Best Soccer Cleats For Flat Feet

Finding the best shoes for any occasion is a chore. It is not different when it comes to nailing the best soccer cleat. This is even more of a problem is you have flat feet or you’re looking for one with great arch support. This is because not too many companies take time to carve out the best boot that provides support for flat feet. To make the selection easy for you, we have tested cleats and picked out ten of the best soccer cleats for flat feet that are suitable for people with flat feet.


Top 10 Soccer Cleats For Flat Feet


10 Best Soccer Cleats For Flat Feet Review

Adidas Performance Men’s Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes

Adidas men Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats are one of the best with the most comfortable shoes for people with Flat Feet or Overpronation. The shoes are made of 100 percent kangaroo leather. These are some of the best soccer cleats for flat feet or a high arch foot with high flexibility and toughness enough to endure the impact that will come to it when used for playing soccer. The soles of the shoes are made of rubber.

The inside of the cleat is designed for comfort as well. The shoes are lined with synthetic lining. This makes them comfortable cleats for flat feet to wear for long periods. The insoles of this shoe are another great feature. The insoles are made of die-cut EVA. The presence of die-cut EVA insoles makes them very comfortable and lightweight compared to some other insoles that make the shoes heavy.

adidas Performance Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe,Black/White/Black,9.5 M US

The outsoles of the shoes are not left out. They are durable and allow for proper balance on natural grounds. The combination of the lining, durable outsoles, and the die-cut EVA comfy outsoles makes these some of the best soccer cleats for flat feet available. The shoes are available in a wide array of sizes. If you are a size 4 to 16 with a high arch or low arch, Adidas Performance Men’s Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer has your shoe size in stock.

These soccer cleats are designed to provide comfort to soccer players with Flat Feet or Overpronation. They are a widely favored choice for soccer shoes, especially for the die-cut EVA insole. Apart from having a wide array of sizes to choose from, the cleat is very comfortable to wear with arch support. This Adidas men Adidas Copa Mundial cleat, however, comes in only one color; black with white stripes. You should like it around your foot. See the good part below if the designs fit into your foot demand.


  • Made of 100% pure Kangaroo leather
  • Best soccer cleats for flat feet with advanced arch support
  • Best springy rubber sole for long time usage
  • Best soccer cleats for a new balance on the pitch
  • Great deal for arch support and arch firmness
  • Designed with synthetic lining for a high arch or low arch
  • One of the best gears for feet Adidas has made
  • Fitted with die-cut EVA insole
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Nike Men’s Phantom VSN Academy DF MG – Best soccer cleats for flat feet

Nike Men’s Phantom VSN Academy soccer cleats are our second best choice for soccer cleats for people with flat feet or persons with Overpronation. It has a look that reminds people of the Balenciaga model. Nevertheless, it is not exactly like Balenciaga. It has the fit collar design that wraps around the ankle. Similarly, it is very convenient. The cleats are made of fabric that hugs your feet snugly. It is made of textured synthetic material and not leather material. Apart from looking great, it is also very comfortable than leather material. It has a ghost lacing system that tightens to fit your legs.

Nike Men's Phantom VSN Academy DF MG (9.5 M US, Bright Crimson/Metallic Silver)

As an added bonus, due to the fabric, it gives added ball control abilities than the sport foot gears made with leather material. Users have attested that the shoes make controlling their soccer ball easier and that’s why we like it too. This is probably because of how neatly the cleat wraps around your feet and fit perfectly for both low arch people and medium arch people. Contrary to what you may think, its wrapping does not get uncomfortable, if you get your right size, you will experience no discomfort or pinching. The shoes are also durable with a soft cleat. Although some users report the Nike Logo coming off, the main cleat itself is not affected in the least.

All these features, however, are not our reasons for recommending this cleat for soccer players with Flat Feet. It is, particularly, an ideal and best choice for Flat Feet and Overpronation because of its foam midsole as well as its outsole. It is a multi-ground (MG) cleat. This means that it is designed for use on short-grass or artificial surfaces. These best soccer cleats for flat feet come in various colors so you can pick one that matches your jersey. See why you like this cleat below.


