Best Portable PA System for Live Music

Being in possession of the best portable Public Address system for live performances is not rocket science, but having to get a genuine system for your needs is the one that could prove to be a toughie.

Many brands provide you with the best portable PA system but what if you actually have knowledge of none of it?

So, before you decide to invest in a high-tech portable Public Address system (what you might decide is the best portable PA system), you would need to know what it takes to be the best portable PA system according to your personal preference.

Fundamentally, a Portable PA System helps to enhance the sound, by aiding your vocal cords to address an audience at a higher volume without a whole nightclub speaker package.

Normally, the user will find mics, speakers and a mixer, and an amplifier embedded into one portable PA system. Moreover, some budget breakers may include several microphone ports, other audio connection jacks, a mixer to tune your output, and more than one speaker that will cover a greater sound reach.

To help you get the best portable PA systems for on-stage music we have, in this article, meticulously curated a list of the best portable PA systems. After you go through this list, we are confident that you will be able to purchase one that suits your taste. Also, you can explore your options further on MusicCritic. The more options you have the better!

The Best Portable PA Systems and Speakers For Live Music of 2019

  1. ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) Portable PA

ION Audio Tailgater was made in the year 2003 with the motto of excelling the audio experience, without any barriers. Today, ION audio Tailgater is a top brand worldwide, with new and best quality audio products that will help energize your entertainment hours. This cutting edge company believes that  products should be made easy to use and affordable for all.

In line with this thought, ION Audio Tailgater has an all in one solution for customers that like to keep their possessions portable. It does not matter where you are, the Tailgater iPA77 by ION Audio promises to make the event a memorable one.

This PA system comes with all the good in one portable yet fashionable manner. For rocking this device, you can stream your favorite music either through Bluetooth connectivity or NFC and what else? It has a connectivity range for up to 100 feet away. Cool or what?

More on this device’s connectivity; with the system itself, you get a microphone and cable so that you can pump up the karaoke competition on the go. This box is equipped with a 1/8-inch auxiliary port used to connect your CD player.

Similarly, with a built-in radio function, you can tune into your favorite AM/FM station to bring back sights from previous years.

It has up to 50 hours of continuous entertainment when it is on a full charge, this system also comes equipped with a USB port to provide you with that juice to your devices along the way.

Apart from all its best features, it is built to last since it is crafted with reinforced corners to handle all bumps and humps.

  • It is powered with 50 watt of power that helps to pump up the surrounding.
  • It comes with a USB port for powering smartphones or tablets.
  • It is easily paired with NFC or Bluetooth, and it has a range of 100 feet.

Why We Liked It – It would be remiss on our part not to say that ION Audio has served the audio world with a great PA system. With this box having 50 watts of power, with 50 hours of continuous pleasure and lots of connectivity options, the Tailgater iPA77 by ION Audio makes sure that no one gets disappointed. And for this reason, it is a must buy!


  1. Yamaha STAGEPAs 600I Portable PA System

The Yamaha brand gives meaning to best quality. In Yamaha’s department, quality stands for uniquely designing and developing audio products.

For the past 30+ years, Yamaha has been outperforming all other brands in the same sphere as it, and it is pushed to make history every day.

When it comes to the best Portable PA systems, it does not get any better without the Yamaha brand. STAGEPAs series of Yamaha is dedicated to giving your system power, series of features, functionality, and better sound.

All these in one portable PA system that is known as STAGEPAS, making sure that your environment turns into a performing stage.

STAGEPAS 600I comes just when you need the best portable PA system the most. With its oodles of features to talk on, we simply will call it a noble choice.

Setting up a new system can sometimes be confusing but with the STAGEPAS 600I, it is certainly not the case. With its simple design, you are seconds away from setting it up.

People who have never had any experience with a portable PA system will not get stuck while they try to set this thing up for the first time.

This system is compact and light enough that you can carry it by your hand. So, you can relax as taking them anywhere will certainly not be a problem for you. This system package includes two studio monitor speakers, a detachable mixer, power cable, and speaker cables, making it a perfect deal that no one else offers.

The mixer also comes with a USB port that allows you to charge your phone without having to mess with your performance.

This system comes equipped with an SPX digital reverb knob that provides you with four reverb settings, hall, plate, room, and echo, which are great for vocals and acoustic instruments.

