FAQ on Flat Feet 2022

If you have Flat Feet especially as an athlete, there are some questions you may have. In this post, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions on Flat Fleet. If you have any that are not covered, feel free to drop them in the comment box.

What is Flat Fleet?

Flat Feet is a medical condition. You can be born with it or you can develop it. It is a postural defect whereby the arches of the foot collapse. If you place your feet on the grounds, you will note that not every part of your feet touches the ground. This is because your feet’s arches elevate the front and back of your feet so that the middle is somewhat elevated. When those arches crash or collapse, every part of the sole of your feet will touch the ground. Flat Fleet can be caused by a number of factors which include genetics, injury, and diseases. Also, if a child is born weak arches, they are more likely to collapse and result in flat feet.

Can Flat Feet Be Fixed?

Yes. This condition can be fixed through exercise, surgery and physical therapy.

How Long Does It Take To Build Collapsed Arches

Each body is different but with religious exercise, you can see changes in 4-5 weeks. After three to five months of continuous exercise, your feet should no longer be flat. However, if your feet became flat due to injury or disease, you should contact your doctor to know if you should engage in arch-building exercises or physical therapy.

After I Fix My Flat Fleet Will My Shoe Size Change?

Yes. Your shoe size will likely go down by a whole shoe size, give or take. Collapsed arches cause feet to be flatter and wider.

What Types Of Shoes Should I Wear?

If you have Flat Feet, you should wear shoes with supportive insoles. If you play a sport such as soccer, do not use normal soccer boot. They are not only painful, but they are also detrimental for people with flat feet. Invest in one of the best soccer cleats for Flat Feet. They will not only rebuild your arches, but they will also minimize pain.

What Types Of Shoes Should I Avoid?

Avoid flat shoes that have no support.

Can Flat Feet Reoccur?

Yes. And so, even after fixing them, exercise them at least thrice in a week for about ten minutes each.