  • Texture allows for added ball control
  • Dynamic fit collar for long time usage
  • Comfortable soccer cleats for flat foot
  • Ghost lacing system for a great fit on the foot
  • A foam midsole and supporting insole
  • Great cleat for the foot when sporting
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Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VI (IC) Best Soccer Cleat

Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VI is another Nike soccer Product we have on our list. It is made of synthetic material. However, this does not affect its convenience. These soccer cleats are very comfortable to wear. Each cleat is especially comfortable for soccer players with Flat Feet or Overpronation. This soccer cleat is fitted with tongue-less construction and that’s why we like it. Each of the pair also has embossed horizontal ridges you’d like. Combined, these two offer a tight fit, improved soccer ball control, and comfort even after playing soccer for a long while. Still on the fence? Here are more reasons Nike soccer cleats may be the best soccer cleat you’d like on your foot.

Nike Men's Mercurial Victory VI (IC) Soccer Cleat Purple Dynasty/Bright Citrus/Grape Size 11.5 M US

The Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory VI has various sizes and so it is more likely than not that your size will be available. Similarly, there are various colors. The cleat has a contoured sock-liner. Each cleat also has a padded outsole and a rubber sole. It has a synthetic upper and a professional look to it. The shaft measures approximately 3 inches from the arch. This provides support for your arches which is important if you have flat feet. The horizontal ridges allow for increased ball control.

With these best soccer cleats for flat feet, rest easy of getting support from your shoes as you play. The soles and soccer cleat, as well as the sock-liner, make it very comfortable for a person with Overpronation or Flat Feet. In addition, they offer great traction, controlled speed and easy movement on the soccer pitch. See why this may be your dream best cleat below.

Note that these shoes are also wide. If you have wide feet, this cleat cater, especially to that need. For small feet user’s you may want to hit the manufacturer’s name email.


  • Convenient rubber sole
  • Best arch support soccer shoe for long time usage
  • Great cleat for wide feet
  • Tongue-less construction soccer shoe for your foot
  • Fitted with the best embossed horizontal ridges
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Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather Fg Soccer Cleat

Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio Soccer cleats are designed for an active footballer with wide feet, flat feet, or Overpronation in a foot or two. The shoes are made of leather and feel very snug when worn. In fact, at first wear, they may even be very slightly tight. The tightness is intentional. As soccer cleats are not normal shoes, each cleat undergoes quite a lot of activities around your foot. Within a week of wearing each cleat pair, you can rest easy of foot comfort. The soles of the shoe are made of rubber and that’s, in a part, why we like how each cleat pair fit around the foot. Each cleat pair is designed to allow stamina around the foot while in use.

Nike Men's Soccer Cleats Tiempo Genio II Leather FG Crimson Cleats (6.5)

The distance between the shaft and the arc measures up to like 2.6 inches. These best soccer cleats for flat feet are very wide and comfortable. The insoles are designed to offer comfort to wearers. For this reason, it is comfortable for soccer players with Overpronation or Flat Feet. It comes in various sizes and even offers a narrow size for those who don’t have wide feet.

These soccer cleats have a lace-up closer which means the cleats will snugly fit around your foot. It also features a thin comfortable tongue. The shoe collar is lightly padded which is another reason it is suitable for flat feet. The lining of the cleats is designed as impeccably and comfortably as the rest of the cleats. They are lined with breathable fabric. These soccer cleats provide the support soccer players need while eliminating the discomfort they would feel due to their feet condition.


  • Made of leather
  • Best durable leather soles
  • Great deal with light snug fit on the foot
  • Recommended for your wide feet
  • High arch feet sizes available
  • Lightly padded collar on the foot
  • Breathable best lining
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PUMA Men’s King II FG-M Boots

This soccer cleat is one of the few ones designed with soccer in mind. Most of the other cleats are designed for sports generally but these are designed for soccer. These shoes are for men but if you have wide feet or high arch, as a lady, you could use them. The soccer cleats are made of pure leather and have the synthetic soles you’ll like. The lacing system is designed to ensure it fits the user completely. There is no discomfort wearing these shoes at all so you’ll like them.

