6 Most Common Mistakes New Bong Users Make – 2022 Guide

While there’s nothing insanely complicated in using a bong, to get the best possible experience, you should still learn as much as you can before you begin using it. This will prevent you from making mistakes many newbie users make at the beginning of their smoking journeys. As small as these oversights can be, they can also completely demotivate you from ever using a bong again (which would be a shame).

Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss those common mistakes, so you can avoid them and have a seamless experience as a first-timer.

Mistake number one: Not knowing your limits

Source: cannabismo.org

As with everything in life, you should know when you’re at your limit. Most smokers get excited when they purchase a bong for the first time, causing them to smoke more than they can handle. This is not a good idea, as it’s just a waste of weed, and it could potentially ruin your entire experience.

A good rule of thumb is to smoke until you have to relight your joint. At that point, you’re probably already high, so don’t push yourself to finish it just because you can. Instead, leave what’s left for later! In this way, you won’t waste your weed and you’ll get the results you want. It’s much better than greening out and ruining the entire experience of smoking your favorite herbs, don’t you think?

Mistake number two: Not knowing where to store your buds

Imagine this: you’ve had a long day, you’re finally home and you want to smoke some weed and relax for a bit. You reach out for your bong, start smoking, and you notice it tastes awful! How frustrating would that be?

Well, that’s what happens if you’re not mindful of where you’re storing your buds. Storing them anywhere else besides an air-tight container will dry them out. Whatever you do, avoid storing your buds in any type of wooden container, no matter how nice it looks. It will ruin the weed, and possibly- your entire day. So, store your buds in a safe, airtight jar, and you’ll avoid one of the most common mistakes new users make.

Mistake number 3: Inhaling too quickly

Source: healthline.com

You have seen it in the movies or on YouTube, so you’re excited to try some cool moves with your bong. This prompts you to inhale an overbearing amount of smoke, thus causing you to cough uncontrollably for a couple of minutes. It’s embarrassing, but we’ve all been there. If it’s your first time using the bong, you’ll need some time to get adjusted to the intensity of it all. It’s completely different from smoking a regular joint or a cigarette.

So, as we previously mentioned, be careful not to overdo it. Take smaller puffs at the beginning, and then experiment once you get comfortable enough with it. After that, practice any smoke tricks you want, because they do look cool.

Mistake number 4: Not cleaning it frequently enough

Don’t be lazy when it’s time to clean your bong. If it gets dirty, it won’t only alter the flavor, but it’s also everything but hygienic. So, yes, your bong needs proper and frequent maintenance, as inconvenient as it may be. You can find some great cleaning tips online, and it’s generally quite simple to do: you only need some pipe cleaners, alcohol, salt, and a couple of minutes of your day.

Besides that, the dirtier it gets, the harder it will be to clean it. As you’ll need to scrub it hard to get rid of the dirt, you’re also risking damaging your bong.

So, keep it clean, and make it a routine. It will save you from many issues in the long haul, and it doesn’t take much time nor effort to be done.

Mistake number 5: Overpaying for it

Source: smokecartel.com

Just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s better than its cheaper alternatives. Bongs are simple devices, and if you’re a first time user, you don’t need it to have thousands of complicated technicalities. It’s simply not worth the price!

If you really want it to have a cool style, you can still get it without spending a fortune. Our advice is to shop online as you’re more likely to encounter some discounts and promo codes. Websites such as herbtools.co.uk are a great place to start, as they offer some great designs at reasonable prices.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s your money and you’re free to do whatever you please with it. Just keep in mind that buying an overpriced bong won’t make any difference when it comes to the smoking experience.

Mistake number 6: Not putting the right amount of water into it

Overfilling the bong with water is probably the most common mistake new users make. It can be quite damaging to your experience so be mindful about it.

Of course, the perfect amount of water will mostly depend on the size of the bong. So, how do you know how much is too much? A good rule of thumb is to never let the water reach your mouth when you’re inhaling. Make sure to submerge all percs and chambers in water, so you don’t miss out on the benefits of bong filtration. Everything else is up to your preferences.

All in all, as long as you don’t overflow it, and every opening is submerged in water, you’ll be fine.

The bottom line

As we mentioned at the beginning, there’s nothing complicated in using a bong. As long as you avoid making the mistakes mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to enjoy getting high without any issues whatsoever. We also recommend you to join an online stoner community where you can ask for additional tips and advice on how to maintain your bong properly.

Overall, investing in a bong can be the best decision you ever made. It provides you with a unique smoking experience, and it looks extremely cool! So, follow the advice given to you in this article, and keep on enjoying the experience!