5 English Premier League Betting Markets to Try in 2024

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Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet, with the biggest games attracting millions of viewers worldwide. Statistics show over 4.5 billion people watched Qatar’s FIFA World Cup Final in December 2022. Compare that to the Super Bowl played just two months later. The showpiece event of the NFL season attracted 113 million viewers.

Soccer has immense support in Europe and South America, but the sport has built a massive fanbase in the United States over the last few years. That started with a spike in interest in women’s soccer following the national team’s success. The men’s team performed well at the World Cup in November and December, making it through the group stages and playing knockout soccer.

That came against all the odds, with major bookies at vegasbetting.com predicting an early exit for Team USA. You may have noticed Major League Soccer teams attracting huge names from Europe. The USA has undoubtedly caught the soccer bug and follows the English Premier League on television and live streaming apps.


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Some fanatics are fortunate to cross the Atlantic and visit their favorite stadiums in person. Visit Old Trafford, the Etihad Stadium, Anfield, or the Emirates on a Saturday afternoon, and you’ll hear various accents and languages. The fanbase of English soccer is as diverse as the players.

Many of those fans love to make predictions on the outcome of EPL games with millions of dollars wagered in the US alone. The increasing availability of online gambling in the US has encouraged sports fans of all descriptions to wager on soccer games from the United Kingdom. But how do you back a winner and combine a passion for the EPL with a love of profits? This article will explain everything you need to know.

The leading online bookies offer over 100 pre-game betting markets on each Premier League fixture. Thanks to in-play or live gambling, most markets are available throughout the 90 minutes of play. Knowing and understanding those markets can help you beat the bookies by understanding the options available. The greater your understanding of soccer betting, the more successful your picks become.

Keep reading as we reveal the five best online soccer betting markets for games from the English Premier League. These are the games you can watch live on TV and cheer your bets towards victory and profit. There’s a handy step-by-step guide to registering an online betting account and qualifying for the welcome bonus free bet.

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Match winner

The most basic but worthwhile English Premier League betting market is the match winner. It’s simple; choose the team you expect to win or shoot for the draw, decide on your stake, and click to confirm the wager.

You now have a one-in-three chance of winning your bet. If you back the home team to win and they do as you predicted, the profits appear in your balance seconds after full-time. The bookie will keep your stake if there’s any result other than the one you expected.

Both Teams to Score

This fascinating market will hold your attention until the full-time whistle. You are betting on both teams to score in a game; the final score or match winner isn’t essential. If the game ends 1-1 or better, your wager will settle as a winner.

The most appealing aspect of this market is you are live until the end. Even if a team is winning 5-0 with only minutes remaining, that one consolation goal will turn your losing bet into a winning one. The more goals, the merrier for armchair fans, but all you need is one goal for each team.


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The handicap market is ideal if you have one team that is a solid favorite to win. There may be little reason to support a club in the match-winner market as the value will be almost nonexistent. That’s where handicap betting comes into play.

With this market, you are betting on a team to win with a handicap, minus one goal, two goals, or more. But it works both ways. You can also back the underdog to win with a positive goals handicap.

They may start the game with plus one goal, two or more. Back one team to win on the handicap, or add a few selections to your bet slip and create a parlay.

Total Goals

You can bet on how many goals we will see in a game. The winner isn’t essential to your wager, just the goals. How many will be in a game? You can bet on over or under 2.5 goals. Again, bet on one game or a few to create a multiple bet.

The traders will set the bar, and you must bet on more or less than the number. It may be 2.5 as above, but it could also be anything from 0.5 goals to 5.5 goals. If you think a game will be a goal-fest, play the overs. Suppose you expect a slow day at the office, back the under.

First Goalscorer

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A great bet for those looking to land a winner at attractive odds is the first goalscorer market. Here, you are gambling on which player you expect to score the game’s opening goal.

Go for the favorite star striker, take a chance on a team’s penalty taker, or aim high by gambling on a defender to score first. The more risk you take when predicting the scorer, the higher your potential winnings. Own goals don’t count for this bet, and if the game ends goalless, some bookies may refund your losing stakes. But that is only sometimes the case.

Register and Claim a Free Bet

To gamble on any English Premier League betting markets mentioned on this page, you must first register with a bookie. It takes just a few seconds to complete.

When you register an account, you’ll gain a username and password to access your gambling account from anywhere in the world and on any device.