PUMA Men's King ii fg-m, Safety Yellow/Black, 8 D US

PUMA Men’s King offers support for your high arch and has supportive insoles. The upper material is leather and is very soft. These cleats aim to eliminate all discomfort you can get on the soccer field. It also allows you to have absolute control of the ball.

Also, these cleats have heel support. They feature a minimalist external heel counter which is bliss for the best soccer players with Flat Feet and Overpronation. Its outsole is very lightweight and features Pebax as well as conical and traction studs. They come together to ensure stamina and balance. These cleats, however, do not have such a wide array of sizes to choose from. They have sizes 7, 7.5, 8, and 8.5. Similarly, they also come in just one color; yellow. The boots are yellow and have black designs as well as the Puma logo. These soccer cleats promise the needed support and comfort and are worth every penny.


  • Heel support/arch support
  • Made of pure leather and synthetic soles
  • Best supportive insoles for the foot
  • Snug fit on the foot
  • best soccer cleat for high arch feet
  • Comfortable lace system
  • Comfortable and padded insoles
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Nike Men’s Magista Opus II FG Soccer Cleats

These are another best soccer cleats are in the Nikes Magista Opus series. These soccer cleats are designed to offer added support and comfort to soccer players. They are comfortable shoes that will offer you comfort while on and off the pitch. They are made of synthetic material. The cleats are designed to adapt to your feet’s shape. Each soccer cleat pair has laces and a really capable look about it.

Nike Men's Magista Opus II FG Soccer Cleats (8.5 D(M) US, Laser Orange, Black)

The tongue of the cleat features a new design. The new design is a hybrid one that aims to give consistent, locked down, and comfortable fit. The quality of the sock-liner is as expected. They are fitted to provide support and comfort. The cleat comes with PORON inserts to provide support and reduce pressure. The outsoles of the shoes are also padded and designed to offer comfort. The insoles cradle and support the feet too.

It has a new 3-D textured mesh upper which is placed in the areas that are most frequently used. This increases friction and makes handling the ball much easier. The shoes run a bit small in size so pending the time they update their sizes, it would be better to purchase a size that is half more than your usual. These cleats have sizes ranging from size four to size ten. There are also various color options. As expected, the Nike Logo is fitted conspicuously on these cleats.


  • PORON inserts fitted in
  • Features new hybrid tongue design
  • Comfortable sock-liner
  • Great for a whole new balance on the pitch
  • Doesn’t cause foot pain
  • Recommended for people with high arch
  • New 3-D textured mesh upper
  • Comfortable and durable
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ASICS Men’s Lethal Tigreor 4 ST Soccer Shoes Rated soccer cleat for flat feet

These cleats are very well designed. The ASICS cleats have a unique look to them. They are appealing to the eye and comfortable to the foot. The cleats are made of leather which makes them very comfortable to wear. The upper does not weight much and offers much-needed support to the player. The soles of the shoes are synthetic. They offer balance and stamina due to their design.

ASICS Men's Lethal Tigreor 4 ST Soccer Shoe,Black/White/Pacific Blue,8.5 M US

These cleats feature a full lace design for more centralized support. This, coupled with the synthetic leather upper gives comfort.  ASICS Men’s Lethal Tigreor cleats feature a padded collar which actively fights discomfort and blistering. The tongue is suitably designed and works very well. The insoles wrap your fit and merge with your feet making them comfortable to wear.

The fitted mesh is breathable and allows for a little bit of ventilation during use. It allows your feet to stay dry. The outsoles are made of polythene and work with the insoles to provide foot support. The shoes are available in sizes six to thirteen. There are two color variants available; black and pacific blue and white and pacific blue.

