7 Reasons to Get a Concealed Carry Permit

Whether you already own firearms or you’re about to become a first-time gun owner, you may want to consider getting a concealed carry permit. Hopefully, you won’t ever need to discharge your firearm in public, but in some circumstances, it can save your life.

Here are the top 7 reasons all legal gun owners should consider applying for a concealed carry permit.

1. It’s easy and comfortable to conceal a firearm

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You might think it’s hard to carry a concealed firearm or that doing so will be uncomfortable. If you think you’ll need to tuck your firearm into your pants hoping it doesn’t fall out, think again. Many firearms dealers also sell clothing specifically designed for concealing a firearm. For example, Primary Arms makes concealed carry clothing for men and women that looks just like everyday wear.

You can find waistband holsters, jackets with pockets, special belts, bags, and shirts, all designed to comfortably and securely accommodate a concealed firearm.

2. You can defend yourself in unexpected circumstances

Nobody leaves the house expecting to get mugged, but it happens frequently. If you get mugged and your attacker is armed, you’ll be glad you got a CCW permit.

While it’s not legal to discharge or brandish a firearm in most situations, in self-defense situations you have no choice. Sometimes, just brandishing your firearm will be enough to dissuade an attacker – armed or not. However, if you need to use your weapon in self-defense, you’ll have that option.

Technically, you can carry a firearm without a CCW permit, but if you end up having to fire your weapon – even at an attacker – you can get in trouble for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

3. CCW permit requirements could change

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If you don’t get a CCW permit now, you might not be able to get one if the rules change in the future. There’s no guarantee you’ll get grandfathered in when the rules change, but it’s worth obtaining now, just in case. For example, states could raise the price, add taxes, or require a long waiting period to obtain a CCW license. If you get a permit now, you’ll be set for future changes.

Local carry laws could change

There are so many new gun laws going into effect in the United States at the federal, state, and local levels. Colorado’s Senate Bill 21-256, for example, grants local CO governments the authority to enact local gun control laws. Previously, this was only possible at the state level.

Concealed carry isn’t being restricted yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Currently, legislators are attempting to limit or ban openly carrying a firearm in public. Open carry has been a legal right in many states for years. Concealed carry is likely next.

4. You might encounter a mass shooter

It’s unthinkable, but you might encounter a mass shooter in public. If you’re unarmed, you won’t be able to defend yourself, your family, or bystanders.

If you’re afraid you might get arrested or sued for taking down a mass shooter, getting in trouble with the law is better than being dead. Protecting yourself is always worth facing unjust consequences. You can always get a good lawyer to represent you at trial. In most cases, you’ll end up winning your case.

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5. So-called “assault weapons” bans won’t stop criminals

If you’re hesitant to get a CCW permit because you’re banking on assault weapons bans to make the public sphere safer, you should reconsider. Few states have passed assault weapons bans to start with. Even so, these bans will never stop criminals. The general population and hobbyists can always find gun parts in stock to build their own.

Since the original ban expired, California is trying to pass a new assault weapons ban that will make all AR and AK firearms illegal, along with a long list of other firearms and detachable magazines that hold more than ten rounds. This ban is designed to get “assault-style weapons” off the streets and prevent mass shooters from being able to kill large numbers of people at once.

The problem is, these bans won’t stop criminals from obtaining high capacity magazines and converting semi-automatic weapons to fully automatic. The only thing that can stop a criminal when they’re firing a gun in public is an armed police officer or an armed citizen.

According to data published by USA Today, many lives have been saved by armed citizens in public. More surprisingly, 90% of police say mass shootings would be either reduced or avoided by legally armed citizens.

6. You’re being stalked

If you’re being stalked by someone, that should be a good enough reason to be granted a CCW permit. If that’s the case, and you can legally own a firearm, your license request will most likely be granted.

Stalkers are unpredictable and you never know when infatuation will turn into violence. It’s best to be prepared for every possible unknown situation. You can’t guess when or if your stalker might try to attack you or break into your home.

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7. You’d be at a disadvantage trying to defend yourself

If you’re not physically able to run, fight, or dial 911 in an emergency situation, having a concealed weapon might save your life. For example, most people could at least attempt to fight off an attacker or run to safety. However, if you’re in a wheelchair, you won’t have that same advantage.

Likewise, if you can’t use a cellphone because you’re sensitive to electronics, having a concealed weapon would be a strong safety net.

If there’s any reason you’d struggle to defend yourself or call for help, you should apply for a CCW permit. Being unable to defend yourself to the same degree as most others is one of the common reasons CCW permits are granted.

Consider getting a concealed carry permit

Get a CCW permit while it’s relatively easy. You might not use it right away, but you’ll be glad you have it when the laws start to change.