Similarly, Knob Master EQ gives you instant access to matching your sound with surroundings, all you need to do is to turn up the knob for adding bass to your musical performances.

Live performancers generate uncomfortable feedback but thanks to this portable PA system, that will not be the case, as it comes with a feedback suppressor. With a click of a button, you will get rid of all the frustrating feedbacks automatically.

  • It is powered with 680 watts of outputs
  • It comes with a detachable 10-channel mixer.
  • It has a USB input port that can be used to charge your devices.

Why We Liked It – With the 680 watts of high power, and its easy to set up design, and Digital-SPX reverbs, this device by Yamaha redefines the portable PA system experience. It equally comes with a good channel mixer. This is one of the best among the best portable PA systems for on-stage music in its league.



  1. WinBridge WB001 Portable Voice System

 Portable systems are not just about outputting greater volume as some, sometimes, might need a more balanced solution.

Teachers, tour guides, and even presenters need an all-in-one portable package so they can output their words, so, getting a high-quality PA system for this task will not be a sensible choice. And this is where the WinBridge WB001 Portable Voice System comes in.

This PA system is a nifty little gadget that allows you to add audio to all your presentations, and it adds them loud and clear. Do not expect this PA system to give you a mind-blowing output volume since it is only meant to help you in meetings and/or seminars.

So, if you are looking forward to a portable speaker partner than this box, then this might be the best choice for you.

More so, WinBridge WB001 system has rounded edges with a smoother waist clip design that allows it to get hooked to your pant’s waist, enabling you to carry it around easily.

With this PA system, you get a strong rubberized headset that comes with microphones as well, so you do not have to invest all your money on a separate mic.

On the features side of things, you will get a loop and repeat button with a key for both on and off. This product is one of the best-selling products of 2019.

  • It has a small and compact design
  • It is easy to carry since it can be worn around the neck or through belt loops.
  • It is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery that gives you up to 8 hours of service.

Why We Liked It – It is without a doubt that WinBridge WB001 is a perfect partner for aiding your vocals. With its 8-hour rechargeable battery power, the best support for TF/flash card, and its compact design, this portable system will not let you down.



  1. GooDee Portable PA System

If what you are looking for is a portable PA system that will help you while you are presenting something to students, then the GooDee portable PA system is the right choice for you.

GooDee voice amplifier is a high-quality portable device that gives your output the best sound, while it protects your throat from shouting out loud. You can use it both indoors and outdoors for teaching, guiding, directing, and so forth.

Because of its great speakers, the system covers around 3500 square feet of an area with some excellent clarity. When it comes to this device’s connectivity, you can connect your microphones or either mp3 players plus both at a time and the speaker will give output signals at the same time

It comes with rechargeable lithium batteries that make sure that you get up to 15 hours of continuous, uninterrupted play when it is on full charge.

When we look at this device’s design, it is very portable, with the measurements of 4.13 inches x 3.31 inches x 1.38 inches, and this size enables the user to carry it around without any much stress.

What is in the box? The system itself, of course, with a headset microphone, charger cable, mp3 cable, mp3 line in port, microphones line in port, removable belt clip, adjustable waistband and carry bag.


It has great speakers that can cover 3500 square feet.

It has microphones and mp3 input ports.

It has a compact design.


Why We Liked It – GooDee Portable PA System is one unique system that outperforms many challengers in its league. With 15 hours of playtime, 2 months hassle-free return policy, and its compact design; it is unarguably one of the best portable PA systems for on-stage music that is highly recommended.

It is probably one of the most neatly designed products of 2019, and it is great for live events.


  1. PYLE-PRO PWMA100 – Portable PA System

 For all your small gatherings or large auditoriums, you would need something that will amplify your vocals while you present something. And investing your money on a high-tech portable PA system will only weigh on your budget, as you need a compact amplifying partner.

The PYLE-PRO PWMA100 comes in handy when you need a small yet powerful volume mate that will make your speech audible enough for those in the hall.

It has a lightweight design that makes sure that you do not have to worry about it while you travel from one place to the other. You should not get confused by the compact design since it is equipped with a powerful speaker that sees to it that your voice is heard.

You can also connect wired microphones but because of its wireless microphones that come with the package, that gives you the freedom to move from one part of the stage to the other.

On the other side, you have 2 microphone input ports, one mp3 player port, and any other external audio device port that enables you to connect almost anything. If what you want is to be heard, then this is the product you should go for.

