12 Emojis That Symbolize America As A Country

Our world is a fascinating place to explore, especially with its diverse nature. Moreover, it is exciting to explore the different cultures each country has. Each nationality is one of a kind, and society has established different representations and symbolism to better understand their attitudes, beliefs, and way of life. One of the biggest nations worldwide is the USA, all 50 states have their background and identity even if they are under one nation. Isn’t it amazing?

When you talk about the United States of America, many things come to mind: fast food, Hollywood, Big brands, and innovative technology. And what better way to get to know them more by browsing through the internet and social media. The Emojis are one of the digital features that can give you a glimpse of these symbolisms. You can find them on websites like EmojiGuide.com. For now, let us list them down together with different emojis that symbolize America.

1. Show Patriotism With the Flag: United States Emoji

Source: thrillist.com

This American flag emoji is a symbol used to represent the country of the USA. The emoji is what the actual flag is in real life. It has thirteen red and white stripes, a blue rectangle on the top left corner, and fifty stars inside the rectangle.

The fifty stars represent the fifty states in America, are arranged alternatively, and there are five stars in a row, while the stripes portray the thirteen colonies in the past. You can look this emoji up in one of the flag emojis.

2. Feast on a Popular American Meal With the Hamburger Emoji

Source: dictionary.com

One of the famous foods that represent America is the hamburger. They have plenty of fast-food chains and restaurants that market this food. If you are craving a burger or are already eating one, you may use this hamburger along with your burger photo!

3. Cheer for Your Favorite Sports Teams With the American Football Emoji

Source: dictionary.com

A sport that is very common in America, aside from basketball, is American football. Even high school students from America have football as a sport. If you are a football player, someone who wants to support a football friend, or is watching a football game, you can incorporate this American football emoji with your messages.

4. Check Out New York’s Finest Tourist Spots With the Statue of Liberty Emoji

Source: emojipedia.org

The Statue of Liberty is a sculpture known by mostly everyone globally and stands in New York City. If you are going to visit this statue or are trying to post a photo of you and your family standing before the Statue of Liberty, you might as well add this emoji to your post!

5. Try Your Luck in the Famous Vegas Casinos with the Slot Machine Emoji

Source: whatemoji.org

Casinos are another symbol of the United States and are mostly found in Las Vegas. This slot machine emoji symbolizes a machine with a combination of three 7’s; it is a lucky symbol to have in casinos as it represents that you have won.

If you are planning to spend your weekend in Vegas, then you might want to use this emoji. It does not only apply to America or Vegas, but it could be some random slot machine in a lucky casino or perhaps an arcade.

6. Explore the Depths of Hollywood With the Movie Camera Emoji

Source: dictionary.com

When you think about America and movies, you instantly think about Hollywood. America is also famous for Hollywood. It is a place in Los Angeles, but its name is renowned for its entertainment reputation.

All the famous people that you see on TV represent Hollywood. If you want to post a message about you wanting to watch a movie or are about to watch a movie, add this emoji to brighten up the post!

7. Explore the Texas Culture with the Cowboy Hat Emoji

Source: mashable.com

This emoji portrays a man wearing a cowboy hat. When you think about cowboys, a country immediately pops up in your mind, and, yes, it’s America. They are commonly known for saying “howdy” for their “hello.” If you feel like greeting your friends with a “howdy,” add a cowboy hat emoji to make it more entertaining.

8. Ensure Your Safety and Security With the Police Car Emoji

Source: emojimeaning.com

The policemen have played a massive role in America. In several issues already, you could see at least one policeman is involved in the problem. You can use this police car emoji if you want to talk about the police and everything that concerns them.

9. Celebrate a Fun Halloween With the Jack-O-Lantern Emoji

Source: newsbeezer.com

Halloween is like a tradition in America every October 31st. Kids, teenagers, and even adults enjoy Halloween. Since Halloween is only around the corner, incorporate your messages with this emoji to express how excited you are.

10. Explore the Unknown With the Alien Emoji

Source: emojiterra.com

Aliens are another thing that represents America. It does not mean that Americans are aliens, but they are famous for it. Since NASA is located in America, and studies and news of Aliens, UFOs, and extraterrestrial creatures come from their country. If you want to talk about aliens with your friends, you might want to use this emoji.

11. Join in the Sports Community With the Baseball Emoji

Source: buzzfeed.com

Another famous sport that America is renowned for is baseball. It does not have a meaning behind it, and it only represents the sport. Post a photo of you playing baseball and add a baseball emoji before you post it.

12. Give Multiple Meanings to Emojis like the Eggplant Emoji

Source: emojimeaning.com

Millennials are getting more creative these days, and they use emojis as a representation of something irrelevant to the emoji itself, as the eggplant emoji. This emoji is being used by men or women to send naughty messages to someone else. While this emoji is a vegetable to your eyes, to some, it’s some kinky symbol.


There are several more things that represent America; these emojis are only a few of those. You can use these emojis and incorporate them into your messages to brighten up the mood a bit. You also have to be careful in using them as they could have negative interpretations.