6 Reasons Why Soccer Is the Easiest Sport for Betting Beginners – 2022 Guide

If you’re a newbie in sports betting, then you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of games available and the wide variety of things to bet on. It’s common for people to make mistakes in the beginning, betting on the things they know nothing about or not being able to handle their budget well. Making beginners mistakes, they are often being left disappointed and discouraged, with a certain amount of lost money.

The solution is pretty simple – when you first start betting, you need to carefully choose the type of games you want to play. After you learn more about the games or the sports you’re interested in and you find out the way the system works, you’ll feel much more comfortable and you’ll easily transition to the more complicated games. Earning money was never an easy job, even if it consists of betting and trying your luck. This is why you need to simplify it and make it as easy as possible in the beginning.

What’s a better way to indulge in the world of sports betting than learning the basic tips, tricks and terms. Not only that, if you’re already a fan of basketball, football or baseball, you probably know what to do, but if not, this is the time to go through everything you know and to expand your knowledge too. Whether you wanna have fun and share the excitement with your friends or you want to develop a lucrative hobby, you’ll first need to read the lines on the sportsbooks, decide what bets you wanna make, how much money you wanna spend, and what to expect.

To be able to properly do all of this, as a complete beginner, it’s been proven that soccer betting is the perfect place to start. We made a list of reasons to help you with the process of adapting and help you make your first steps into this exciting world

Why is soccer betting perfect for beginners?


This is the most important factor for you, when you’re first starting your betting hobby. You want to go for a game with clear and simple rules, easy to follow or at least easy to learn. However, it was never easy to understand the games and to follow along completely. That’s why you need to take some time to get in shape by choosing more understandable concepts, and after you learn how everything functions, you can easily go on. NFL may be too complicated for a newbie, but a soccer game is great since there’s not so much to catch on. This means that you’ll be able to predict the outcome more easily than you would in any other sports. And in sports betting, it’s all about the results and the outcomes.


Being an expert pays off the most, but how will you get there? The best way is the slow one, where you gain your confidence gradually. It’s much easier to start slow and to make small mistakes in the game you understand than being left confused and trying hard with no positive effects. Start by building the solid base of knowledge and try to focus on every detail to completely understand every element of the game. Once you understand the fundamentals, not only it’s likely for you to get better results, but you’ll also gain confidence. Confidence gradually increases, simultaneously increasing your experience and expertise in this field. At some point, you’ll be able to make wise decisions, make successful predictions and earn the money you want. Sounds good?


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Another thing to consider is the fact that soccer betting never stops. Why is that? The answer is simple – there’s no such thing as off season. When one tournament ends, another one begins. And so on. There are international tournaments and there are leagues across the different countries in the world, so you’ll be able to catch up any time and bet on whichever you choose. This is important because you’ll have the opportunity to practice your skills and to make predictions that are more accurate. Thanks to the continuity, analyzing the team’s and the players is much easier and you’ll have much better chances for learning, compared to the other sports.


There’s a pattern in every game. It’s the same with soccer. The only difference is that soccer is much easier to comprehend, it’s a non-stop game wherever you are in the world and it’s likely you’re gonna find that pattern much faster than you would if you chose other sports. There are also numerous soccer betting forums on the internet, where you can compare the results, compare the odds, analyze the games and the players’ performance and get a lot of useful information about every step of the game. With all this advice and your own experience and knowledge, chances that you can make a wrong decision are significantly lower. If the majority of people agree on something, it means that it’s probably right.


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Not every game has high rates. However, it’s good to know that betting on soccer doesn’t mean you’ll always avoid the big bucks until you become a pro. Luckily, this sport is no different than the others. It has leagues and tournaments that are less significant and then we have others, with top teams. This is where you can expect big winnings, and it’s not that hard to achieve them. Compared to the other sports such as basketball and handball, top teams in soccer have a much higher rate of success and that’s exactly what you need. The main goal is to choose the teams that are more likely to win than to lose. If they win – you win! It’s that simple.


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Wherever you are in the world, you’ll easily become a part of the soccer community. You don’t have to physically be in a different country, it’s enough to take part in online betting on sportni-portal.com and you’ll be able to join the group of like-minded people and to bet on the most popular leagues in the world. Did you know that there’s more than 3 billion fans of soccer in the world? This means that culture, nation, age and other differences lose their significance, and the feeling of unity prevails. This is something we want for world peace, not only for soccer. Enough reasons to start betting today?