5 Reasons to Use a Skateboard for Daily Commuting – 2022 Guide

Since skateboards powered by electric energy have been used for some time now, there are numerous reasons for you to use them to get to your workplace. They represent an ideal alternative to standard means of daily commuting and the fact more and more people are using skateboards shows that this trend is on the steadily rise. Since the children of the nineties are nowadays grownups, it is no wonder that this practice is so popular.

Nevertheless, the multiple benefits of using a skateboard as a means of transport are to be blamed for the rise in usage of this symbol of the punk rock bands of the last decade of the 20th century.

Back in the days, it was a common practice among cool and skillful kids that owned a skateboard to hook up at the back of the moving bus and get wherever they wanted a bit faster than they could do solely by using their boards. Not only was the traffic slower and calmer back then, but the buses drove at a much slower pace, so there was no fear that anything could go wrong if you try to trick the system and get a free ride. Surely, there were a few cases of bleeding knees, but that was definitely not a thing to worry about since those injuries were more of a medal to brag about, than a thing that really hurts.

Fortunately, or not, things have considerably changed from the days when that was a normal thing to do. Not because people stopped liking skateboards, but moreover because the vehicles started moving much faster and the general traffic became too dense for the kids to play hanging from the back of the bus. Skateboard lovers found their luck within skate parks and mostly used their boards to do stunts and to get to their skateboard utopias. What is interesting is that mostly cool kids kept their boards and never really denounced them entirely.

The trend that has been actual for some time now and that keeps on moving nowhere but up and above is the usage of skateboards for daily commuting. The question to all the new skaters out there is so simple that it could not get any simpler. What were you waiting by now? Therefore, we are presenting you with a list that explains why you should use a skateboard for your daily needs before any other means of transport and have fun while doing it.

1. Public Transport Independence

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One of the most important features of using a skateboard for daily commuting is definitely the fact that you do not depend on public transport, because a skateboard enables you to get anywhere you want on your own steam. Not only do you save yourself from any potential delays due to traffic jams, but also you can use any available shortcuts on the way you can think of. Spending time in the open is another benefit that stands out when you compare riding outside to having to be in an air deficient bus.

Nowadays, the emphasis has been put on electric skateboards that apart from letting you stay fresh after riding them, enable you to get to your destination quicker than it would take you by a regular skateboard, and they also prove to be a safer choice when selecting an ideal board for your cause. You can find various offers for electric skateboards, as well as a wide range of skateboard accessories you will need on your riding ventures on numerous websites such as ecoskateboard.com.

2. It is Profitable

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You can even save money while you ride your board to work and, on your way back home. Since you will not be using the services of public transport, you will be able to put some buck aside. It does not matter if the sum you save is insignificant, because it should act as a motivator and its significance should be considered symbolic. On the other hand, if you need to use several different transportations on your way to your job, your skateboard will fail to disappoint you under these circumstances as well.

3. A Healthy Way of Doing Things

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Not only will you be able to save money while having fun, but you will do a healthy deal of daily exercise by powering your board on your own. Namely, riding a board requires perfect coordination and requires synchronous work from both body and mind, so you take care of your mental health indirectly.

4. Spending Less Time in your Car

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By using your skateboard as your main means of transportation, you will automatically use your car less. Not only is this an environmentally friendly way of getting to where you want, but it also saves you the money you would usually spend on gas. An important thing to mention is that both variants are eco-friendly, whether you use your standard skateboard or you prefer riding your board powered by electric energy obtained from renewable sources.

5. It Is Cool

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It is, simply, cool! No matter if you work as a bartender at a popular bar or you earn for a living as an architect, you will hardly come to work any way cooler than riding on your skateboard without the need to look for a parking spot nearby. You do not need to perform tricks to be eligible skateboard rider, but the more the merrier. It will both make your skateboard experience more pleasurable and your rides more enjoyable, not to forget to mention that you will most definitely look cool while doing it.

Have you already dialed the number of your local skateboard shop? Either that or research your garage for your old skateboard and check whether you can ride it or you need to better its condition. Whatever your answer might be, we certainly hope that the aforementioned benefits of using a skateboard for daily commuting helped you think outside the box and that it indicated what are you missing out. We wish you a safe ride and numerous flawless ollies!