Many customers define these cleats as durable and long-lasting. They do not break down after two uses. They provide comfort for soccer players with Flat Feet and Overpronation, thanks to the synthetic sole. These cleats will support your feet as you engage in activities on and off the pitch.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather body and synthetic leather upper
  • Lightweight
  • Brings new balance to your skills on the pitch
  • Reduces foot pain and heel pain
  • Full lace-up design
  • Leather and is lightweight and supportive.
  • Supportive insoles and outsoles
  • Padded collar
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Nike Tiempo Rio Iv Fg, Men’s Football Shoes

Nike Tiempo Rio soccer shoes are designed to make soccer players play comfortably. If you have wide feet, Flat Feet, or Overpronation, these cleats will serve you well. The shoes are made of soft synthetic leather. The insides have foam cradles to make them very comfortable. Due to the design, you can be assured of balance and stamina with your cleats’ support as you play. Soccer is a demanding game and these cleats have been designed to meet those demands. The shoes fit comfortably and conveniently.

Nike Tiempo Rio Iv Fg, Men's Footbal Shoes, Black (Black/White/Laser Orange/Volt), 8 UK (42.5 EU)

Due to the build of the soccer shoe as well as the preformed texture, there is more friction which allows you to control the ball more. With these cleats, you can comfortably play on natural or artificial grounds. The cleat’s tongue is fitted properly and guarantees comfort all through. The insole fitted on these cleats is another strong point for the shoe. It reduces pinching and pressure thereby relieving the feet a little. The shoes combine comfort and practicality. It has a nice and convenient shape. When it comes to the sole, superior quality is witnessed again. The soles are made of durable and soft fabric. The tongue is placed well on the medial side.


  • Sole is made of fabric
  • Gives you a whole new balance on the pitch
  • Great deal for flat foot
  • Comfortable and practical
  • Great arch support with no heel pain
  • Increased ball friction
  • Comfort from stock-liner.
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Under Armour Men’s Cf Force 3.0 Fg

Under Armour’s products are known for superior quality and these cleats are no different. The shoes are designed for an active soccer player. The designers obviously understand the need for comfort and total mobility. The shoes are designed to give all that and more. They are designed to improve the experience of people in the soccer game. And because of the support systems the cleats have, it is one of the best soccer shoes you can choose from.

Under Armour Men's UA CF Force 3.0 FG Black/White/Neon Coral 7.5 D US

The shoe is made of 100% Synthetic and has a very nice look. It is beautifully designed and looks as professional as they come. However, nothing less is expected from Nike. The soles are made of rubber. The insoles of these cleats make them comfortable for long term use. You can trust that they will not pinch or rub your feet uncomfortably as you use them. These cleats come in various colors and sizes to give options to anyone who needs them


  • Rubber soles for support
  • Nice cleat design
  • Comfortable around the arch
  • A great fit, especially for people with a high arch
  • Highly ideal for people with a solid wide arch
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Though not as widely known as the rest on our list, Mizuno is a group one should not look down on. Their shoes are not only comfortable but are also very beautiful. They have a professional look and are very durable. Due to the materials used to make them, users can expect to use a soccer cleat that is functional and comfortable. These cleats are designed to fit players with Flat Feet and Overpronation. The cleats are not the sort that needs frequent change. Rather, they can be used for time to come.

Mizuno Men's Morelia II P1GA150109 White/Black - 10 US

The cleats are made of Scotch Guard Kangaroo Leather. This accounts for its soft and comfortable feel. The insoles give provide support for soccer players with Flat Feet or Over Pronation. The shoe is designed carefully so that the outsoles ensure that there is a balance. The arches of your feet are supported wit this cleat. It is wide enough for most feet as well. As the name implies, the shoes are imported from Japan. They have a catchy color as well. The cleats are all white and have red and black markings; it is a beauty.  The shoes are immensely comfortable and promise to last long enough to be enjoyed.

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What is Flat Feet?

