your phone in case of theft.

4. ID theft protection

As already mentioned, it is almost impossible to change the IMEI number on a mobile device, but if something like that occurs, there will be two of the same IMEI on the market. If such a thing happens, the carriers will easily detect this problem and solve it. There are two situations in which this could occur:

If your device gets removed and the criminals (somehow) change it, the carriers will realize that there is another cell on the market with the same number and block the one that is taken. Of course, one will also need to report the theft first.

If someone gets robbed and the thieves change the IMEI number, which coincidentally matches your own, the process is the same, and the carriers will soon find out about that and block the one that is lifted.

5. Cheap VS Original

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Whether one phone has an IMEI number or not can also help in determining is the phone a copy or an original one. And why is that so meaningful? Well, it is not about prestige or anything like that, and it just gives you info on whether you can react and do something if it gets lost or stolen. As another benefit, it presents an advantage if someone is buying the device from other people, and everyone can easily check if it is a copy of some kind or a legit phone, or whether it is stolen or not. There are six billion active mobile phones in the world today, and that is a huge market for anyone who wants to get a new mobile phone illegally, and that is why everyone should know how and what to do in order to avoid it. They can tell us where and who manufactured and assembled the device.

Final thoughts

Everyone should know this number, and if someone cannot remember it, they should write it down somewhere where they can easily find it. It is all quite an easy thing to do, but the benefits are plenty, and in the end, it could come in handy in a time of crisis. As for the monitoring, only the operator should offer monitoring services and include them only with your explicit agreement. Personal information is something we all have a right to and something we should keep a close eye on.