5 Expert Vaping Tips For Beginners

Other than smoking, many other ways of consuming substances like nicotine and marijuana have come up. Vaping is one of the methods that have recently gained popularity. This involves using a vape pen, electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), and other devices to heat a liquid into an aerosol inhaled through a vaping device’s mouthpiece. The said liquid may contain nicotine or marijuana oil or distillate, and other additives such as flavourings.

You may not have the best experience as a first-time vape user. You may not be sure yet of the essentials you need, such as the kind of e-juices to buy. Or worst, you could have experienced coughing and other discomforts. All these are likely occurrences for any beginner. However, with proper guidance, you can enjoy vaping even as a novice.

Below are five expert tips that’ll enhance your vaping experience:

1. Only Buy High-Quality Vaping Products

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Before anything else, you should always buy high-quality products. As a novice, you’ll find various devices in online stores like https://www.drdabber.com/. With little or no experience, deciding what’s suitable for you may be challenging.

Usually, it’s best for you as a beginner to buy a starter kit. It comes with the essential parts of a vaping device: a coil, battery, mouthpiece, and tank. You’ll also find the vape and a few kinds of e-liquids you can experiment with. Besides, there’ll also be a charger for the batteries and instructions for your device’s usage.

When purchasing your first vaping kit, only buy from reputable sellers. This should also apply when purchasing more e-liquid or changing your device. Though substandard vaping tools are cheaper, they break down easily or don’t work efficiently. Furthermore, poor-quality e-juices often contain impurities or harmful substances like diacetyl that may cause lung cancer and respiratory problems.

So, avoid low-grade vaping products at all costs. If you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar shop, ensure the retailer is reputable. On the other hand, if you’re purchasing your vaping products online, check a seller’s and product’s customer reviews first.

2. Identify A Suitable Vaping Technique

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The first time you use a vape may not be as smooth as expected. Your overall experience will greatly depend on your inhaling technique. So, it’s really understandable if you don’t get it right the first time. You could get an unpleasant nicotine rush or experience coughing if you do it incorrectly.

Typically, there are three popular vaping methods. These are:

  • Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) Vaping

Mouth-to-lung vaping involves breathing the vapour into your mouth, retaining it for a while, and then inhaling it slowly into the lungs. After that, you can exhale smoothly.

MTL vaping is often recommended for beginners. It isn’t intense, the effect is less powerful, it doesn’t overwhelm the lungs, and you’ll only spew a smaller vapour cloud. Besides, MTL is considered best for testing different flavours since the vapour stays longer in your mouth.

  • Direct-To-Lung (DTL) Vaping

Direct-to-lung vaping involves taking one large inhale straight into the lungs, holding it for a while, and then exhaling. This technique produces a quicker and more intense effect and a larger vapour cloud.

This inhaling method may cause you, as a beginner, to cough. Often, it’s popular with advanced vapers. However, if you’d like to try it, consider a few gentle attempts until you become an expert in the technique.

  • Only Mouth Vaping

Only mouth vaping is common for people who don’t like vapour in the lungs. Usually, this technique involves inhaling vapour, enjoying the flavour, and then exhaling immediately. You could try this method, too, as a beginner.

As seen, there are various vaping techniques, but not all are suitable for a novice. As advised, you can consider the MTL or only mouth approach. If you’d like to proceed to DTL, try it out gently until you master the technique. After learning it, evaluate all methods to identify the best one for you.

3. Buy Spare Batteries

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Over time, you’ll get to enjoy vaping, and it can be annoying not being able to do it when you want to because your batteries are dead. This can happen when travelling, when there’s no power, or in cases where you forgot your charger.

Therefore, it’s best to buy spare batteries and keep them fully charged. This way, you’ll enjoy vaping whenever you wish to. You could also help out another vaper whose batteries are dead.

4. Be Cautious About Overheating

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You may notice your vaping tool getting warm once in a while. This is expected. However, be cautious about the device overheating. In this case, this means there’s a problem, and you must stop vaping.

If your device gets too hot, it’s a sign that its batteries are working harder to produce power. In this case, excessive heat can cause battery chemicals to produce gases. If these aren’t eliminated, they may result in an explosion or a fire.

A vape battery can also get hotter if it’s of poor standard, damaged, or too old. So, ensure you only buy quality products and replace them when necessary. Overheating can also happen if you overcharge your batteries or expose your device to too much sunlight. It’s best to avoid these two instances.

5. Avoid Getting Vaper’s Tongue

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Vaper’s tongue is a taste-related issue that some vaping enthusiasts face. Often, it’s caused by frequently consuming one flavour type for a long time that you lose its taste. So, switch flavours regularly to avoid this.

This issue may resolve itself after some time. So, don’t panic if it happens. Try palate cleansers like pickled ginger, lemon juice, or raw honey if you’d like to cure it. You can also use stronger flavours like pure menthol to shock and refresh your palate.

Final Thoughts

Many vaping beginners may not have an excellent first-time experience right away. However, this doesn’t mean it will stay this way as you progress in your vaping journey. It helps to find tips that will improve your first experience from advanced vapers or reliable online sources.

This article offers some suggestions for any beginner to make vaping an exciting activity. You should only buy high-quality products and identify a suitable vaping technique as advised. Also, get spare batteries, be cautious about overheating, and do your best to avoid getting the vaper’s tongue.