Flat foot is a postural defect whereby the arches of the foot collapse. If you place your feet on the grounds, you will note that not every part of your feet touches the ground. This is because your feet’s arches elevate the front and back of your feet so that the middle is somewhat elevated. When those arches crash or collapse, every part of the sole of your feet will touch the ground. This condition is very common. Twenty to thirty percent of people have this condition. Flat foot is also called pes planus or fallen arches.

What Causes Flat Feet?

Flat Feet can be caused by a number of factors. Genetic factors play a role. If a child’s parents or grandparents have this condition, the possibility of that child having flat feet is increased. Also, if a child is born weak arches, they are more likely to collapse and result in flat feet. Flat feet can also be caused by injuries to the foot or ankle. Diseases of the muscle or the nervous system can also cause flat feet. Flat feet can lead to Overpronation.


When a person has flat feet, they naturally move their foot in a particular way due to their flat fleet. Pronation itself occurs when weight is put on a foot and the foot rolls inward and the arch flattens. This means that weight is put on the center of the feet and when the person steps, they close the arch or space in between the toes and heels.  Pronation is normal to a point. It is part of the way the body absorbs shock. Overpronation, however, refers to excessive Pronation. For a normal person Flat Feet and Overpronation can have dangerous side effects. However, when footballers have this issue, it can affect their performance.

Can Flat Feet Be Treated? Why You Need Soccer Cleats

Yes, Flat Feet can be treated. There are various exercises you can do to build up your arches. However, while the processing of building your aches is going on, you will have to make do with what you have. As a footballer, there are various shoes designed for footballers with flat feet or Overpronation.

What Should A Soccer Player With Flat Feet Look Out For In Soccer Cleats?

If you play soccer and have Flat Feet, you probably know how uncomfortable it can be to play with normal cleats. In this case, you’ll be great with cleats for flat feet. In addition, for comfort, you should go for only boots that have been designed for people with flat feet. These shoes have adequate arch support. They allow you to have more stability and are very comfortable for large feet. They help manage and even improve this foot defect. These boots are not only for people with flat feet, but they also provide support for people who often find normal boots uncomfortable.

Before picking out a soccer cleat, there are other important things you should look out for. Your cleats play a role in your performance. If you want to pick out a great soccer cleat for flat feet, your boots should have-

  • Orthotic Shoe Insoles- Orthotic shoe insoles are insoles that are designed and shaped to act as arches for your feet. They lift your feet up where they should be lifted and make your shoes more comfortable. They make your legs feel like they are in a natural position and erase any discomfort.
  • Orthotic shoe insoles are mindfully shaped and designed to put a support system on the arch and lift them up a bit. This kind of insole is made with soft cushioning to arrange the feet in the normal way with an arch just enough to not make you feel like your feet are at an unnatural positioning.
  • Insoles and Midsole- The insole of cleats for footballers are usually padded to provide more support than is needed for normal cleats. If you have flat feet, the insoles must be padded and flexible. If your insoles and midsoles of your cleats are not comfortable, you will find wearing it very uncomfortable.
  • Arch and Heel Support- Although, people with flat feet do not have arches, they still need shoes with arch support. Ensure that your shoes have arches support. If you are purchasing a separate insole, ensure that it has support for your insoles. Your instep should be lifted to lift the strain on the other parts of the lower body. There should also be a deep heel cradle that supports the dip of your heels.
  • Comfort- Comfort is perhaps the most important feature when it comes to anything that is worn. When it comes to soccer shoes, their necessity for them to be comfortable is unequaled. This is because the sport widely depends on your feet and if they are uncomfortable, your performance is likely to be affected. For your shoes to be comfortable, they must have shock absorption. If your cleats are shock absorbent, they will protect your feet from impact. For your shoes to be shock absorbent, they must vertically flexible. Shoes with shock absorption take the brunt of the impact of any hit your feet receive.

If you find that your choice soccer cleats do not offer as much support as you need, you may need to purchase additional insoles to make them more comfortable to wear.