How to Win in PVP on Different Classes in World of Warcraft

In November, the Dragonflight update came out, bringing World of Warcraft a level cap increase to 70, a new race and classes, and playable locations to explore.

To quickly level up, it is better to follow the chain of story quests that will lead you to one of the two ports where you will go to the Dragon Islands – where four islands are waiting for you, on which you will get the long-awaited level 70 by following the instructions of the researchers.

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Tactics in PVP


The Warrior is strong and tough and deals heavy damage that requires you to get close at point-blank range. Always close the distance with dashes and stun skills so that the enemy cannot close the distance.

Against mages, use all possible equipment and skill to survive the procast. Further a matter of technique – the magician will not survive a series of attacks.

Against rogues, wait until they go invisible to knock them out of cover with a stun and slow. The rogue won’t do much damage to the warrior if you don’t let him hit him in the back.


The hunter deals high damage and has many traps to keep the enemy away.

The main task of the hunter is to always increase the distance, this should be a priority over shooting. If the hunter freezes in place, then only an enemy weaker than him in terms of equipment will defeat him.

A shootout with a magician can end badly, but there is one trump card. The hunter has an increased firing range, so if you act according to tactics – a shot, a move, then the magician will die faster than he can make at least one cast on the hunter.



The mage can deal with any opponent, if he has enough mana and mobility to keep opponents away from him. Any close contact is death.

You should be especially careful with robbers – sometimes he needs to land one successful hit when leaving invisibility in order to kill the magician. It is worth using all sorts of magic skills that do not require a direct target to knock the rogue out of invisibility.

The war is more difficult to kill, but the tactics are always clear – the task of the warrior is to get close to the target, and the task of the magician is to slow down and destroy the procast.

The hunter will be the most difficult to defeat – it is worth using skills that will reduce the distance – your task is to deal damage and get closer, otherwise you will lose.

Tanks are the most difficult targets, strong, durable, have a lot of health and skills that return damage. You need to carefully monitor the tank, keep your distance and apply all the negative effects that are.


Our main weapons are invisibility and back damage, but poisoning and bleeding should not be discounted.

It will be difficult with warriors – they have enough skills to stun, disarm and prevent a rogue from hitting and enough armor to withstand most attacks. Our task is to hit in the back and impose all the negative effects that are.

With magicians, it will be 50 to 50. Either you quickly kill him, or he will fry or cool you. Use invisibility and attack combos of knife attacks, always hit in the back first. A magician is unlikely to withstand a powerful combination of skills.

With hunters, you should use invisibility and carefully come close, bypassing the traps. If you can get close to deal damage, he won’t last long, hunters don’t have much damage.

With the master of beasts it will be more difficult, but the goal is less cunning. The robber can easily kill the owner without being distracted by the beast, or vice versa, put all the damage into the pet and then take care of the owner. In any case, the damage will be enough for one target.



The healer should not deal damage, and the advice will only apply to PvP behavior as part of a group.

The task of the healer is to heal himself and be able to quickly switch to an ally – opponents can redirect damage between targets.

Be careful and pay attention to your character – your main enemy, an enemy robber, who can quickly reduce your health level to 0. The tank’s concern is to protect you, but you must also be able to turn around and quickly change position so as not to expose your back to blows.