Concrete Lifting Is Very Important For Concrete Projects

If you own a concrete plant in western Colorado then you should be aware of the important concrete lifting and leveling needs that take place regularly. There are many reasons for concrete leveling and lifting in this part of the country. The main reason why you must have concrete lifting done as soon as feasible is the safety factor of it all. As mentioned before, concrete settling creates very uneven surfaces which can be serious tripping hazards. You or anyone in your family could accidentally trip on these uneven surfaces and be injured.

Cause Structure to Collapse:


Another reason why concrete lifting is important is that if your concrete plant has too many voids, they will eventually cause the entire structure to collapse. Learn more about it here. If the foundation of the plant is not solid, then the weight of the soil and other surrounding objects can easily cause it to settle and collapse. When you are building a new structure, you should make sure that there are no structural voids whatsoever. If the voids are left alone, they will eventually grow and cause the entire structure to buckle. This can quickly result in an accident because if another load is placed on the same void, it can quickly cause the structure to collapse.

Prevention of Flooding:


There are many other reasons why concrete lifting and leveling are important. Some of these include the prevention of flooding, the prevention of slope failures, and many other reasons as well. For example, when your concrete plant is located on a flat bed of water, you risk having foundation cracks or sagging floors. A good way to prevent this from happening is to have your structure carefully level before the ground is packed with a thick layer of top soil.

Prevent Surrounding Area from Damaging:


Another reason that proper leveling of sunken concrete is important is the prevention of damage to the surrounding property. For example, when you have a sunken concrete plant that has been repaired and leveled, you will find that it will likely move or sink again. Because this is likely to happen, it is important to repair it before the surrounding area becomes damaged again.


One interesting method that many people don’t think about is mudjacking. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a concrete replacement, then you may not want to consider mudjacking. However, there are some situations where it will work. In addition to leveling problems, if a contractor accidentally mixes up your concrete leveling mixture, it can also cause problems with your newly poured concrete slabs.

Hopefully, this information has helped you understand why proper concrete leveling is very important for every project. Whether you are working on a sidewalk, driveway, or basement project, you will want to make sure that your leveling techniques are correct and working properly. By calling a reputable company to get these things taken care of, you will be one step closer to a successful project.

Cost of using concrete lifting

The cost of concrete lifting depends on the nature of the work. If the size is too much you have to pay more. Despite that, the overall cost of using slab jacking is quite high and especially more than that of other methods.

Furthermore, if the damaged area is deeper and is hard to reach then the cost will further increase.

Another situation is if you need to remove the older slab completely. To do so, you need to demolish the previous structure, remove the slab and pour the fresh one.

It hides the repairs completely

The basic method of concrete lifting or slab jacking involves drilling small holes in the old slab. The repairman will drill multiple holes in the slab and will pump lifting material inside it. After pumping the lifting material, they will caulk it and seal it off. This will make the structure the same as before without any visibility.

After pouring the lifting material, the fresh plate will look completely fine. There won’t be any sign of a repair job. Furthermore, homeowners also find it better than other concrete surroundings.

A faster and clean process

Slab jacking is a quick process because the whole process takes only 2 hours or sometimes less. Furthermore, you can use that area instantly after the work is done. You do not have to wait for the concrete or material to get dry. There is no such hassle in this process.
In addition to this, other concrete processes involve a longer time and a lot of dust, dirt and noise. However, this is not the case with slab jacking. There won’t be any dirt and dust and also no waste after the process.

The cost of labor is low

One of the benefits of using this concrete lifting method is that it takes only a short time. Therefore, there is not much labor cost. All you need to do is to pay for the material and cost of the process.

On the other hand, if you use a demolition plan, it will take a lot of time. Furthermore, it will also require a lot of workers and equipment. Thus, the cost will increase.

Fewer risks and less injury

Now you already know that this process is not time taking nor does it require more labor. Thus, the risk of injury also reduces to a huge extent. What is there to injure when there is only an hour or two of work?

Ground support will be better

The process of slab jacking involves pumping lifting material into the slab through small holes. After the slab raises, the injected material solidifies and the structure gets a solid base. Thus, the building structure gets tough and durable support. This will improve the stability of the structure.

Minimum damage

Mudjacking is quite a safe process and therefore, there won’t be much damage to the surrounding area. So if you are worried that your yard may get any fault, that won’t be the case.