5 Hacks To Keep Your Laminate Flooring Clean in 2022

If you have laminate flooring, you may be wondering if there are any hacks to help keep your floors looking new and beautiful. In this post, we have some hacks that will 2help your floors look as new and as shiny as they can. Although laminate floors do not have the natural shine and beauty that hardwood floors have, they can still look very nice if they are used and cleaned well.

5 Hacks to Keep Your Laminate Floors Clean

  1. Use steam mops: Steam mops are the saving grace of laminate floors. You do not need to scrub your floors anymore. With these mops, you save energy, time and still have beautiful looking floors. This is one of the best hacks available. Check out our list of the best steam mops for laminate floors available for purchase.
  2. Wipe up stains instantly: Laminate flooring is such that a stain left for long can give you a lot more grief than wiping your whole floor. As soon as your floor gets a stain, wipe it up. Keep a rag handy for this purpose.
  3. Less water is more: Wipe up water that spills immediately to ensure that your floors do not soak up water. This will damage the flooring gradually.
  4. Avoid using chemicals: This is another reason to use steam mops. Chemicals can damage your flooring. With steam mops, the steam is enough to dislodge dirt and still sanitize. Good steam mops can sanitize your floor up to 99 percent. Avoid using chemicals to clean. With steam mops, you do not need any chemicals. Chemicals can make the environment unsafe for children, pets, pregnant women, and even the elderly. They can also make your floor dull over time.
  5. Avoid abrasive cleaners: they will scratch and damage your laminate flooring. Stick to steam mops, brooms, vacuums, and old-fashioned wipes.