What Sports Will Keep you in Peak Physical Shape?

Being in the best possible shape is not as easy as it may look at first glance. Many people out there think that they can just repeat a couple of activities every day, and one day, they will reach their fitness peak. In reality, it is much more complex like that.

Keeping fit typically requires consistent levels of work and effort, which makes perfect sense. But it is simply not enough. Also, it can quite quickly become monotonous. This is why many people turn to play sport as a way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We are talking both about solo and team disciplines. There are so many of them to choose from that you’re bound to find the one that fits your need and preferences perfectly. So, it can be quite a while before you make the decision that’ll be worth your while.

Most sports require levels of physical exertion, but few can match the full-body blast that tennis provides. First off, tennis is an individual sport (unless you’re playing doubles), meaning victory only lies in your hands.

1. Tennis is King

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You are constantly involved in the action, unlike some team sports in which you might sit on the bench for a spell or be in a part of the pitch where nothing is happening. It is one of the most dynamic disciplines out there. Besides that, your opponent’s moves can change significantly really fast, which will force you to decide in a split second. You will agree that having a high IQ is a crucial factor when making a proper move this fast.

Tennis works every muscle in your body; your legs move you around the court and cause the explosive movements to get you in position to hit the ball, while your arms and upper body are activated when making a shot. While this may not influence muscle definition, it will certainly provide a whole new quality to your shape.

The sport also demands high levels of endurance, as you need to move quickly and almost constantly be on the move while the ball is in play. The more you play it, the more stamina you’ll have. There’s absolutely no doubt that this is one of the discipline’s crucial qualities. Further still, you need to be incredibly mentally focused in order to react accordingly when the ball is coming your way.

So, not only are almost all of your muscles working but so too is your cardiovascular system, which will improve your overall fitness and burn a lot of calories. It makes perfect sense, you’ll make countless moves in every session. It is practically impossible that your body will not feel better after each of them.

If you also enjoy watching tennis as well as playing it, these are the best sites to bet on the sport, according to the experts at OLBG. For all these reasons, we would say that start practicing tennis as much as possible should be the way to go.

2. Boxing

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Boxing is another sport that is excellent for keeping yourself in peak physical condition; it’s no coincidence that most professional fighters have extremely chiselled and muscular physiques. Plus, they can sustain a plethora of hits from their opponents, which are, as you will agree, are some of the most powerful ones out there. Just think about Mike Tyson.

It is not only the competition of boxing that is physically demanding but the training as well. It is one of the most effective sports for burning calories quickly, and you can burn over 700 calories from an hour-long session. When you compare it to some other disciplines, you will see that it is way more effective than a majority of them.

This is because, like tennis, your whole body is working – while it might seem like just your arms are doing the work to throw punches, you’re also using your legs for explosiveness and stability, as well as your core and back. Also, receiving these blows will, let’s say, make your skin much thicker. So, you will become competent to endure a plethora of them.

Your cardiovascular system has to work extremely hard to keep your body moving and throwing punches, as well as avoiding them and defending yourself. Boxing also benefits other physical attributes, too.

Your balance will improve through boxing training, as you need to keep yourself on the balls of your feet as you move around the ring and properly distribute your weight across your feet. Boxing will also aid your alertness and reaction time, as well as hand-eye coordination.

But benefits of boxing are not only physical. Those who box will tell you how this discipline has helped them evolve mentally. Every match is unique and there’s no magic formula for overcoming all the opponents. To defeat them all, it is crucial to study their moves and create an effective strategy that will help you overcome them.

3. Run Forest Run

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While running is often thought of as just a form of exercise, it is also a sport in its own right and is another excellent way of keeping fit. Many do not like this discipline since it tends to be repetitious. But when you have enough motive, there’s no doubt you can conduct it with utmost ease. Most people do that by using headphones to listen to music that will motivate them enough to continue.

One of the biggest advantages of running is that it is free – you don’t need to join a gym or club, and you can do it pretty much anywhere. All you’ll need to pay for are a decent pair of running shoes and suitable clothing. Besides that, you will not need anyone, you can do it on your own. Sure, it is always good to have company, but even when you do not have it, it’s no problem.

While it may not work as many muscles as boxing or tennis, running still burns a large number of calories – well over 700 per hour, though this will depend on your weight and the speed you’re running at.

It’s an excellent sport for improving cardiovascular fitness and losing weight. Plus, it doesn’t have to be done alone; you can run with friends and family or join up with a local running club.

4. The Others…

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Basketball is an example of a team sport that is especially good for keeping yourself in shape. This is partly because basketball teams are quite small – 12 players in total, with five on the court at any one time.

So, each player has more responsibility than those in other team sports. Basketball is also an incredibly fast-paced game and players have to run up and down the court at speed for great lengths of time.

The sport also involves a lot of jumping – to make shots, interceptions, rebounds, etc. – meaning force needs to be generated from the legs. All of this combines to produce a rigorous full-body workout. As is the case with tennis, we’re talking about a dynamic discipline, which is an important factor.

Though it might not seem at first glance, squash is a sport that can also greatly enhance your physical fitness and overall health. The area in which you play is relatively small, however, you have to constantly move around it, usually with explosive movements.

In squash, you need to react quickly but also generate a lot of force when striking the ball. A competitive game of squash will leave you drenched in sweat and feeling the burn, that’s for sure.

In Conclusion

There are many different ways of keeping fit but getting involved in a sport is one of the most enjoyable and sustainable ways of doing so. Whether it’s a team sport or an individual one, there are plenty of options to try. In this article of ours, you can take a look at some of the most efficient ones. We do not doubt you will find each of these recommendations useful