5 Interesting Casino Facts You’ve Never Heard About

The world of gambling is extremely interesting and hides many secrets. The fact is that the casino industry was formed under the influence of many fun facts that you could not even think about. That is why you should learn about some interesting things. Here are five casino facts you probably didn’t know.

1. The World’s Smallest Casino Is in the Back of a London Cab

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What do you think a real casino should look like? Surely it must be a large building with hundreds of slot machines, tables, and beautiful halls. But what if the casino could fit in the middle of one London cab? You don’t have to look for an address because the so-called Grosvenor casino drives through the streets of London. Outwardly, you will not distinguish this car from the usual taxi, but as soon as you sit in the passenger seat, you will feel the difference. This machine has a mobile casino in the back of a cab, complete with a gaming table, dealer, bar, and a T.V. showing sports.

Gamblers can enjoy roulette and other table games while traveling around the city, which is especially convenient. Such entertainment is ideal for tourists who want to combine their daily routines with gambling activities. Despite some nuances, this mini-casino can bring you no fewer emotions than a classic gambling club. But don’t forget that this is a London cab with a limited selection of games, so you shouldn’t count on hundreds of slots which can be found in the top casinos like the ones mentioned on bestonlinecasinosincanada.com.

2. Las Vegas Is Not the Gambling Capital of the World

Las Vegas is a huge gambling center considered one of the largest in the world. Such a statement is quite true, given the number of casinos and the people who visit them during the year. But Las Vegas is not the world’s gambling capital, and you should be aware of it. Have you ever heard of Macau? It is the only Chinese territory where gambling is allowed. It is here that the largest number of gambling centers are located. In addition, people spend astronomical amounts in Macau. Gamblers leave here five times more money than visitors to Las Vegas casinos.

Here is another interesting fact that you should know. In most cases, casinos make money from people making small bets. But in the case of Macau, the main percentage of income comes from high rollers making huge bets at table games in V.I.P. rooms. So the main secret is that millionaires come to Macau and leave $500K per night and don’t even worry about it. That is why this Chinese territory is considered the capital of gambling.

3. Casinos Are Illegal in Japan (But There’s a Loophole)

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Japan is a unique country that has always taken a non-standard approach to solving various problems and circumventing prohibitions. For example, according to local law, gambling is illegal, and you can go to jail for running a casino or placing bets. But the Japanese have found an ingenious solution to circumvent this ban. If you see their land-based casinos, you will not understand the catch.

For example, there are dozens of huge gambling centers in Tokyo, but instead of slot machines, you will see the so-called Pachinko parlors. It’s a slot machine-like game that uses small plastic and metal balls instead of coins. In other words, you come to the casino, buy balls and play slots. If you were able to win something, then you can exchange your balls for prizes. It is worth noting that the Japanese have no problems with original solutions. You can choose toys, sweets, jewelry, clothes, and even precious metals as prizes.

But what if you do not need such things and only come for money? In this case, the casino is ready to buy your balls and pay for them with real money. The main secret of this national trick is that Chinese law adheres to classical norms and does not classify the exchange of balls for money as a gambling activity. So, technically, you buy “toys” and spend time in the casino as in a shopping mall. In addition, the exchange of balls for money is not prohibited by law, so that no one can bring you any charges.

4. Slot Machines Used Actually to Dispense Fruit-Flavored Chewing Gum

Surely you once wondered, “Why do classic slot machines have little pictures of fruit on the wheels? Couldn’t the pioneers of the gambling industry come up with something more interesting?” But here is the key explanation for this phenomenon: it’s because early 1880s-era slot machines would dispense fruit-flavored gum. You could also receive tokens meant to be exchanged for drinks and cigars after a successful gambling session.

Only in 1888 the owners of the first casinos decided to replace fruit-flavored gum and tokens with coins. But why, then, do many online slots still have fruit symbols? The classic fruit design has become iconic and is associated with excitement and big money. That is why many people still love this gambling format. However, you still can find fruit-flavored chewing gum slots somewhere in Nevada.

5. Penny Slot Machines Make More Money for Casinos Than Any Other Game

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Surely you are used to presenting the casino as a place for rich people who are ready to spend millions of dollars for a half-hour gambling session. But casinos are visited not only by people whose names are on the Forbes list. As a rule, most gamblers are people whose income hardly exceeds $30K per year. That is why so-called “penny slots” are the most profitable games for the casino industry.

In the early 2000s, the gambling industry was in recession, and many land-based casinos began to generate only a small income. That is why the owners of land-based clubs began to offer visitors penny slots that allow you to make very small bets. Many people liked this idea very much, as they did not have to spend hundreds of dollars.

You will be surprised, but penny slots made up 70% of the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel’s total slot machines in 2013. Such statistics indicate that people are not ready to take risks or do not have much money to place big bets. But thanks to penny slot machines, anyone can try their luck.


Now you know five amazing facts confirming that the casino industry has many amazing moments. All five facts also show that human ingenuity has no limits, especially when it comes to having fun or making money. Knowing many nuances, you can improve your gambling strategy or choose the right casino.