How to Start Volunteering as a Student – 2022 Guide

Volunteering has lots of amazing opportunities. First of all, you get a chance to help someone who really needs your aid. Second, you can start gaining experience in the field you are truly interested in. But how to become a volunteer if you are a student? Learn more about how to start volunteering right here below.

Make Sure To Have Enough Time


Volunteering requires lots of free time. Therefore, make sure you are not overloaded by tons of academic assignments. Many students start volunteering on holidays. However, if you would like to try this activity during the semester, it is still on the cards. But is it possible to find a professional writing service? Is there anyone who can help me cope with the workload? These are the most common questions asked by students who would like to start volunteering or working. Fortunately, you can effortlessly cope with all your academic assignments with This is a pro academic writing service that can help you complete the most difficult assignments within the shortest terms. This way, you will not need to stick to the library and the screen of your laptop for hours but will have lots of time for volunteering.

Choose Your Type Of Volunteering


First of all, you need to choose a convenient type of volunteering that perfectly suits your needs. There are several types of volunteering you might want to try:

  • Part-time
  • Casual
  • Online
  • International

If you don’t have enough time because of constant learning, part-time and casual volunteering might become a great solution. For example, you can take part in some activities after classes or on weekends. There are no particular hours you need to spend volunteering – just do it when you have enough free time.

Some students also prefer online volunteering. What is this? This alternative is a great option who have some special skills in design, web development, marketing, and ads, as well as for those students who speak several foreign languages. But how can you be helpful online? You can create a website for a particular non-profit organization, help animal shelters become more popular on social media to allow more pets to find their new homes, and help in lots of other different ways. This type of volunteering depends on your skills and knowledge.

Moreover, you will have an opportunity to add the links to your work or represent the job done in another way in your portfolio. This might boost your chances to get a good job after graduation. You will gain unique experience, improve your knowledge in particular areas, and do a good thing at the same time.

Find Volunteering Opportunities

What is your main goal? Why did you decide to start volunteering? If you just want to help people and do something good, you might start looking for volunteering opportunities at school or college. Feel free to find such information in career centers, school websites, libraries, or just ask your academic counselors.

Another great way to find out more volunteering opportunities is to contact local organizations. This includes:

  • Foodbank
  • Library
  • Mayor’s office
  • YMCA
  • City parks and recreation departments
  • Local museums and theaters
  • Farmer’s markets

If you would like to become a volunteer to gain your first working experience, it is better to choose a niche where you would like to build a career. For example, if you are studying to become a veterinarian, it might be great to get some practice at the veterinary clinic or animal shelters. Learning business? Ask for volunteering options at local banks or non-government organizations.

As for international volunteering, it is one of the most complicated ones. First of all, you will need to choose a country you would like to travel to. Second, find more information about visas you might need to obtain before visiting other countries. Third, make sure you got vaccinated against particular diseases when traveling to remote and developing countries. Fourth, double-check whether you have medical insurance for traveling.

Pay attention to the climate of the country you are planning to visit, and double-check whether you’ve chosen a safe destination. It is not recommended to foreign students start volunteering in countries that have armed conflicts or severe race/gender discrimination. Always think about being safe before visiting remote countries for any reason.

Moreover, it is necessary to choose an organization you will be cooperating with very wisely. It is better to work with well-known and reputable organizations you can trust. Despite all the difficulties you might face when volunteering in different countries, it is a truly exceptional experience. You will learn how to communicate with other people, learn a foreign language, dive into another culture, and help people in need.

The Benefits Of Volunteering

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Acquire new knowledge and gain unique experience: working in different areas will help you learn a lot and boost your understanding of various subjects.

Improve your qualifications: volunteering for a particular organization allows improving your skills and capabilities, as well as elevate them to a higher level.

Get free training: most organizations provide free training for the volunteers, so you will be able to absorb new information without paying a cent.

Learn foreign languages: if you choose international volunteering or become an intern in an international organization, you are likely to start speaking certain foreign languages better.

Boost your social communication skills: volunteering often requires communication with hundreds of people of different ages, origins, and backgrounds.

Meet new friends: Communication is an inevitable part of volunteering. You will meet many new people. Some of them might become good friends!

An opportunity to get a job contract: volunteers are sometimes offered a permanent job contract. However, it is better to double-check this opportunity before signing any volunteering documents.

As far as you can see, the advantages of volunteering are really amazing. It’s easy to improve your skills in different spheres, meet new people, and learn more about your possible career perspectives. You can always try this activity, work in different areas, and find a niche that fits your interests and expectations perfectly.