In the box, there is an FM tuner that enables you to play your favorite station over the speakers. Also, you can connect other speakers using the audio output port. For playing the new beats, many users can connect their phones using the auxiliary port to turn up the mood of an event.

  • It is powered with 80 watts, and this is enough for when you are presenting in front of a large group.
  • It has an FM radio feature.
  • It has a compact design, and it is awesome for live events.
  • It has 12 v 1.2 A rechargeable batteries.
  • It has a built-in one channel wireless receiver for connecting a wireless microphone.
  • Its wireless microphone comes with the package.
  • It comes with two microphone input ports, one Aux port, and one audio port.

Why We Like It – With its 80 watts power, FM radio support, and its 3 input ports with one sound output port, this device is a number one choice for many buyers.


  1. Tyler Tailgate PA System TWS404- BK

 We are sure that you have come across a suitcase before. Well, if you have, then you might be puzzled when you see the TWS404-BK Tailgate PA system by Tyler since it looks like a strong suitcase.

You should not be too quick to write it off based on its appearance since what is inside this system is a standalone audio beast.

This all-in-one suitcase is a multifunction portable amp speaker system that gets rid of the hassle of having to carry separate audio equipment. So wherever you go, there the party follows.

And when it comes to the things that are locked inside this suitcase, there are TWS404 outputs clear high, mids, and deep bass through 8-inch two-way speaker that is powered by a 60-watt dynamic amplifier that is built inside.

Thanks to this system’s 5 band equalizer, you will get to hear the perfect distortionless sound.

With this system’s portability, this device comes with telescopic handle and wheels that enable you take it with you anywhere and at any time. And its durability? Well, with the metal corners, a full-length metal grille, and a solid construction, these give it a sturdiness even when it goes through tough situations.

The designers of this PA system designed it by keeping in mind the fact that users would love connectivity options. And for this reason, it is equipped with two ¼-inch jack inputs for microphone/guitar, one AUX port for connecting any device that has a jack for headphone and Bluetooth connectivity 4.0 for wireless pairing.

  • It has 75 hours of play when it is full.
  • It comes with a USB port for charging your devices.
  • It has an 8-inch two-way speaker.
  • It is powered by a 60-watt dynamic amplifier.
  • It has 2 ports for connecting microphone or guitar, 1 AUX port for connecting devices with a headphone jack
  • It has a Bluetooth 4.0 connecting for wireless pairing.
  • It has a solid construction and ensures sturdiness when performing.
  • There is a 5-band equalizer for a distortionless powerful sound experience.
  • It has telescopic wheels and handles for easy movement.

Why We Liked It – With its 5-band equalizer, 75 hours of battery timing, and its 60-watt of a dynamic amplifier, this PA system definitely tops many users’ wish lists.


  1. Hisonic HS120B Portable PA System

 Hisonic HS120B fuses best portability and efficiency in one single package. This PA system has a powerful 40-watt speaker with a VHF wireless microphone that will make your presentations go very well.

HS120B is great for people that use their voice heavily on a regular basis like teachers, guides, and so forth. With a full charge, you can get up to 15 hours of amplification over the microphone, and 8 hours of entertainment when it is connected to any other audio source.

You will find that you can also connect your laptop, old CD player, or your smartphone directly to the speaker’s AUX port. And with the PA system itself, you get a lavalier and headset microphone just in case you do not like wireless.

With its connectivity ports, you get separate controls for tone, echo, and volume so you can set everything according to your own needs.

  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
    It has a built-in VHF wireless mic with two extra microphone jack.
  • It is lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • It is powered by 40-watts of output, creating loud and clear sound quality.
  • It comes with separate controls for tone, volume, and echo.
  • It has one AUX port for output and another for input
  • It has an extra port for hooking up speakers.
  • It has 15 hours of microphone amplification and 8 hours of continuous music playing on a full charge.

Why We Liked It – In this system’s box, you get almost everything to get up and running with your presentation. With 40 watts of power, independent controls, and built-in VHF wireless microphone, HS120B by Hisonic justifies its price tag; and it is one of the best-selling products of 2019.


  1. WinBridge S92 PA System

The WinBridge brand is known for its designing of portable PA systems under the hood for karaoke, teachers, tour guides, and trainers. The S92 WinBridge is one of the basics that every teacher or guide needs in 2019.

