How to Choose Electric Welding Machine – 2022 Guide

Are you a newbie to welding? Want to buy an electric welding machine? But, don’t know how to choose electric welding machine? Then, exactly this is the right place for you to know the procedure to choose electric welding machine. You know, there are so many factors that you need to consider picking the best electric welding machine. Keep continue to read this entire section to find those factors to ensure the right machine.

How to choose electric welding machine?

When you look electric welding machine to buy, obviously you will get plenty of options in these days market. With a wide range of options, choosing the best electric welding machine that suits your needs is a daunting task only.

In order to choose right electric welding machine, you need to consider some important factors to ensure the best buy. First of all, you need to decide your budget for welding machine so that you can easily look welding machines that come within your budget.


Once you have decided the price range, and then simply consider that following things to make your purchase as best one.

1. Types of metal

After that, you need to make sure for which process you need an electric welding machine. If you’re a professional welder, then you should use heavy metals in the welding process. But, the person who needs a welding machine for hobby or part-time DIY project uses the machine only for welding thin sized metals.

So, you need to decide your needs and then buy a welding machine that meets your performance.

2. Gas consumables

When it comes to the welding machine, some requires gas bottles for operation, whereas others are not. At the same time, gas consumable welding machine requires some more money to buy gas bottles. But, the non-gas consumables help you to save money.


But, if you’re looking electric welding machine for the professional welding process, then it is better to prefer gas consumable welder because it gives high performance. At the same time, there are 2 types of gas bottles available for welder such as metal inert gas and tungsten inert gas.

Metal inert gas Vs tungsten inert gas, which is better? This is your question right!! A type of gas highly depends on types of metals used for the welding process. So, if you need to do MIG welding, then you have to buy metal inert gas and for TIG welding, you need tungsten inert gas.

Along with the type of gas bottle, you also need to buy some other tools such as electrodes, welding wire, tips, nozzles, and other accessories required to start processing. So, you have to pay attention for prices of these accessories too.

3. Amperage

Welding with thin sheet requires less power than thick sheet right!! So, for welding thick metal pieces, you need to buy a welding machine that offers more amperage. But, you know machine with high amperage requires more money.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider while choosing electric welding machine.

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