How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

Running a law firm is a big task that requires one to be updated about a lot of stuff and keep many things in their mind. One of these tasks also includes using the proper marketing technique to make one’s firm more accessible and known to the general public so that they can become potential clients. As almost all of the work fields and most of the people are shifting online, the internet has become a great source of marketing for many businesses. Law firms can also look towards different forms of advertising that can be done on the internet.

One of the ways of advertising and marketing on the internet is via email marketing. Email marketing is cheaper than other offline forms of marketing while also being easy to access and use. It is a more direct form of marketing that allows for a personal touch to be included in the advertising. Moreover, it can still be made widespread by sending emails to a large number of people all at once. Hence, email marketing for attorneys has become quite a necessity so as to advertise one’s law firm and build a wider client base.

But, email marketing is not always as simple as it looks or sounds like. This is because one cannot just send any mail and expect it to reach the right audience and be actually read by them. There is a lot of strategy involved in the backend functioning and deciding of what a marketing email should look like, when to send it, to whom to send it, how often to send it and how to make it attractive or enticing enough to have it be read by potential clients who would want to make use of the law firm’s services. This is why a strategy is important, though not everyone knows what strategy to follow as one should also keep in mind the right email marketing strategy that would be suitable with their law firm business. Following are some factors that one should keep in mind while they decide on which strategy they should follow to market their firm and boost the growth of their law firm:

1. Choose A Strategy That Fits The Firm’s Goal


Not every strategy is suitable for all types of firms, some strategies perform one function while the others perform another. This is why it is important to know what is the main goal of the firm that it wishes to achieve through marketing and devise a strategy based on how to reach that goal.

2. Make The Mails Informational


As a law firm, people expect quite a bit of sophistication and knowledge when it comes to the mails sent by the firm. Sending informational mails not only makes the firm seem more reliable and qualified but also makes the receivers feel like they have gained some knowledge owing to the firm’s mail. Including informational content will also make the receivers feel like they are not just being marketed to but also that the firm actually cares about them so as to send them important and relevant information which could be helpful sooner or later. It will also build a form of trust between the potential client and the law firm.

3. Keep The Mails To The Point


Although it is good to include relevant informational content in the mail that is sent by a firm, one should also keep in mind that people’s attention span these days has shrunk to a great degree and hence they are not always up for reading lengthy messages or emails. This is why while advertising or marketing via the internet it is very important to keep the content concise and to the point. A shorter mail is easier and faster to read hence can be helpful in pulling new clients.

4. Know Who To Send The Emails Too And Keep Updating


Not everyone the firm sends an email to would open the email or even see it in their inbox. Many people who do even open the mail might not want to read it thoroughly either due to the lack of time, interest or due to the mail being ill-structured. This is why one cannot assume that just because they have sent out an email to a particular number of people they have marketed their firm to all those people as there exists a gap in the number of people who get the mail and the number of people who actually read it.

This is why it is important to know which email ids should a company be sending the mails to. Sending emails to an account that is not being used is a complete waste and is not effective in marketing at all. Sending emails to people who do not seem to need any legal help or advice is also not very useful to build a client base. This is why it should be carefully decided who are the people who should receive the email.

Besides this, regular updating of the email list is also important. Updating it includes two steps. The first is to delete all the email ids that have become inactive or obsolete and do not serve any purpose and replace them with the new or active email ids of the same people. The second is to include more new people to the emailing list so that they can be marketed to as well.


Email marketing is an important source of generating more clients and keeping the older clients content. But it is a lot different than normal forms of marketing and hence requires a different strategy or approach so that it can be tackled. An approach which is in accordance with one’s business and goals is always preferred. Moreover, ways should be used to make the emails more convenient to read and understand while also being aware about who all to send the mail to so that it reaches the right audience.