It has a lot of features, and one of them is its sheer strength. This box takes the famous T1 brand digital public address with 25 watts of power. Also, it promises low power consumption and high efficiency that allows it to serve a continuous play time of 20 hours on full charge.

With this system, you will get a U2 transmitter (that is wireless) that is equipped with an 1800 MAH lithium rechargeable battery. Also, the transmitter itself is very small, making it very easy to carry around.

  • With this system, you get a U5 handheld wireless mi.
  • It also comes with a U2 wireless transmitter that has a long 15 hours of standby time.
  • It is powered by 25 watts of output
  • It supports Bluetooth 4.0 for pairing your smartphone devices.
  • TF card and USB flash drive support.
  • Its sound covers over 2500-meter square of space.

Why We Liked It – On the whole, the S92 by WinBridge is a great deal to have. With its support for Bluetooth 4.0, sound coverage of 2500-meter square, and U5 handheld wireless microphone, this system is truly matching every customer’s demand.


  1. LyxPro SPA-8 Compact 8 Inches Portable PA System

 LyxPro was launched just three years ago, with the aim of fulfilling customer’s demand of a high-quality yet affordable audio equipment. While engineering an audio product, LyxPro always makes sure to keep in mind that a customer truly is always right.

This company covers all users, whether you want a new gear for your studio, or you want a new pair of wireless headphones for casual use, LyxPro has you covered.

With the elite in mind, LyxPro has designed a portable PA system that they named SPA-8. And people who want a handy party system might like this product.

Portable PA systems are provided by many but when it comes to the system’s versatility, most of them have nothing to offer. But this is not the case with the SPA-8 by LyxPro. It is equipped with flexible inputs, reliable output, smart onboard controls, and it also boasts of a strength and quality audio reproduction.

With these features, it does so much more than just amplify your presentation. Now, you see why it ranked with other best portable PA systems for on-stage performances.

When it comes to the connectivity of this system, The SPA-8 has got all that it is you will ever need. It has features like the ¼-inch jack, XLR jack, balanced RCA jack, R/L RCA line inputs. For pro users, this PA system has an onboard EQ that helps users to manipulate sounds according to what they want.

To set up this system, you are just a card away as the speaker is an all-in-one solution. All you need to do is just plug in the cable and start partying. It has 100 watts of power that lets you blast the environment with your words.

It does not matter what it is that you are up to, this PA system makes sure that its audio reaches the farthest of corners.

Apart from the conventional input ports, you will also get a USB port for charging your devices, an SD Card slot that will mess around with some music, and Bluetooth connectivity capability that will help in the pairing of your favorite music.

For easy operation and full control, you will get an onboard music control display.

It is lightweight and easy to carry, and this makes its portability set it apart from many PA systems on the market, making it one of the best-selling products of today.

  • It is powered by a 100 watts system
  • It has a woofer that is 8 inches, that will help pump up the parties.
  • It supports Bluetooth and SD Card.
  • It has a USB port for charging
  • It has many useful inputs like XLR jack, balanced RCA jack, and R/L line inputs.
  • There is an onboard EQ that can be used to shape sounds
  • It has music controls that are on board with a display.
  • It has an option for live events.

Why We Liked It – LyxPro gives meaning to what quality of audio products should be. With its 100 watts of power, 8 inches woofer, and its ability to support Bluetooth, the SPA-8 certainly has a special place in the hearts of many customers.



This PA system provides you with all that you could ask for in an all-in-one system. It is not just for addressing a small crew, the Behringer Europort system promises a whole lot of other things.

The Behringer Europort is a one-stop shop solution for parties, events, auctions, and almost any other application that you can think of. It has easy operation and an easy setup. This system is a great match for your public addresses.

It has a compact design that might deceive you, but both speakers have woofers with 8-inch and 1.35 inches aluminum diaphragm drivers that are supported by 500-watt output loudspeakers.

  • It has Bluetooth streaming
  • It has a 5-band graphic EQ
  • It has a built-in wireless receiver for ULM series wireless mic.
  • It has 500 watts portable PA system with other supports.
  • It is easy to transport and set up.

Why We Liked It –  The system defines perfection. With its 5-band graphics EQ, 500 w of power and 8-inch woofers, this system is on a whole other lever.


There you have our complete guide and review of the top best portable PA systems for on-stage performances. We are glad to have helped you in making a choice. You are welcome.