The Most Ideal Exercises for Short Men

Before we dig into what exercises best suit short men, we will try to explain why we decided to choose such a topic and why we focused on a workout as an important life segment of short men.

Recent research conducted in Atlanta has addressed issues of aggression and violence. About 600 different men were surveyed to determine if there was anything that dictated aggression in men. What research has shown has shocked many because it has been found that short men show much greater aggression and are much more prone to violence, as opposed to tall men.

Research has shown that those who think they are short and not strong enough become up to three times more violent than men who are self-confident and who have self-esteem. This factual situation has its own scientific name and it is a complex better known as the “Napoleon complex”. It occurs in men who are of a smaller build, short, and don’t have strong musculature.

Such men have a desire to prove and show that they are tough and strong, so they usually display it with aggression and violence. Short men show such behavior both in their friendly relationships and in their romantic ones. Girls who are dating short men say that their partners get annoyed much faster, that they are prone to blaze easily, and that they can be quite awkward when they get annoyed. Of course, this does not mean that all short men are aggressive and suffer from the Napoleon complex but you are more likely to have issues and physical contact with shorter men than with taller ones.

So, what we suggest to short men is that they channel the aggression by working out, either in the gym or at home…

What Exercises Should Short Men Practice?

You cannot change your genetics but you can certainly work on changing your body weight and mass. Don’t be discouraged by height so much that you don’t exercise at all. When short men neglect their body either by overeating or losing physical condition (lying in bed all day watching TV, gambling online at casinos who offer games of various software providers listed by the link, playing on PlayStation…) it looks far more unappealing than when tall men do that. It is not a tragedy to be short. What is troublesome is that short men gain weight faster and easier. But no worries, today we are going to introduce all short men to the ideal exercises that seem to bring the body line to perfection.

And while tall men have an advantage on the basketball court, those shorter have an advantage in the gym because for them it is faster and easier to gain muscle mass with intense training.

Lifting a Massive Weight From a Squat


You don’t need a gym for this exercise, you can do it at home as well. Get (make) a giant weight and start with squats. Keep your legs together, your back straight, and grab the end of the bar on which the weights are placed with your hands. Get down, keep your back straight at all times and repeat the squats in sets.
It would be best to do 10 sets of 10 squats – for starters.

Jump Squats – Another Great Exercise for the Legs


This exercise belongs to the group of cardio exercises and will give you great results in just four minutes a day but be careful – it is terribly strenuous. Although it does not last long, you will be physically completely exhausted after this exercise but if you do not like to spend a lot of time on standard cardio exercises, this is the right thing for you.

The exercise is very simple and is done by doing squats in eight sets of 20 seconds each. So, squat down, then jump, and, on your way to the ground, squat again. Simple but very strenuous. One set should last 20 seconds and you take a 10-second break between sets. Although it sounds simple, you will find that you will initially struggle to do all the sets.
It is very important that you do this exercise in the right way in order to properly burden the muscles but also in order to avoid injuries. Stand in an upright position with your legs hip-width apart. Squat down so that your body is slightly directed forward. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Then, swing your arms hard down and push off with your feet. Use the swing of your hands to get more explosiveness and to bounce higher. When landing, return to the squat position with your arms outstretched and repeat the procedure.
This exercise will have a great impact on the muscles of your legs, such as the thighs and buttocks but also, this exercise is a great cardio routine that will allow you to sweat and burn extra pounds.

Lifting Your Own Weight


You can do this exercise, which is similar to the pull-ups, outside, not only in the gym. All you have to do is grab the bar with your hands and start lifting your own weight.
It is not easy, it is very tricky and exhausting but this type of exercise serves short men to strengthen their arms.

Bulgarian Deadlift With Left Foot on the Ground

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, with the top of one leg on your bench while the other leg is stretched forward.

Keep the front of your thigh parallel to the floor and start to lower yourself until you touch the floor with your knee.

Turkish Get-Up

This is also one of the exercises you can do at home. Lie on the floor and then quickly lift yourself up with the dumbbell in one hand and stretch it out as much as you can.