5 Tips On How To Start Streaming On Twitch

Twitch is the new big deal on the Internet. And the statistics are clear. As per Twitch tracker, with an average of 8 million active streamers per month and no less than 2,5 million concurrent viewers on average, Twitch is the absolute leader in the gaming streaming services, and all of this success even with the competition of other giants such as YouTube and Facebook that aren’t even close on audience numbers.

A live video streaming service born for video game players but that now is conquering all kinds of sectors, from the music industry, to the sports industry and other less expected industries such as the online casino gaming.

So, one of the first advices is that there are no rules. Many streamers have managed to grow large audiences when streaming gaming experiences of online casinos from platforms such as VegasSlotsOnline that offer casino bonuses in order to attract more customers that get deposit bonuses when signing up for the first time on a platform.

Many casinos even offer to match the first deposit up to a certain amount for players that wish to try out the games offered in the casino.

In this way, many streamers have found the perfect match in casino platforms, but the same with an array of video game titles such as Counter Strike, Grand Theft Auto Online, Fortnite or Minecraft. There is room for everything in Twitch.

1. Setting Up An Account

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Many streamers have become global brands on Twitch but as competition on the platform is already very fierce, there are shortcuts in trying to gain audiences when starting from scratch.

When creating an account, the first thing that your followers will see is the visual appearance of your channel. Choose an appealing profile picture and cover photo. You can even think about contracting the services of professional designers to get a logo design for your channel.

This can be a game changer and you can find cheap options in websites such as Fiverr that showcase the work of freelance designers. Remember that competition is rough on Twitch, but you can start to stand-out among your fellow creators by tuning your channel image, it’s the first step to professionalize your content.

2. Setting Up Your Studio

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Then comes the time to tune the studio where you will stream from. Even if you’ll be streaming a videogame, it’s important for your audience to get to know you in person and to show your face. In streams, you can share two screens for the audience to see you play while the gameplay is showing at the same time on a bigger format.

Therefore, you’ll need good lighting in the room where you cast. You can even add some neon lighting and decoration that fits your style and the things you like. It’s the best introduction to your audience that will immediately see your taste in whatever it is you’re streaming.

3. Hardware

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In terms of hardware, any standard computer will do the trick on Twitch. You can think in investing in gaming laptops once you see if streaming is really your thing after a couple of months.

First things first, you’ll need a very good internet connection. Optical fiber is a must and you’ll need between three and five megabytes of speed. You don’t want your stream lagging or even going down in the middle of a session!

And a good first investment would be a camera and microphone. Standard laptops usually come with limited cameras and mics and you can find goop microphone options range from 99$ to 149$ on Amazon and between 79$ and 199$ for an HD webcam.

4. Choose The Type Of Content

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There’s an audience for every type of content on Twitch. But try to think about what you want to display to your followers. What are you passionate about that you want to transmit it to the people on the other side of the screen?

It could be your skills on a videogame. Or perhaps you’re a good teacher and on top of showcasing your abilities, you’d like to teach your audience how to get better at a game or how to improve their strategies on say: Overwatch or Fortnite.

But Twitch isn’t only for videogame content. You can also stream in categories such as Entertainment or Social, where your communication skills will be cherished and if you have a certain charisma in real life, you might find other people that enjoy your jokes or that just like the way you are.

In the end, one of the most important things is to be yourself. If you start gaining an audience that likes you for who you really are, then uploading content will be very easy for you.

5. Regular Content Upload

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In the end, the most important thing will be your willingness to create content. This may seem obvious but in order to be successful in Twitch you have to think about it as a running marathon contrary to a 100 meters sprint. Grow slow but steady and be ready to reap the rewards in the long term, but only when you are constantly creating content.

One of the best pieces of advice you can find online is to set a schedule for your streaming’s. Think about your favorite shows on TV. You probably know at what time to tune to watch a certain football game or your favorite cartoon. Imagine if the TV channel would broadcast the same show on different hours every day.

People would get lost or even get annoyed by so many changes. The same happens with streams in Twitch. You don’t have to stick to an exact hour of the day but rather try to stream on the same time slots.

Streaming on Twitch is about creating a connection with the audience, and the relationship between you and the viewers is like any other kind of relationship. It takes time for them to know you and at the same time it will take time for them to get to cherish you. Be patient and you’ll get there.