The Worst Red Flags When You’re Dating Someone

Getting into a relationship can be tricky, but there are a few things you should watch out for. Generally speaking, red flags have nothing to do with the person’s physical appearance or behavior. Rather, they have to do with their character, emotional maturity, and availability. These are just some red flags that can indicate that a person might not be ready for a long-term relationship.

Signs they’re not ready to commit

When you’re dating someone, you should try to identify whether you’re ready to commit to them. Commitment is the key to a happy relationship; if you’re not sure you’re ready, don’t force it. It’s harmful to both parties.

Commitment is a big deal – it requires you to check off a series of boxes that are essential for a successful relationship. These boxes include emotional availability and a willingness to make a commitment. However, each relationship is unique and moves at its own pace. However, some therapists and relationship counselors have identified red flags for commitment-phobic people. Knowing how to spot these signals can save you a lot of time.

Offhand comments can be a red flag


If you’re dating someone, you may notice offhand comments that seem insensitive. This behavior can indicate an unhealthy relationship. Whether the offending comment is directed at your clothing choices, favorite bands, or career, it may be a warning sign of an unhealthy relationship. If you find yourself constantly feeling uncomfortable around someone, consider leaving. These kinds of comments should be avoided as much as possible.

The person you’re dating may also make comments that indicate they’re not interested in a committed relationship. For example, they may say things like “I’m not looking for anything serious” or “I don’t do relationships.” These comments should be taken seriously, as they’re likely true. It’s best to move on if you’re looking for a committed relationship.

It’s also important to pay attention to the way your partner talks about other people in their life. If they constantly talk about their exes in a negative light, or if they refuse to talk about them at all, it may be a sign that they’re not over them. This kind of behavior can indicate that they’re not ready to move on, and it’s best to end things before you get too attached.



Possessiveness is a red flag when you are dating someone who is insecure. Oftentimes, possessiveness stems from a fear of rejection or abandonment. It can also be an indication of powerlessness. A person who is possessive lacks self-confidence and may need you to make decisions for them. If you find yourself with a partner who is possessive, you should explore ways to assert yourself and develop self-confidence.

Possessiveness may also be a sign of future physical abuse. If you suspect that a guy is going to abuse you in some way, you should stop dating them immediately. Besides possessiveness, jealousy can also be a red flag. Regardless of the type of relationship you’re in, possessiveness and controlling behavior are problematic. This is a red flag when sugar dating just as much as in a normal relationship. No one owns you.


Narcissists do not like being open about their flaws or embarrassing moments. They want to appear perfect in the eyes of others. They often act as if they are special or extraordinarily beautiful. They feel that only a small group of people can understand them.

Narcissists can be very arrogant and haughty. They often put down their friends, family members, and co-workers. They don’t care about your feelings and are too consumed with bragging about themselves. They often have no boundaries, even within relationships.



A gaslighter is someone who constantly tries to mislead their partner into believing that they’re right. They do this by confusing their memories and convincing them that they’re wrong. Gaslighting can be a dangerous and painful experience for those who’ve been a victim. Recognizing gaslighting and taking appropriate action are vital steps to ensure that you’re safe.

If you feel that you’re being gaslighted, it’s important to seek counseling. Your therapist is a neutral party who can reinforce reality, helping you rebuild your self-esteem. Therapy can also help you address any mental health issues you may have due to the abuse, such as PTSD. It’s important to get out of a relationship if you’re a victim of gaslighting, so seek professional help to deal with these issues.


Dishonesty is a major red flag when you’re dating someone. Lying about small things like your job, age, or interests, or bigger things like your finances, relationship status, or past experiences can be a sign of a potential issue. If your partner seems to be hiding important information from you, it could be a sign that something is not quite right with the relationship. Finding out the truth and communicating openly with your partner is the best way to approach this issue.

Substance Abuse


Substance abuse is one of the most concerning red flags you can observe when you’re dating someone. Drinking excessively, otherwise known as alcohol abuse, is a pattern of drinking that brings negative consequences such as frequent accidents or injuries, failure to meet work, school, or family obligations, and interpersonal conflict. Connected to other physical and mental health problems, heavy drinking can lead to alcoholism. Using drugs can be a sign of a deeper problem, so it’s important to take the red flags seriously.

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse may begin as a few offhand remarks or jokes, but it can quickly escalate into something more malicious and damaging. People who use verbal abuse often use language to tear down their partners, berate them through blaming and shaming them, or criticize them to make themselves look or feel better. The underlying motivation behind verbal abuse is one of control — it’s an attempt to keep their partner down and unable to express themselves fully and respectfully.


There are many red flags to watch out for when you’re sugar dating. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s important to trust your gut and take action. Rejection, possessiveness, narcissism, and gaslighting are all dangerous behaviors that should be avoided. Seek professional help if you’re a victim of any of these red flags.