What Is A PA System? 2022

¬†We tend to get the question “What Is A PA System?” quite often. In this post, we have got the questioned answered.

PA stands for public address, meaning projecting sound to a larger group of people louder than you would by talking or playing an acoustic instrument.

When you first hear of PA speakers, the first thought that might come to mind would be of those ones that are used at concerts or at sports stadiums, but there are many other applications for a PA system that one day you might need to get for yourself.

Let us give you a breakdown of what a PA system is:

  1. It is a public address system that is used to project sounds from instruments, voices, and other acoustic sources.
  2. It is made up of microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and loudspeakers.
  3. It has a front of house speaker that is usually pointed toward the audience, while the monitors are faced to the performers.
  4. It has a mixer that adjusts that EQ and effects. Either on stage or controlled by an audio engineer at a mixing desk.
  5. It is used everywhere from clubs and leisure centers to arenas and airports.

Now, what makes a good PA System?

There are lots of factors to consider that determine how best to use a PA system. For example, a busker might need a speaker that is light and portable, while the venue owner might need a lot more wattage. The speaker itself is not the only essential piece of gear.

The sound that you want people to hear has to be captured by a microphone before it is then processed by a mixer and then amplified. You should identify what it is you will be using the PA for, what venue you will be using it at, and the size of the audience that you will be addressing, not forgetting your price range.

The all-in-one or portable speakers are great for those that do not want to go into the fine details of PA. these have a built-in EQ (eschewing the external mixer) and a power amp that helps to boost the voltage of the signal.

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